Blueberry Mint Mojitos!

Aug 29, 2011

This summer, my friend and I have been on a smoothie kick. My only rule about smoothies is that all the ingredients need to natural and organic. So we usually throw some frozen fruit and lemonade in the blender and drizzle locally-made honey on top. Almost every concoction has been nothing short of o.m.g. deeeelicious but I think we've finally come up with the smoothie to top all smoothies: The Blueberry Mint Mojito!

Crazy refreshing & the perfect blend of sweet and minty ... and alcohol-y. ;o) Because some days just call for it ...

If you try it, let me know what you think! And, I have to say, I could totally see a tray of these being served at a bachelorette party ... an engagement party ... or yes, even an afternoon wedding! Your guests would love you, really! {At least I would!}

Blueberry Mint Mojito

1 package of frozen organic blueberries
1 1/2 cup lemonade {I use Simply Lemonade}
4-5 sprigs of fresh mint
A splash of rum

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend away.
Pour and enjoy!
Garnish with mint and straw if desired.

Do you have another yummy smoothie recipe? I've been looking to venture into making a few vegetable smoothies but haven't crossed the line just yet. Any suggestions would be welcome! ;o)

Images by moi.

If you love pups ... {+ a fabulous wedding registry idea ...}

Aug 28, 2011

This post is a little off-topic but when my husband shared this article with me, I couldn't *not* share with you. This story is heart-breaking and eye-opening. It made me want to take action ... and I hope by sharing this story, it will open more people's eyes to some of the lesser-known tragedies happening in Afghanistan and, in turn, might help with the efforts to save a few Afghan pups.

From The Australian:
[Australian Federal Police officer Narelle] Jensz had gone to war to train Afghan police but it was as the unofficial dog rescuer, vet and dog-adoption agent in southern Afghanistan that she had become something of a legend.

In her 10-month tour, the 37-year-old has treated countless dogs and successfully adopted 15 Afghan strays out to returned coalition soldiers across the world, many of whom have testified to the rehumanising impact of their animal companions.

Among them is Rusty Bradley, a veteran US special forces commander and author of Lions of Kandahar, who told The Australian he had been inspired to adopt a pup after watching Jensz and a group of Australian soldiers, medics and police with the dogs.

"I hadn't expected to form such a bond in a war but it happened," said Bradley of his pup Saber, who arrived in the US this week.

"We travelled the roads of Kandahar in every vehicle imaginable, mostly with him in the passenger seat tucked into a spare set of body armour."

But Wylie's injuries were so bad Jensz judged him unlikely to last the night.

Remarkably he did but his torments were far from over.

Two weeks later Jensz received another call. Local dog fighters had cut off Wylie's ears and had scalped him in the process, before using the same homemade knife to cut his muzzle wide open from his nose to under his eye. He was patched up again by Jensz and a team of Australian Defence Force doctors only to return from his perilous forays outside the base with new injuries -- a stab wound to the chest and a savagely docked tail.

Then, horrifically, one day he limped back to the camp after Kandahar locals -- many of whom despise dogs only marginally less than they do coalition soldiers -- had tried to sever his penis.

Three times Jensz and ADF doctors had to restitch the wound.

"Once we stitched for 90 minutes without anaesthetic," she said. "I can't fathom how much pain he must have been in but he just lay there motionless, looking up at us. He didn't bite or growl once."

Wylie's refusal to submit became legendary around the Kandahar base.

But when he was grabbed again by local thugs and thrown under a passing car it seemed his luck had finally run out.

"It was the first time I felt defeated because Wylie had become a symbol of Kandahar," Jensz said. "So many soldiers identified with him but I just couldn't work out how to keep this dog alive. That was the day I decided I had to take him with me."

With the help of a British and a US soldiers' animal companion fund, Wylie was evacuated to London via Kabul six weeks ago to begin the long road of quarantine hurdles that Jensz hopes will eventually bring him to Australia and her wildlife rescue property just outside Canberra.

In the meantime someone -- Jensz has no idea who -- has set up a Facebook page for Wylie.

He now has more than 100 friends who regularly post updates of his progress and donate money to his fundraising site. Wylie is visited in British quarantine almost daily by strangers who have heard his story from returned soldiers.

"The humanity just makes me speechless," said Jensz, who hopes to set up an Australian soldiers' animal companion fund on her return next month.

"Looking after the dogs was so far removed from war and conflict that it was a good sanity check and decompression for me.

"But when I started to see the lives of soldiers around me changing, it became not so much about saving the dogs as saving these guys."

To donate to the fundraising site, visit


To read the full article on Wylie, click here.

Also, there is now a SAC {Soldier's Animal Companions} Fund set up where you can easily make donations, perfect for a charity wedding registry! The purpose of the SAC Fund is "to promote the welfare and rescue of animals in war-torn Middle Eastern countries where our soldiers are stationed. These animals have often provided immeasurable comfort to those serving in harsh and extremely difficult situations."

If you're considering doing a charity wedding registry {that's what J and I did and it was wonderful - highly recommend! We chose to help with the Hurricane Katrina relief funds as we had just moved to Biloxi, Miss.}, I think the SAC Fund would be an incredible choice for any animal-loving couple. If we had known about the SAC Fund when we were getting married, it definitely would have been included on our registry.

If you do decide to contribute in any way, please let me know in the comments or by e-mail {}! This issue is pretty close to my heart and I would love to know that I am, in some small + teensy way, helping the cause. xoxo.

CB featured on UK's Wedding Magazine site {yay!}

Aug 22, 2011

A warm thank you to the staff at Wedding Magazine for spotlighting CB as 'Blog of the Week'! I'm so tickled! :o)

Read the full feature here.

Kate Moss marries ...

Aug 15, 2011


... Could you have expected less than perfection? See more from the exquisite day on Vogue. Love her 1920s inspired veil and ... pretty much everything else. The bentwood chairs are delicious. :o)

Dusty blue hues, yum!

Aug 14, 2011

I am just smitten with these dusty rose and blue hues as highlights {or would it be lowlights? I don't know} ... well, any smattering of pastels, really! I think it's perfectly ethereal and would look impossibly cool and chic on the right type of bride ... or, even better, for a carefree honeymoon.

Image via Dilly Dallas

{Update} How to grow long, healthy, shiny hair {+ quickly?}

Thought I would share a quick update on the hair-growing-out mission and see how my fellow 'growers' are faring. If you have any new tips or ideas, please share in the comments! :o) Loooooved your last comments ... great input and ideas! Thanks. xoxoxo.

My finds:

- The big awesome jar of organic coconut oil I purchased was totally worth every last penny. I routinely nourish my ends with it and at least once a week, I slather it all over my hair and scalp and use it as a night mask for my hair. The next morning, I wash it out with a clarifying shampoo and it leaves my hair feeling so incredibly soft. I'm not positive if it's expedited the growing process but I really do think it has. Even if it hasn't, I think it definitely keeps my hair incredibly nourished + happy. Oh, and a bonus? Coconut oil is also awesome for your skin! Try it in the shower.

- I know alot of you recommended taking prenatal vitamins but the whole concept freaked me out a teensy bit. Plus, I heard that prenatals make horse pills look like specks of sand. Since I have issues swallowing regular old Advil, I opted for some old-school Flintstones multivitamin gummies. They're so delicious I always want to eat more than two! ;o) I'm not sure if they're helping with the hair-growing but they couldn't hurt, right?

- I was also in Luxembourg City yesterday, shopping for groceries {LC has the closest French grocery so we go to stock up on soaps and fab fresh produce and seafood} ... and I picked up a bottle of avocado oil. I'm planning on using it like the coconut oil but haven't tried it yet {and I figure if all else fails, it should be pretty tasty with the salmon we picked up! Any tips on using avocado oil?

Several of you mentioned using Moroccan oil ... where do you find it???

European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Versailles

Aug 12, 2011

Entry No. 11: Versailles

Before I gush about the splendor of Versailles, I think I should just say that if you're planning a honeymoon or trip to any city or region in France, stop worrying whether you've chosen the perfect spot. You have and you will love it. I cannot get enough of this land ... it's beautiful, romantic, charming, real, opulent and primitive, all at the same time. It intrigues me to no end. If you have the chance to visit Versailles, do. Do. Do. We spent two nights in the city of Versailles. Our bed and breakfast was two short blocks from the palace. Beautiful city, incredible palace.

A local {I'm assuming here} artist transformed the crosswalks of Versailles into Picasso-esque works of art. My French friend translated many for me and they all seemed to have sayings of peace and love.

There is a rather substantial enclave in the city devoted to antiques. It was fun to window shop and marvel at the fantastic objects, trinkets and art for sale.

I really loved the sidewalk art ... if anyone knows if this artist has a website, please share! I'd love to learn more about him/her. ;o)

My absolute faaaaaavorite part of Versailles .... Marie Antoinette's hameau {or hamlet} ... absolutely incredible.

And no visit to France would be complete without some mind-blowingly beautiful macarons and eclairs. ;o)