European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Sea Glass Souvenirs in Tropea, Italy

Jan 9, 2013

J&I recently traveled to Tropea, Italy, for a long New Year's weekend. I'll have the full travel journal for you soon but I must break in with a sidenote of {utmost} importance.

The beaches of Tropea {near the toe of Italy's boot} are overflowing with gorgeous seaglass!!! Any beach-loving gal worth her seasalt will be swooning hard right now so I'll give y'all a moment to catch your breath.

You can see a tiny sample of the seaglass I found in the photo above but I ended up coming home with two stuffed quart-size bags of the puuurty glass!

And in addition to the awesomely abundant seaglass, I also discovered the coolest Calabrian souvenir in existence. Let me explain: When Italians decide to renovate their homes or tear a building down, they often throw the colorful glazed terra cotta tiles into the ocean. Time passes and these tiles are whittled by the ocean's waves into rounded triangles and parallelograms and tons of other awesome shapes. Most still retain a splash of their color which span the rainbow. I even found a few with flowers and cool graphic designs. I brought a big bag of these tiles home with us, too. Apparently, you can find them on many Italian beaches - I just read a fun blog entry here about collecting some in Positano and turning them into fresh mosaics. You can also see an example of the colorful tiles here.

When I got home, I may or may not have spent a good hour or so googling the intricacies of seaglass hunting {the official term is seaglunking} ... and I may or may not have been the subject of ridicule from my friends after they learned this. Did you know some diehard seaglunkers study moon and weather patterns to discover the best times and beaches to search the shore? Okay, I might not go that far but it was fun to read this article about the seaglass hunting craze. And I may be referring to this list of the best beaches for collecting seaglass in my research for future vacay locales. ;) 

I've heard the beaches of Venice are supposed to be amazing for seaglass due to the nearby Murano glass factories. Anyone been?

Have you done any seaglass searching during a vacation or honeymoon? I hope you'll tell me your best beach find!

Image: Moi


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