Anniversary-Moon Time! Ciao, my loves!

Oct 26, 2012

J&I are jetting off to Rome today where we'll be catching a cruise to celebrate our 4th anniversary! I'm so excited just to steal my husband away for a bit as he's been working ridiculously grueling hours at the office and is long overdue for a real vacation. :) Hello, hot tub! ... Happy hour, how I've missed you!

                                                                      Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Oh, this? You know, just a candid of me boarding last year's cruise. ;)

In case you're curious, here's where we'll be heading:
Rome // Florence/Pisa // Genoa/Cinque Terre // Toulon, France // Marseille, France // Barcelona

I've been to a few of the destinations before but several will be new to both J&I so I can't wait to start exploring. :) ... and don't worry, I have a few posts lined up to keep you entertained here at Chez CB while I'm out to sea! Bon voyage, friends!

Can't wait to share our travels with you when we return!


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