Destination Wedding Inspiration from Lovely Notes: Santorini, Greece

Jan 18, 2013

I am so excited to see Michele's monthly post features Santorini! My husband and I just booked a Greek Isles cruise with another sweet couple this spring and we just can't wait to see more of Greece! Okay, enough from me ... it's all yours, M:

For this destination, I was inspired by the bright blue sea and hot pink bougainvillea. Santorini may very well be my favorite spot in Europe. Known for its gorgeous sunsets and dramatic views, it doesn't get more romantic than this. It's possible I'm biased since I spent part of my honeymoon there. In any event, it's easy to come under the island's spell while visiting. The beauty is endless. The cliffs are embedded with a labyrinth of white homes and the occasional blue dome. The dome's deeper hue mimics the endless shades of blue you will find in Greece...

As for a destination wedding, I was inspired by these very shades for the bridesmaids and florals. A light blue dress pops with this bouquet. Blue glass vessels perfectly complement whites and creams or bright pink flowers. Colored glass flutes for champagne also evoke the sparkling sea. A Grecian gown is fitting for this destination bride. Lanterns lining the reception outdoors illuminate the scene when the sun sets. Lastly, this letter-pressed invitation suite sets the scene for out-of-town guests. Pack your breeziest attire for this romantic locale.

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to visit this enchanted island! What a gorgeous locale for a wedding. Thanks, Michele! 

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ps. A little bird told me that Michele is headed to Megeve, France, for a winter wedding soon so there might be a French Alps inspiration board coming to CB soon! ;)

Row 1 Moon and TreesStyle Me Pretty; Source Unknown
Row 2 Oh So Beautiful Paper; Michele's own image :)
Row 3 La Belle Vie100 layer cakeStyle Me Pretty

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