Wedding + Halloween Inspiration from 'The Girl'

Oct 31, 2012

Have you guys seen the HBO/BBC film The Girl? I caught it on TV last week and missed some of it but what I saw was so captivating that now I want to see it in its entirety! If you're not familiar, it's about the working relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren during the making of The Birds and Marnie. Supposedly based on factual interviews from Tippi and others, the film has created quite the controversy with Hitchcock supporters up in flames. That aside, I was SMITTEN with Sienna/Tippi's wardrobe - it was insanely lovely. My favorite was the number she wore to The Birds premiere:

This outfit looked even more amazing during the scene where she and Hitch were in the car together. The lines of her cape looked so geometric and deliciously mod. I love her earrings, too! Wouldn't this be such a pretty look for a rehearsal dinner? She also had a gorgeous ballerina bun in the very beginning {which I missed but saw on one of the many YouTube interviews I was addicted to after the film}. ;)

Sienna and Tippi
I also love this iconic shoot of Sienna and Tippi - wouldn't this make the coolest Halloween costume? If you're headed to a spooky party tonight and still haven't thought of what to wear, just throw on your favorite LBD {or LWD}, paint your nails a bright red and find yourself a fake crow or raven! Okay, that last part might prove a bit challenging but I'm sure a run to your local craft store would end in success! ;)

You can check out the official movie trailer here:

Let me know if you've seen the film and your thoughts about it! I obvs loved it and can't wait to have a mini-marathon of watching The Birds and Marnie! :)

Happy Halloween!

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