Valentine's Gift Guide 2013

Jan 21, 2013

Have you ever watched a show or movie where a girl is surprised by a super creative + romantic gift by her love? And it's not just the gift but the presentation of the gift. I'll admit it ... years ago, I was swooning hard over the way the boys on Laguna Beach asked the girls to Prom. It was incredibly cheesy but I told J I thought it was so sweet and so creative and that year, he went all out for Valentine's ... I came home late from work and the house was completely dark except for a trail of glowing tealights surrounded by rose petals. I followed them and found J at the end holding a stuffed animal. I know alot of my friends would find this corny and gag-worthy but the fact that he spent so much time and thought on the set-up was enough for me. I didn't realize until J pointed it out that the stuffed bear was holding a pair of diamond earrings! Frosting.

So if you're craving presentation {and an awesome gift}, here are a few ideas for your honey {maybe he'll randomly stumble across them - just leave this page open for days on end if you have to!} ;)

Time to up the ante on these pretties ... read on for my gift presentation tips ... ;)

Clockwise, from top left:
- fibi & clo Love Knot Brown sandals, $49.50 - Attach a pair of airline tickets to somewhere warm + tropical along with a big red heart cut out of construction paper {for a little old-school charm}. You could also do this with a pair of heart sunnies. :)
- kate spade I Kissed a Frog Multi Clutch, $328 - Sparkle plenty! And perfect for dropping a secret love note inside.
- kate spade Wedding Belles Elliana, $398 - I just don't think you can go wrong with a Kate Spade gift. And because this one would be perfect for re-use on a wedding day, I think it would be the perfect 'wrapping' for an engagement ring! :) After all, isn't Valentine's Day the best day of the year to get engaged?
- Sparkly blue luichiny Sa Lest shoe, $89.95 - What's even better is the soles of these heels have a big red heart on them! Love! To get extra special, attach a card requesting your love change into her favorite LBD and these heels for a night out on the town together.
- Taupe Passport Case in Embossed Python by GiGi New York, $52 - Hello, vacation! Slide a teaser to your next getaway inside.
Mujus Coraline hand-carved heart keychain, $12 - Well, this is just begging for a key, isn't it? Whether it's to a brand-new SLK 200 {J, are you reading this? (; }, new digs or a super-corny 'key to your heart,' the sweetness will have her melting.

What are you giving your loved ones this year? I do hope you'll tell!

{In order to comply with FTC Regulations, I was kindly sent product from fibi & clo, GiGi New York and Luichiny for this post}

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