The Search for the Perfect Dark Red Lip

Sep 19, 2012

Since I've been doing some serious red lip research for our upcoming shoot in Paris and the shade seems to be making a huge comeback {though did it ever really go away?} for the fall, I thought I'd share a little of my findings with you. Plus, I think a red lip would look fabulous on a fall or winter bride.

Marion Cotillard via Reuters here
A few weeks ago, I asked you to share your favorite red lip with me. Several of you recommended MACs Russian Red. After google imaging it to death, I was sold and put my order in {one of the small issues of living in Europe - no local MAC counter - ugh} ... but then it arrived and I decided I looked like a total clown ... way too orange-y for my fair skin tone. {I should have consulted the link below under Red Lip Intel first} But I forged on and visited the Smashbox counter. They were amazing and I now feel like an expert on the Smashbox lineup of reds but in the end, none really wowed me. So that leaves me with what I will be wearing. It's the first red I ever purchased and I think it cost less than $5. It's NYC's 309 Sheer Red. I like to apply, blot, and cover with a clear gloss. It's definitely the right shade of red for me - I just wish it had more staying power but it will have to work! Here's hoping I'll look a teensy bit like Marion. ;)

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Do you have a favorite red and would you rock one for your wedding? 


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