Sweet Urban Engagement Sesssion

Dec 13, 2012

I have a sweet engagement session to share with you today. I love how the photos aren't so much about the surroundings or props but about the couple and their affection for one another. Laura and Matthew are college sweethearts and their love story is pretty darling - read on to see for yourself. And thanks to Le Image for submitting these gorgeous photos.

Says Laura, "I met Matt during our first week of college at Loyola Maryland. He was sitting Indian style on the middle of our mutual friend's dorm room floor, playing video games with a partially shaven head (the product of club soccer initiation). The first words he ever said to me were: "wanna play some Fifa?" I said no... but I did volunteer to be his beer pong partner later that night (even with the crazy hair I thought we was such a babe). 

We became great friends and after we both parted ways with our respective high school romances, we started officially dating in October of 2005. In fact, our wedding date is set for the same weekend he first asked me to be his girlfriend. As college sweethearts we basically grew up together - partying and studying and learning how to love along the way.

Finally in 2011, we moved in together in Battery Park and are still living in that very apartment. On March 16th of this year, Matt mentioned that his parents would be making a trip to the city and wanted to take us out to dinner. After work, I met him not far from the alleged restaurant. When he greeted me, he sighed and said that his parents mistakenly took the green line and were on the other side of the park. We set off into Central Park to rescue his lost parents but not before making a stop at Bethesda fountain. He got down on one knee right at the plaque in front of the fountain (so we'd always know where we stood) and asked me to marry him. Little did I know at the time, he had planted his brother at the park. Not only is the entire proposal documented on video, but the roar of applause was nearly deafening! After that we celebrated with dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by a surprise party attended by all our friends and family. It was absolutely perfect!

We've been having such a blast planning our wedding together and gratuitously celebrating (full disclosure: we've had THREE engagement parties, haha). I'm so excited to be marrying not only the love of my life, but the only other person that shares my passion for the air guitar, the Bourne trilogy, meatballs and marching bands. I foresee a very long and happy life together :) "

Images by Le Image.


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