A Style Blogger's Classically Preppy Coastal North Carolina Wedding

Jul 31, 2012

Have you ever discovered a blog you just had to devour back to the very first post like a really good book you just couldn't put down? That's exactly what happened when I found Summer's adorable blog, Life is REEDiculous. This Southern belle has got mad style - from her traditional yet eclectic interior design to her insanely-inspiring wardrobe. She shops/wears the greatest mix of high/low from DVF and Louboutins to TJMaxx and Goodwill - love it! Oh, and did I mention she's hilarious? Because she is. :) Summer also inspired me to dig out my old paintbrushes and try my hand at watercolors again. Yes, this multi-talented lady is also a pretty amazing artist. Anyhooooo, mid-way through my REEDiculous reading-coma, I came across Summer's picture-perfect wedding and immediately clicked on her 'about' page to find her e-mail and ask her if I could share her fabulous wedding on CB. She ever so kindly obliged so yay for us! I just know you'll be enamored with her timeless aesthetic like I was! Enjoy:

From the fab + gorgeous bride, Summer:
"I always knew I wanted to get married outdoors, that I wanted a classic navy and white wedding, and I hoped it would be intimate and personal. I believe we accomplished just that on October 4, 2008, in Edenton, NC, both mine and my groom’s hometown. We wanted to incorporate our love of the water, we wanted it to be relaxed yet elegant, and we wanted our friends and family to have fun.

Every time I thought of my wedding in my head even before we were ever engaged, the same image repeated itself over and over. I wanted to bring that image to life. As I look back on these photos, I realize my dream came true in every way. In my head, I didn’t see any number of tables, or shades of linens, or the types of chairs…I just saw Mike and I smiling together {impeccably dressed of course} and as husband and wife!


The ceremony was held in the backyard of my parents’ gorgeous waterfront home. My dad handcrafted our aisle and the altar out of old pilings and rope. Having the beautiful Albemarle Sound as our backdrop, not much extra d├ęcor was needed. It was the perfect day. 

Summer looking gorgeous with her hubby, Tuna, as she affectionately calls him on her blog. :)

One of the most exciting parts for us and our bridal party was arriving to the reception venue, the town marina, in a 41’ Albemarle sportfishing boat. This boat also happened to be the very boat on which Mike proposed. It was certainly a site to see everyone standing on the waters edge awaiting our arrival. I do enjoy a grand entrance!

I know this sounds strange, but one of my favorite parts of my wedding day was forgetting all the details. I’m no planner, so there were quite a few details I forgot. Oops! But it all rolled off my back because once you are there in the moment, none of it matters. As the band played into the night, I loved just watching everyone on the dance floor. I loved watching my parents, and seeing them so happy to celebrate my big day. I loved dancing with my husband to our favorite songs, and just taking it all in.

So my biggest advice is to know what is really important to you and your groom. For me, I wanted perfect dresses {yes, that includes both mine and my bridesmaids…finding their dress was much harder than mine!} I knew what I wanted and it was just staying patient until I found it. And I did. For my groom, he was most concerned with a good band. Once those objectives were completed, nothing else really mattered that much. I wasn’t working with a huge budget, and I just wasn’t going to get weighed down by all the extra things I couldn’t afford. So have some perspective, and also listen to each other rather than everyone else."

Thanks so much to Summer for sharing her beautiful day with us! Aside from all the gorgeous details, I'm really loving the grand entrance via boat! How fun!

Fun mini facts: Summer and I were married only three weeks apart and had 
near-identical hydrangea bouquets! ;) Just saying - we're basically kindred spirits. :)

Photographer: Julie Mixon Photography // http://www.juliemixon.com
Dress: Vineyard Collection
Bridesmaid dresses: JCrew


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