A little note to my love on our anniversary ...

Oct 25, 2011

I met a boy in college 10 years ago today.
He made me laugh so hard, I would cry
And had eyes so blue they looked like the sky.
Three years ago today, I married that silly homefry.
Happy anniversary, love. ♥

Love you + miss you mountains.
Wish you could be with me in St. Tropez {!!!!} today.
See you soon, bluebird. xxxox.

{wedding photo taken by Look Photography}

European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Madrid, Spain

Oct 18, 2011

Entry No. 13: Madrid

As promised, here's a glimpse of my travels to the wonderfully brilliant España. This trip marked my first visit to Spain and it felt much overdue. The sun shone warmly, the r's trilled deliciously and the sangria and mojitos went down almost too smoothly ... I simply can't wait to revisit this fabulous land. Scroll down for my top tips for honeymooning to Madrid. ;o)

O.M.G. Seriously, O.M.G. Best Spanish Omelette evaaaaahhhh. And, eee! ... The owner happily shared his recipe with us ... I think he saw us gushing over the amazingness! ;o)

Loved this painting of "Adam and Eve" in the Reina Sofia ... fun take on the story and it totally reminded me of a modern-day engagement shoot!


We had to squeeze in a flamenco show and it was so worth it ... my crummy photos do the dancers no justice {which is why I'm only sharing one!} ... So glad we found an exquisite little hole in the wall  for the show that felt so perfectly non-touristy! Passion, angst, fire .... it made me feel a bit more alive. And I loved the intimate setting ... comped drinks were a plus, too!


Adios! ;o)

CB's Top Tips for Madrid, Spain:
- Plaza Mayor. Even though it's a no-brainer and it's in all the guidebooks, I still feel it's worth mentioning. When you walk up to the Plaza and see it through one of the gorgeous arches, it's a sight that will make you sigh ... truly beautiful. Spend some time here ... have lunch, look in the shops ... and come back at night. It's fun and a fabulous spot for people watching.

- Flamenco dancing - fun, festive and could be romantic, too. I LOVED the place we went to. It felt authentic ... it wasn't expensive and it wasn't filled with tourists. The drinks were good and the olives were even better. It was all acoustic ... there was a man on guitar and another on vocals and I had to keep reminding myself that this was LIVE music - it was AMAZING. There were also four dancers - 3 women in traditional costume and a guy who was pretty mesmerizing. If I could only recommend one thing to do in Madrid {or Spain, for that matter}, this would be it! Here are the details: Las Carboneras Tablao Flamenco / Plaza del Conde de Miranda 1, Madrid / 91.542.86.77 for reservations.

- When I was planning my trip, everyone I knew recommended the Reina Sofia museum ... I'm a big fan of modern art but somehow, this museum just didn't hold my attention. Admittedly, it may have a little to do with the fact that I don't *love* Picasso sooooo if you're a big Picasso fan, run to the RS. Otherwise, I would recommend the Museo Del Prado ... I was in heaven here. Every room was filled with masterpieces that I remember studying in college and writing lengthy papers during all-nighters ... I was truly in awe and blown away and I could have easily spent six more hours in this incredible museum. My favorite? Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights ... it was in one of the first rooms I walked in and when I turned around and saw the small crowd around the incredible triptych, I felt serious chills. Seeing that work in person was indescribable for me. So glad we squeezed the Prado in on our last day. :o)

- Lobo's! If you're a ballet flat fanatic like I am, you simply must visit. It's an adorable little jewel box of a store and they also sell traditional espadrilles and great leather boots. For more info, check out my post here.

- Finally, there are a few food/drink items you MUST try if you visit. You will thank me {hopefully!} ;o) Here's what I recommend: A Spanish omelette with Sangria or cerveza ... Gazpacho with sparkling water for a light brunch ... A Horchata for a mid-day break {cinnamon/milky/cold/so refreshing on a hot day} ... Paella ... gahhhh .... and mojitos as often as you can manage! Enjoy, loves!

If you have any tips, insights, suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them! Happy Honeymooning!

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All images by moi.

Headed back to Provence {yay!}

Oct 12, 2011

Hello loves ... I'm getting so excited for what's to come in just a few weeks now! I'll be heading off on a road trip with some of my favorites back to the lovely area of Provence, France! We found an amazing little house to rent by the week that comes complete with fabulous gardens and a sweet terrace that is begging guests to stop and enjoy a Pastis while watching the sun sink behind a grove of olive trees. Ohhh, we have flea markets mapped out {hello cafe au lait bowls and exquisite enamel pitchers!} ... oh, and little trips down to St. Tropez and Cassis are also in the mix. I simply can't wait to go back to this wonderland!

Even though we have an itinerary that is busting at its seams, I thought I'd see if anyone has any to-die-for tips? Or if you're honeymooning to Provence soon, let me know, too! {Seriously, my favorite place for a honeymoon - it is beyond enchanting!}

I'll be sharing my trip to Madrid soon, too! Till then ... xoxo.

ps. If you missed my first installment of Provence travels, just click on the three links above! Provençal bliss awaits you!

Delicious getaway dress!

Oct 6, 2011

Remember Kim's gooorgeous wedding day {and perfect proposal in Paris}? Well, when I was editing some photos for the wedding post, I spied a most-enviable getaway dress that was the perfect blend of casual and cool ... I told Kim I simply must share some photos and details and she ever so kindly obliged! Enjoy:

Says Kim, "The little dress is from H&M. After I bought it I tried it on for Phil and he said I looked like "a princess on vacation" so I thought it was the right one! Hehe."

So true, no? I was totally thinking Kate Middleton. :o)

Would you wear a getaway dress? If so, share what style, etc., you'd go for - I'd love to hear!

Images: 1: Cramer Photo; rest by Kim's friends {good shots!} :o)

Chez CB welcomes a new baby! {ha!}

Oct 5, 2011

I know. I know, it's hard not to gush. I've been swooning like mad over my new darling baby, too! ;o)

Some of you may remember the tough time I was having with making a choice among the sea of DSLRs available ... well, I went all out and splurged on my dream camera and I have no regrets. I can't wait to start sharing some new and improved shots with you! :-P


CB hearts: The Graduated Glitter Nail

I have been meaning to do a post on the uber-trendy graduated glitter nail that has taken blogland by storm for weeks {maybe months} now ... I first saw the concept on Emily's blog {the tantalizing mermaid nail - did you see it?} and had that instant 'aha' moment ... pure genius, seriously!

I, like most girly-girls, hold firm to the philosophy that sparkle makes pretty much anything better ... so, accordingly, after reading Emily's post, I ran out and bought 6 of my favorite Martha Stewart glitters {my fave to use so far are 'smoky quartz' and 'lapis lazuli'}. I've been happily doing the graduated glitter nail for a few weeks now and I think the look would be so fun and festive for a wedding!

What do you think?
{btw, not my nails but super similar to how they're looking right now!}

Oh, it's also insanely easy! Here's how I do it:
a. Paint your nails whatever color you like. I always do two coats. Sometimes three. I like it super matte.
b. Sprinkle your desired glitter onto a plate/cardboard/whatever and dip the wand from your clear coat nail polish into the glitter. {I officially designated one of my clear coats to being the 'glitter spreader arounder'}
c. Apply the glitter-soaked wand heavily over the tips of your nails. Then re-dip the wand into the clear nail polish. And do a graduating effect down your nail.
d. Happily go about your day in love with your fabulously sparkly nails! ;o)

My favorite color combos so far?
a. Candy red nail / Smoky quartz or muted gold glitter
b. Pale grey nail / Dark hematite glitter
c. Nude nail / Any color glitter but I esp. like the smoky quartz
d. A creamy white nail with snowflake-like glitter would be dreamy for a winter wedding!

ps. It's also fun to do the reverse and have the glitter graduate out from your nailbeds or just do one accent nail like the ring finger! Oooh, and toes, too! I'll try and post some photos next time I have a painting party!

Want more glitter? Check out these to-die-for glittery ankle boots. GAH!

Images: 1: Via here; 2: Via here

Sponsored Post: Anjolee Bracelets

There is something so wonderfully timeless and enticing about a glittering diamond tennis bracelet ... seeing a little shimmer and sparkle with every flick of the wrist adds that perfect oomph to any ensemble. I especially adore the look on a bride, don't you?

Here's a few of my favorite diamond tennis bracelets suited perfectly for a bride and I have to say, I think they'd look {wouldn't they make a great gift?}:

That first one? Looooove. Tell me your favorite.

Also love that these diamond bracelets for women can be customized according to metal type (10k, 14k, 18k yellow or white gold or platinum), diamond size, diamond quality and length. The standard bracelet length is 7” but any length can be ordered. Have fun shopping for your diamond jewelry! ;o) 

This post sponsored by Anjolee.