Etsy Find: Doloris Petunia.

Dec 19, 2012

I just discovered the Etsy shop, Doloris Petunia, while catching up on one of my favorite blogs, This is Glamorous. I immediately clicked over to the shop and immediately knew I had to share this insane talent. I mean, I'm talking some seriously legit couture-worthy baubles, people. See for yourself:

Ombre done right. 
Yes, this should totally be your bridal statement necklace. 
No looking back. 

The rope detail. Umm, to die for. Here.

Would this not be the coolest bridal bracelet? 
.... Is it too late to add this to my Christmas list? :-/

No words. Here.

I'm also beyond obsessed with this Gatsby-worthy crystal headdress and this cute flowergirl's dress.
Are you as obsessed with Doloris Petunia as I am? Gahhh.

Nope, this is not a sponsored post. 


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