Attn. European Vendors: Be a part of CB's Parisian Inspiration Shoot!

Nov 15, 2011

Since moving to Germany, one of my primary goals has been to highlight and share the beauty of Europe and all it has to offer in terms of weddings. I've done this to a degree through the Honeymoon series but I've been wanting to step things up and start meeting wedding vendors over here ... the best and the brightest ... and then share their amazing talent with you!

So what do I have up my sleeve? Well, my husband and I currently live within driving distance from Paris so weekending in The City of Light is a breeze! After some thought, I decided I would give it a shot and start laying the groundwork for an inspiration shoot in the heart of Paris.

Now I know you've seen inspiration shoots aplenty on every single wedding blog but trust me, this is going to be different ....

I'm not just going to share the end results and wait for the ooohs and aaaahs. I want to share everything ... From beginning to end: The inspirational images that sparked our ideas, the choosing of European vendors and how we'll work together and what it is they bring to the table, behind the scenes details ... choosing outfits, props, locales, deciding on shot angles and more ... I want to share every step with you! I don't know about you but when I see a crazy amazing shoot, I want to know exactly how it came to fruition! I'm also hoping that this might help you to feel like a stylized European shoot is absolutely do-able ... I want to show you the ropes and introduce you to wonderful vendors that can help make an engagement or couples shoot in Paris a possibility for you!

So what do we have lined up so far? Let's take a look:
Styling expertise: After styling, coordinating and planning my own wedding, {which has been featured in Wedding Style Guide, B Magazine, InStyle Weddings, Weddings Unveiled and numerous other wedding and style blogs} I'm excited to apply my talents to styling a Parisian shoot! I also styled the New Orleans photoshoot in 2010 for my own shop, CB Vintage.
Props: As the proprietor and careful curator of CB Vintage, I've got a hold on what works and what doesn't. I'm looking forward to working on creating a selection of French antique wares to include in the shoot.
Location scouting and research: I already have several locale ideas jotted down and am researching other possibilities. Always open to new ideas, as well!
Models/Subjects: My husband and myself.
Attire: Luckily, I've got that covered as well. I'll share an in-depth post about the details in a future planning post but there will be two outfits for each model. The first selection will be a mod 1960s style look: Short, vintage 1960s wedding dress {it was actually my Mom's and fits me like a glove - it's so impossibly chic and I love that my Mom was so fashionably daring!}. Paired with a handsome suit. The second selection will be a more modern take with strong vintage details selected from my own wardrobe and my husband's.
Inspiration: This is obviously a work in progress and will be a collective effort of all vendors involved {as well as considering reader input}. But I did go ahead and put together an initial inspiration board to get the ball rolling {you can see that along with details below}

VENDORS: How can YOU be involved?
-- We're currently looking for an amazing photographer{s} to shoot on location in Paris for a day.
-- Possibly a hair and/or makeup artist 
-- And a talented florist to arrange a stunning floral bouquet.
-- Did we leave something out? If you're a European vendor and feel like you have something stylish and substantial to contribute, let us know!

VENDORS: Interested but wondering what's in it for you?
While there will be no monetary compensation for vendors' time and attention spent on the shoot, each vendor will receive plenty of praise, credit and press on my own blog, Classic Bride, which has been again and again praised by some of the most prestigious bridal magazines as a top bridal blog - see for yourself. CB also has an ever-growing and loyal audience comprised of many affluent brides-to-be with a penchant for all things European! In addition to the many posts I'll share about the planning and execution of this shoot with links to respective vendor's sites, I will also be offering every vendor who collaborates on the shoot with me a large-sized ad {300 x 250 pixels} on CB for 4 months {A value of $1,380.00!} The photographer{s} will receive a large-sized ad for 8 months {A value of $2,760!}.

If you think you've got what it takes to be considered or if you have any questions, etc., shoot me an e-mail and I'll be happy to chat with you! Sorry, this shoot is booked but if you're interested in doing another European shoot of some sort with me,  just e-mail me the details!

Now for the fun part! Below is a peek at the inspiration that's already brewing in my head ... it's an impressionistic mixture of all the aspects I find beautiful about Paris ... sharing coffee while catching up on the news of the day ... grainy black and white film ... strong vintage appeal ... all with a hint of mint green to serve as a softer and more subdued homage to the brilliant bright green color heavily showcased in Amelie - one of my fave films.

Other quick ideas I have: Capturing a jaunt to a photobooth a la Amelie, languid shots by a Metro stop, enjoying sips of espresso at a streetside bistro and a few shots with the Eifel tower in the background maybe in the Jardin des Tuileries ... Oooh la la! Oh - and that mint green camera below? I have one just like it for the shoot!

Credits, clockwise from top left: Elizabeth Messina; Camera via Ink on my Fingers; Absinthe bottle; Vogue photo shoot; Image found on Google images; Scene of Paris by Robert and Kathleen Photography; Anemone bouquet found on Google images; Cafe Du Marche.

Sponsored Post: Delovely Details GIVEAWAY!

Nov 14, 2011

Yes, my loves, another contest!! This time a lovely Etsy shop owner, Nicole of delovely details, is offering up one $75 credit to ONE LUCKY CB READER! Nicole offers gorgeous + personalized hangers, etched wine glasses, customized address boxes and more - perfect for a bride-to-be! ;o) Everything is made to order and burned by hand - love it!

How to Enter:
Take a look at Nicole's shop to get a good idea of what's available and then come back right here and leave a comment on this post telling us what you would use your $75 credit on {if you win!}. Easy peasy! You may enter as many times as you like and the contest will run through November 30, 2011. A winner will be announced in a new post on Classic Bride on December 1. Good luck!! :o)

Below are a few of my favorite items from delovely details:

Such a fantastic idea, no? Takes the pain out of compiling a brand new address book and creates a lovely guestbook with sweet notes from your loved ones. What I love the most about this is that everytime you will go to look up an address, you'll be reminded of your wedding day and you'll get to re-read all the heartwarming things your guests wrote. {I've only looked at our guestbook a few times since the day we got married - which is a shame - so I really love this idea!} Click here for all the details on this item.

These cute + personalized hangers are so adorable for everyone involved in the wedding - from the bride to the flowergirl to the groom ... and they look fabulous in the detail shots! Plus, always fun to use later on, as well! Click here for more details on the hangers.

Because I always love hearing a little back story, I'll turn it over to Nicole on how she got started:
Starting delovely details was not something we had planned [...] I had a great idea for a guestbook at my best friend's bridal shower and people loved it. My cousin has a very successful shop on Etsy and told us that we should look into opening a storefront. After much time and consideration, we decided to jump in and give it a try. It has been an amazing journey thus far and I have become so passionate about it.

I love how passion just seems to find an outlet - that's great, Nicole! Congratulations and thank you for hosting this fab contest! :o)

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Announcing the Mikasa contest WINNER!

Nov 11, 2011

Congratulations to Virginia Rego, who was selected randomly using
Virginia, you will be contacted shortly with more information.
Thanks to all who entered the Mikasa contest! :o)

Holiday / Wedding Candle Line-up

Nov 10, 2011

As soon as I feel that first autumn chill, I am always compelled to light some candles at home ... and make a steaming hot pot of soup with some spicy chai tea. There is just something about cooler weather that brings out the nesting instinct, don't you agree?

I've slowly acquired a few favorite holiday scents and thought I'd share my top candle picks with you. I think they would work equally well for a sparkling holiday wedding or an intimate holiday get-together at home {or simple couch-cuddling nights with your honey}.

My favorites, in no particular order:

1. Nest Holiday Candle: One of Mom's friends gave this candle to me on my wedding day. It emits such an ahhhh-maaaazing scent without even being lit. I also adore the simple gold striping on the glass jar - perfect pop of glitz for the holidays. A blend of pomegranate, Mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber.  $32.

2. Yankee Candle Co.'s Mistletoe: Seriously, this is Christmas-in-a-can for me ... it takes me right back to trying so hard to stay up on Christmas Eve so I could "catch/meet" Santa coming down our chimney and never making it ... instead waking up bright and early before my parents and running at break-neck speed out to the living room to first see that Rudolph did, indeed, eat his carrots and that Santa was able to polish off my Mom's homemade cookies and his glass of milk before diving into the presents waiting under the tree. Yep, one whiff of this brings it all back ... obvious choice for Christmas and/or a Christmas wedding {which I LOVE!} ----> Click here to see my written + visual on the perfectly imagined holiday wedding at home. :o) $25-ish usually.

3. Molton Brown Medio Candela in Re-Charge Black Pepper: I love to light this in the fall when I'm having some friends over for dinner. It creates a great spicy energy. Combines the scents of Madagascan black pepper, galbanum, petitgrain, vetyver and Egyptian basil to create a spicy fusion that warms the home. $49

Now that you know my fave holiday scents, I hope you'll share a few of yours! Is there a fabulous scent I'm missing out on and simply must have? Do tell! ;o)

ps. I also loooooooove the idea of using well-crafted soaps to spread divine aromas {at a wedding or at home}. Read my post here on how to use soaps from the South of France as escort cards and more!

Want to avoid cookie-cutter wedding shots? {Tips from a top NYC photog}

Nov 9, 2011

It's photo week on CB! You just learned a few tips on taking your own great honeymoon photos ... now we're going to take a step back and learn from another great photographer about curating fantastic wedding photos and avoiding crummy cookie-cutter wedding photos.

G.E. Masana is a NYC wedding photographer who has been featured in countless wedding magazines and was privileged to shoot the wedding of Vanessa Penna, the Editor of ELLE, as well as the wedding of Diana Bloom, the photo coordinator for Victoria's Secret, among many others. He's obviously coveted in the wedding world and knows his stuff which is why I was rather excited when he shared his fresh vision with me and asked to share a few honest and unfussy tips on achieving meaningful and fabulous wedding photos. Hope you enjoy and learn a few things. From G.E.:

Warning: This is not the kind of information you’ll ever see written in a bridal magazine. These are insights of my own - honed as a working wedding photographer from photographing hundreds of brides and grooms in the NYC area (and sometimes elsewhere).

Be "Camera Unaware"

Have you ever felt the best photos of you were when you didn’t know there was a camera there? So it is on the wedding day. Ignore the camera. Seriously! When you’re involved with your real life moments, having a great time at your wedding, feeling emotions, laughing, crying, interacting with your closest friends, celebrating this amazing day with those you love... you’re not only living your life to the fullest (as you should be)...Your photographer is then free to capture all the natural moments you’re experiencing, getting genuine expressions, reactions of you and everyone and as a result, getting your real memories for you to remember your day with always. But if most of your photos are of you stopping what you’re doing to look at the camera and smile, pose or mug for it, then real moments are being interrupted, missed, overlooked - or worse, stopped from ever happening. And so, in every case, never documented. Forget the camera’s there and get real moments of you enjoying your wedding!

Like this father + daughter moment:

Your Attitude's Showing In Your Photos

Be sure you've given yourself permission on your wedding day to relax, let go, and have fun so you can take in and savor all your great moments! I photographed a wedding where the bride seemed like she was floating on a cloud all day long. She really was! I asked her about it and she told me she was "taking in every second - and loving every moment." The more you can do that, the more you're going to experience an amazing day, have amazing memories - and have the photos which capture it all.

Tip: You can assign someone else to handle anything which needs to be taken care of so you’re free to have fun, enjoy great meaningful moments, and to be yourself, on your day.

The Photographer's Style Matters, Too

Make sure to hire a photographer whose work, style, and personality you connect with. That rapport is key because when the photographer is more like a familiar face, you’re relaxed in front of their camera and free to be yourself. As you look at photographers, check their photos for proof of their ability to capture spontaneous "height-of-moment" interactions without stopping the action or interrupting or making people to pose, to get their shots. Having trust in your photographer that they’re truly unobtrusive (and not just saying so!) frees you from having any concerns about what they’re getting, second-guessing them or feeling like you need to check on them - which in turn means you’ll be enjoying your wedding more... while your photographer documents great moments.

How to avoid this major cause of cause of stress on your day

Poor scheduling of planned photo sessions creates stress and undermines the best efforts so allow some additional time - just in case it's needed. This is one part of the day you shouldn't rush through or try to squeeze in. Your photos will show it if you do. Also the time of day, season, climate and location have an enormous impact on your how your photography turns out. Keep in mind that because "cameras don't take pictures, people do" and that "all photographers are not created equal," one photographer's ability to create stunning images under less than ideal conditions will differ from another's.

So Here’s What To Look For: When you look at their portfolios, you want to see the photographer consistently creates exceptional imagery under many diverse situations, and no matter the type of wedding. The best way to do that is make sure to see different weddings from the same photographer, not just their best shots from their best wedding.

How to Guarantee You Look Gorgeous in Wedding Photos

Just as you'd do a trial run with your hair and makeup to determine how you'll look to everyone in real life, schedule a Pre-Wedding Session with your photographer to see how you'll look in your photos. I often do that with my bridal clients. Contrary to popular thought, great makeup, great hairstyle, and even great genetics are not the biggest factors to looking amazing in photos because when it comes to how you look "in camera," it’s not so much about being photogenic. It's really up to optic principles.

The three big optic principles are:
[1] Highlight and Shadow Contouring,
[2] Camera to Facial Angle Selection,
[3] Lens Compression Optics

A photographer schooled in classic training knows how to use these to have you look stunning in your photos. Knowing up front you’ll look incredible means you can have confidence in your photographer on your wedding day, and be free to be relaxed, natural looking and be yourself in your wedding photos.

What Makes A Wedding Photo Great?

The best wedding photos aren't mere snapshots. Guests can take snapshots. But the best wedding photographers make photos that tell a story. That’s because the better photographers don’t simply "aim and shoot" but purposefully picture sequences of how your day unfolded. Looking at your photos is a richer experience for you every time you view them for the rest of your life when your photographer tells stories with them. I know this for a fact because I still get thank you notes years later from couples because looking at their wedding photos again on their anniversaries and family get-togethers, they’re moved - and so they write to thank me yet again. They mention "story telling" in their photos as a big reason they’re touched.

Thanks for sharing these great tips, G.E.! If you want more on the subject, G.E. has additional tips on his website entitled "20 Questions You Absolutely Need To Ask Every Photographer You Interview" ready for download.

G.E. Masana has been interviewed in the two leading professional photography journals, RANGEFINDER and STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE, and published in nationally renowned wedding magazines such as MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS, THE KNOT, BRIDES, ELEGANT BRIDE, BRIDAL GUIDE and TOWN & COUNTRY WEDDINGS among others. His wedding client list includes Jen Chapin, singer songwriter and daughter of the legendary Harry Chapin; Vanessa Penna, Editor, ELLE; Gaines Peyton, co-owner Sears-Peyton Gallery, NYC; Diana Bloom, Photo Coordinator for Victoria's Secret, NYC; Evan Galbraith, son of Evan G. Galbraith, former Ambassador to France; Randolph Pratt, son of Pfizer Pharmaceutical's Chairman Emeritus Edmund Pratt; Timothy Breese Miller of the New York City Metropolitan Opera; Rebecca Odes, author and co-founder of; Barrie Gillies, Writer, BRIDE'S magazine, among many others.

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Nov 8, 2011

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How to make your honeymoon photos POP! {w/fab photog Laura Monfredini}

Last week, I shared a gorgeous Irish wedding shot by Laura Monfredini. I loved her photography style so much that I started exploring her blog and noticed several images taken during a recent European vacay. I always find it interesting to peek into vacation photos taken by professional photographers ... seeing what they focus on, how they frame the shot ... it's almost like a free class on composition for amateurs like me. ;o)

So I started thinking ... how great would it be if Laura shared some tips for making vacay photos POP ... like, say, for your honeymoon???? Well, lucky for you and me {as I'm about to set sail on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise -yay!!}, Laura agreed! Read on for her fabulous advice:

I was so excited when Sarah asked if I would do a guest post for Classic Bride with some tips for making your honeymoon pictures better. I just love photography, and honeymoons, and giving out advice, so I couldn't wait to jot down my ideas. Here's my top 10 to get you started & I'd be more than happy to answer questions in the comments:

1. Have a camera with you. This may seem completely obvious, but the best way to make sure you have great pictures is to take a camera with you. It's a little easier to have a camera on hand these days with all the smart phones out there, but I like to have a little more flexibility with my shots than those offer. Because I'm a total photo nerd, I usually have one of my SLRs with me, but even I don't like to carry them when I just want to go out and enjoy the day. For the normal couple on a honeymoon, I recommend getting a really great pocket camera. I have a Canon s95 & have taken this little guy with me on tons of trips. It's a great camera for serious photographers because it has manual controls (I can pick my f-stops and shutter speeds!) & they're so easy to use that I think anyone could pick them up pretty quickly. It's on the more expensive side of pocket cameras, so if it's a little out of your budget, I'd suggest looking into an older, used model (I think it was called the s90).

2. Learn what your camera can do. This goes along with No. 1, know your equipment. Play around before you go. Learn a little about photography -- there are some great online resources (I like "Short Courses in Digital Photography" ) that will explain the basics of how f-stops and shutter speeds work. For those of you who already know such things, my tip is to shoot people on low f-stops and to slightly overexpose (you do this by adjusting your shutter speed and ISO on a digital camera). A slight overexposure will erase wrinkles. It's like building photoshop right into your camera. For landscapes and architecture, you want to shoot on a higher f-stop and faster shutter speed to capture details.

3. Shoot what inspires you. I've noticed when I travel that if one tourist takes out a camera and shoots something, that almost every other tourist with a camera in the near vicinity will try to take the same picture. I'd suggest thinking about what you really want to take a picture of and what inspires you and focusing on that. I never remember (or care) about certain statues or castles or churches. I like to shoot the feeling of the place I'm in. I focus on getting the overall scene and then zooming in on some element of it that will tell a bigger story. I skip the things I'm "supposed" to shoot. I look for my own "postcard" shots.

4. Shoot your story too. Not every shot has to be postcard beautiful either. Don't forget to take pictures of the funny things that happen and that you see -- random signs, weird things you ordered to eat that just were not what you were expecting, local Starbucks offerings, whatever you're into and that you just get a kick out of. Those make for the best stories, in my opinion.

5. Don't forget the people. I think that the people in any given place are just as interesting as the architecture. I take a lot of pictures of locals and tourists. I would just recommend not forgetting to respect the subjects -- some people don't want to be photographed, and some local spots ask you not to. Just pay attention and you should be okay.  

6. Ask a lot of people to take pics of you for you. Confession: I am not good about just handing my camera over to strangers to ask them to photograph me and my guy (Bill) because I worry too much that I'll ask the wrong person to take my picture and they'll run off with my camera. When I am more trusting, this is one of the best tips I have. Ask people to take your picture & ask someone else to do it again right away & then ask someone else. It can be hard to find a good photographer on the fly, but you can mitigate against this problem by having a lot of different people take your picture. You'll be happy to have some options when you get home.

7. Photo each other. Some of my most favorite shots ever are the ones that my guy has snapped of me in candid moments & that I've taken of him the same way. Turn the camera on each other & try to sneak a shot here & there. Since Bill is my photo partner, I just crack myself up taking pictures of him taking pictures. These always make me smile & think about how lucky we are to share a passion.

8. Plan a photo project. I love to discover things that are very "local" and to shoot a series that focuses on these things. A few years ago, Bill and I vacationed in Cape Cod & shot cottage doors. They were all brightly colored, unique but unified in their concept. I'm also partial to window boxes, cafe set-ups, anything that instantly transports me back to the place I visited. It can be fun to look for these things together & they make for a great souvenir if you frame the pictures together or in a collage when you get home.

9. Look for the light. Every photographer out there, myself included, is prone to waxing on and on about "the light". That's because it's just really really really important. Great light = great photos. Early morning light is lovely & so is the late afternoon light right before sunset. Bill and I plan to take photo walks during these times and we leave museum going to the harsh light of mid-day.
10. Composition is King. When I was first learning photography in college, my professor really emphasized composition. It's not something that gets as much discussion these days with all the focus on the technical side of photography, but in my mind, composition is still absolutely critical to great photography. I was taught to pause before you click & look around the whole frame of your photo to see if you like what's there. This takes a little more time and isn't easy to do, but it does come more naturally if you start training your eye to do this. There also are technical tricks you can learn to help with this, like the "rule of thirds" (google it for a lot of commentary) & they are a good starting point to get your mind thinking about composition when you're looking through the lens. Put it on your reading list along with your camera manual!
10. Leave the camera home (or at least in your bag) when you really just want to unplug, unwind, and enjoy the moment. Sometimes you need to put the camera down to get inspired all over again.

Fabulous tips, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing your insight! I love that you mention 'people shots' ... on my last vacation a few weeks ago {to the French Riviera and Provence region}, I felt so inspired by an older lady's impossibly chic ensemble {it included a cape and fabulously huge sunglasses} that I was compelled to snap an inconspicuous shot of her. She just seemed to ooze French refinement and embodied the intangible essence of the Côte d'Azur. I love the idea that a person can speak just as loudly and tell just as great a story as a cafe scene or historic setting. I will make sure to try and capture more interesting people on my next vacay! ;o)

Cheers to great vacation + honeymooning photos! And, remember, if you have any questions, ask Laura in the comments! :o)

Need some {crazy beautiful} place settings? I've got the contest for you! ;o)

Nov 2, 2011

Hey loves, don't forget about the fabulous contest currently going on - you could win 8 place settings from Mikasa! Perfect for a newlywed nest, no?!

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Sponsored Post: Kardashian wedding costs vs. the Average wedding costs

I am soooooo out of the celeb loop that the whole Kim Kardashian wedding/event/media shindig is still new to me ... and then someone tells me today that Kim is filing for divorce - a mere 72 days after getting hitched? Seriously? I know I shouldn't be surprised and while this is hardly the shortest Hollywood marriage {um, Britney?}, it still made my jaw drop and seems kind of sad whether it was a media ploy or not {which really is more sad than a failed marriage}.

Regardless, I thought this infographic comparing the costs of a Kardashian wedding to an average wedding would be interesting, especially in light of recent news. I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!

Thanks to Brilliance for sharing the graphic. If you're in the market, do check out their diamonds online.

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Back to basics: A fantastically elegant Irish Catholic wedding

Nov 1, 2011

No frills. No fussiness. Just pure elegance. That's what this Irish Catholic wedding is in a nutshell. And I am loving every delicious ounce of it. Thanks to photographer Laura Monfredini for submitting these beauties ... scroll below for details on the wedding, too.


About the wedding, from photograher Laura Monfredini:
The wedding took place at St. Monica's church in the Richmond District in San Francisco and the reception was at the Marines Memorial Club in downtown San Francisco. The bride & groom are originally from Ireland. The bride's father passed away a few years ago and she wanted to honor his memory that day so she had a photograph of him framed & had me take a picture with her mother and with the photo. The morning of the wedding, she said "little things" were going wrong (the flowers didn't come on time, the bridesmaids dresses needed to be altered again, that sort of thing) and during the chaos, she managed to burn a little piece of her veil. She thought she'd ruined things until her Mum told her that on her wedding day to her Pop (almost 40 years earlier to the date), she had burned her veil, too. Weird coincidence/sign of good luck! 

Other personal touches included the brooch she pinned to her bouquet - it's her Mum's, a gift from her father, and her "something borrowed."  She also likes vintage postcards and images, so I found one at the Alameda flea market of the Marines Memorial Club where the reception took place, and it's the backdrop to a few of her ring shots.  We also shot the wedding on some old 60s era film cameras as well as digital to get that "vintage" postcard look on some of the shots.  Some other traditional touches included the Mums (of the bride and groom) wearing traditional "Irish" looks with headpieces, personal toasts by everyone in the wedding party, and of course, a lot of dancing.

Thanks for sharing these sweet details with us, Laura!

All images by ELLe Photographs!

Sponsored Post: Mikasa 'Love Story' 8-Place Settings Giveaway

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and to get into the full spirit of generosity and thanks, I thought a giveaway would be the perfect way to kickstart the month here at CB! :o)

I'm thrilled to share that the lovely people over at Mikasa have kindly agreed to gift ONE lucky CB reader 8 place settings in the Love Story pattern which is available at all fine retailers:

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