HELP: How to grow long, healthy, shiny hair { + quickly?}

Jul 22, 2011

Hey dolls, I'm thinking a lot of you might be sharing my dilemma so I thought I'd share ...

My hair is in that in-between phase where it's not really short but it's not really long, either. It loves to defy me and flip out on the ends despite constant attempts at flat ironing. Everytime I see an adorable pixie cut, I have to restrain myself from grabbing my cell and calling the salon for an appointment.

I have always wanted super long hair but never had the patience to fully grow it out.

So I've decided it's going to be my summer {maybe fall, winter and spring, too} mission to nurture my hair and 'encourage' it to grow, grow, grow. I've been watching YouTube tutorials like it's my job and I've found a few tips and tricks that I'm thinking about trying out but I thought I'd see if my darling readers had any suggestions or tips they'd like to throw out there, too?

I picked up a jar of organic coconut oil at the grocery today because I read that you can use it as a deep conditioning method and it nourishes the ends and helps to stimulate hair growth without any icky chemicals. Anyone tried it?

I also heard about Castor Oil but it sounds a little incredibly scary! It supposedly smells atrocious {one girl compared the smell to a mechanic shop!!!} and leaves your hair way too greasy for days on ends. I don't know that I want to try it. Thoughts? Any products, tips, tricks that you want to share?

I'd love to hear from you and I promise to share my experiences with different products as well as some before and after photos! ;o) Cheers to long and healthy hair!

Seaside inspiration

Loving this stack of vintage bangles with a pop of lime found over on TulipLouise! Wouldn't the concept be fabulous for a coastal bride? The perfect statement piece reminiscent of seaglass and foam.

European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Loire Valley, p.3

Jul 20, 2011

Entry No. 10: Loire Valley, p.3

Wrapping up my recap on our Loire Valley road trip, I thought I'd share a few last towns with you that I found tremendously charming and definitely on my recommendation list. We visited St. Aignan after touring Chambord in the morning - perfect town to lounge around for an afternoon. When we went, the entire town was draped in the most cheerful rainbow bunting ... the pennants fluttered in the breeze and added such a happy + lively vibe to the town. I couldn't stop snapping pics ... you'll see below. ;o)

This cute crepiot won so many awards that they ran out of room to post them all! Unfortunately, they hadn't opened yet so we didn't get to judge for ourselves but I'm sure it would have been a yummy experience!


We did find a little cafe that was open in St. Aignan and stopped for an afternoon drink. I had fraise-infused Perrier - Mmmm! Love the glass, too! I spotted a set at a flea market and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing them. I think they'd be super fun for a summer dinner party alfresco!

On our trip, we also spotted flyers for a "brocante" market in Suevres ... it worked out perfectly with our itinerary and we were able to head over on a Sunday morning .... and we pretty much made out like bandits! ;o) I scored some beautiful enamel pitchers, some wooden and metal bottle carriers, goooorgeous French books, plates and tins ... and an incredible French antique nightstand with marble top. Love it! Below on the right side is a small glimpse at the market ... I was really tempted to scoop up that cool dresser but the price was a little too high for moi.

Have you gone antiquing in France? What was your experience like? Do you have a favorite find or market?
Next up - Versailles and Paris!
Images by moi.

Summer Interlude

Jul 15, 2011

Hey loves, I still need to write up a Travel Journal entry on our fabulous time spent in the city of Versailles and, of course, Paris ... but for now, I thought I'd share a glimpse of my summer with you. It's been filled with glorious flea marketing, beautiful European towns and villages, crazygorgeous vintage cars, fun dinner parties and learning new {+ delicious} recipes. Things have been a little hectic as my honey is getting ready to go on business leave for six months {ahhhh, it kills me just to write that} but I think it's made me savor this sweet summer even more. I'll be chatting more soon! xo.

Above, left: Spa, Belgium }{ Above, right: I've been sporting a different nail color almost every day this summer! It's so fun! Love this purple/blue shade ... so intense!

Above: Metz, France }{ Can never get enough of that incredible country ...

Above: Trying my hand at mint-infused salmon ... served on my 'new' 1800s French kitchen table and Sarreguemines settings ;o)

Above, left: Even pups enjoy flea marketing in Germany }{ Above, right: I really don't think you've experienced fries until you've had them at a Belgian friterie ... they dot the roadside at every curve and are fresh, fresh, fresh with a sea of sauces to experiment with ... nomnomnom! :o)

How's your summer been?

Images by moi.