Friday Find {+ CB Looooves Them}: Preppy Ginger Jars

May 18, 2012

Have you fallen prey to the ginger jar craze yet? I'm falling hard though still have yet to make a first purchase. However, that hasn't kept me from lusting after them, pinning them and then lusting some more.  Ginger jars exude that stately/regal/old-money vibe which is hard not to like. I happen to think they would make amazing centerpieces at a summer wedding. I'm imagining the Cape or the Hamptons. The palette would be all-white with minimal hints of deep blue. The ginger jars would be overflowing with white arrangements - think tulips, paperwhites, gardenias and hydrangeas. Here's a little bit of my vision brought to life:

I also think the jars would pack a punch with a bouquet of bright-yellow tulips! Or this fab ginger jar with ombre-hued delphiniums looks rather fabulous:
Now please be a lamb and tell me my "research" wasn't in vain and that you're totally going to be using ginger jars at your next soiree ... or better yet, your wedding! Send me pics if you do, pretty please!

ps. I'm totally out of the loop on pricing but Emily at Cupcakes and Cupcakes scored a beauty for $5 ... $5!!! Hello, wedding vases, am I right?

pss. Are you curious why they're called ginger jars? I was and then I read this. And now it's all cleared up.

Images: 1: Cadeau Registry via I love your crazy; 2: House Beautiful spread via My Pink Sketchbook; 3: House Beautiful via The New Diplomat's Wife.


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