Monday Vintage Find: Aviation Inspiration Shoot

Feb 28, 2011

I thought we'd kick Monday off with a darling aviation inspiration shoot sent in by Anne Adams Photography! Such a great idea for an engagement session for pilots, navigators, etc.! Enjoy the photos and scroll down for all the details ...

Lovely! Here's what the photographer had to say about the shoot:
We wanted the shoot to be at a venue that had an old-world vibe ... We chose the Spruce Goose- Evergreen Space Museum. We placed an emphasis on the couple and their time sharing a meal together before guests arrive. We titled the shoot "Fly me to the Moon" from the Frank Sinatra title and incorporated those details into the shoot {ie. the phonograph}. The song embodies the passion and love shared by a couple existing within their own universe to embrace their love.  Nestled within the array of planes, our couple is awaited by a romantic table setting for two. Not rushed to entertain guests, they enjoy the luxury of dining together in the comfort of quietness and joy.

"Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a-Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby , kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing forever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, in other words
I love ... you"

Vendor Credits:
Venue - Spruce Goose - Evergreen Space Museum:
Anne Adams Photography:
Dresses- AniA Collection:
Hair & Make-up and Hair Accessories: Austie Eckley -
Jewelry- Mandalena:
Floral Design & Styling- Petalos:
French Pastries- La Provence:
Invitations, Menus, Place Cards- Foglio Press:
Bride & Groom Letters-
Bride & Groom Forks -
Wood Table & Chairs - Theas Home -
Rentals - Party Place -
Phonograph Rental - Peter Corvallis -  
Mens Suit, Cufflinks, Shirt- Duchess Clothier:

Peter Breese limited lithographs

Feb 25, 2011

I do love Peter Breese's work and I'm thrilled he e-mailed me about these limited edition lithographs that are currently available so now I can share with you! Aren't they cheerful? Perfect bridesmaids gifts, no?

The No. 18 and No. 27 lithographs are only $150 each - his original pieces sell for between $1-2K so this is a great opportunity to get a Breese of your very own! I'm very tempted myself!

Monday Vintage Find: Confetti via Old Romance Novels

Feb 21, 2011

Sue, the ever-witty and uber-talented antiquing scout over at Vintage Rescue Squad, shared this fun Etsy listing with me last week and while I meant to share with you in time for Valentine's Day, I think it's just as great to share now!

Wouldn't this confetti be a great substitute for rice or wedding wands, post-ceremony? Love that each little heart-shaped piece comes from a romance novel of the past - could be your 'something old'! ;o) Shop the idea here!

From the listing:
This heart shaped paper confetti is hand-stamped from an old copies of cheesy romance novels. The paper is very thin and light, and they flutter wonderfully in the air!

Each piece is unique, and there's fun to be had plucking them from each other's shoulders to read what they say

The confetti is packaged in its own stitched paper envelope made from the title page of each book!

Elegant Mansion Wedding in the Hamptons by Patricia Kantzos

Feb 18, 2011

Things have been soooo so busy in Chez CB this week! After the best Valentine's weekend to date {rivaling the year J proposed to me way back in 2004}, spent in Paris with my love, I haven't had a chance to catch my breath! I can't wait to share all about our romantic escape and highlight all of the sweet things we got to see and do with you in another edition of European {Honeymoon} Travel! But first, I have so many great posts waiting on the sidelines - I thought I'd start today with one of my faves!

One of CB's top-favorite photographers, Patricia Kantzos, has kindly sent over another stunning wedding she captured oh-so-perfectly! Every single detail of this wedding seems so brilliantly timeless and I'm really adoring the family photos on the mantel {how divine is that equestrian shot?}, the super cute flowergirls and, of course, the venue! Elizabeth and Kurt were wed at the incredibly beautiful Bourne Mansion along Montauk Highway in Oakdale, NY - so perfectly dreamy! Scroll down for all the eye candy plus some gems of insight from the bride ...


Let's hear about this beautiful day from the lovely bride, Elizabeth {and, btw, isn't she just goooorgeous?!}:

Tell us about some of your favorite personal touches at the wedding ...

- I loved having photos of family and friends on the fireplace mantels and throughout the mansion. We tried very hard to have at least one photo of each guest. Throughout wedding planning we focused on making the wedding not only about the love that we share with each other, but also for our family and friends. The photos definitely helped us to accomplish that task by warming and personalizing the mansion. Our friends and family also told us that during the cocktail hour they enjoyed walking around the mansion reminiscing as they looked at the photos and being surprised when they found photos of themselves.

- The icecream sundae bar was a huge hit. Kurt doesn’t like cake so in addition to the cake and pastries we wanted to have an option he would enjoy. It showed a childlike side of everyone as they ran passed the coffee and cordials directly to the sundae bar.

- As far as what I wore, I loved the additions to my dress - the buttons down the back and the straps, which I was able to remove for the reception. I ordered extra material of the fabric used for the bow and my seamstress at Kleinfeld’s made the straps. I also loved the pin (which was my “something borrowed”), as well as my necklace.

- Music – although difficult to capture in photos, the music throughout the wedding was very special. From the quartet during the ceremony, to the saxophone and piano players during the cocktail hour, to the outstanding band for the reception, the music certainly set the elegant, but fun mood we wanted.

- Centerpieces – Kurt and I used to enjoy the annual Cherry Blossom Festival while I was in college in Washington, DC, so we wanted Cherry Blossom branches, but they were unavailable in June. Instead we had branches draped with orchids, which we ended up loving just as much, if not more than the cherry blossoms.

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

- Greeting guests after ceremony – originally I didn’t want a receiving line, but it turned out to be a great way to see each guest.

- Walking into reception – I loved the way our maitre d organized our entrance

- Speeches – we loved the toasts given at our wedding, they were all very special and my brother’s was hilarious.

- Dancing with my Dad – I loved dancing with my dad at my wedding. I think it’s one of those moments you always picture and it was perfect. I also loved dancing (swaying) with both my parents as we watched Kurt dance with his mom.

- That we didn’t have a tornado – right after my mom and I had our hair and makeup done we heard that there was a tornado warning. Luckily, it never happened, and instead the lighting was absolutely gorgeous.

- Taking pictures outside during the cocktail hour – I had hoped to have all of our pictures done before the wedding, but we didn’t have an opportunity to go outside beforehand. Not only do I love the pictures, but it was very relaxed so it was nice to spend some quiet time as husband and wife.
Thanks so much for sharing, Elizabeth! And a big congrats to you and Kurt! Thanks, also, to Patricia for sending over these lovely images!!! xo.

Credits: Florist – James Cress Florist (Smithtown, NY) / Dress – Christos (purchased and altered at Kleinfeld’s, New York, NY) / Stationary – William Arthur / Cake – Audrey’s Fine Baked Goods (Sayville, NY) / Venue – The Bourne Mansion (Oakdale, NY) /Jewelry: Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands – London Jewelers (Manhasset, NY) / Other jewelry (including hairpin) – Thomas Knoell / Hair/Makeup – T. Carlton Salon (Smithtown, NY) / Photography – Patricia Kantzos

Patricia Kantzos Photography is a current CB Sponsor but this is not a sponsored post.

European Trend: Sparkly Geodes and Gems {for your wedding!}

Feb 16, 2011

I remember going on a field trip as a tiny third-grader in Germany to a gemstone mine. It was truly one of the first times I remember being awe-struck ... it was hard to believe that the jagged, sparkling colors hanging above us and draping the cozy cavern walls were naturally occurring wonders ... It seemed like something out of one of the fairy tales resting on my bookshelf at home. I remember not wanting to leave and I also remember blowing all of my spending money on a handsome hunk of amethyst ... I forgot that I was supposed to save some of the money for my lunch - oops!

Those feelings of wonder and awe are still with me and I adore using gems and geodes in home decor. Being back in Europe, I've also spotted vendor after vendor at flohmarkts and shops alike selling gorgeous sparkly rocks and it's spurred me to start the hunt for a pair of perfect amethyst bookends as well as a colorful geode ring ... and I happen to think a flashy geode ring would be the most brilliant accessory for a bride ... a pop of gritty, texturized color ... it could even be your something blue!

Here's a few I'm currently crushing on:

{Image Credits: 1: Via Etsy - don't you love the heart on the side?; 2: Black geode found here; 3: Gray/Blue geode found here; 4: Huge amethyst ring via Etsy; 5: Rocky round amethyst via Etsy; 6: Blue druzy via Etsy}

Love all the rough 'n gritty texture mixed with girly sparkle! I think a pair of earrings in the same style would be just as enchanting ...

How do you feel about geodes? Would you wear one as a bride?

Contest winner!

Feb 14, 2011

The winner of the Bel Canto Designs contest is ... Rayia! Congrats and you'll receive an e-mail soon regarding your prize!

SP*: Register for your honeymoon with Traveler's Joy

Feb 9, 2011

Does registering for towels and teacups not exactly tickle your fancy? How about registering for the dream vacay you and your love have always wanted? Sound a bit more enticing? I know, I thought so, too!

Enter Traveler's Joy! If you sign up for a honeymoon registry {it's free and takes less than 2 minutes, seriously!} you'll be on your way to ... well, anywhere you want! ;o) You can choose from a list of pre-made themes (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location specific (think Italy, St. Lucia) registries. And you can instantly add items and experiences as well as edit or delete any item at any time.

What CB loves:

+ Traveler's Joy isn't a travel agency so you're not limited in any regard ... the world is your oyster ... as it should be, right? From airfares to brunches on the beach to ski passes ... it's all possible!

+ Traveler's Joy members can also register for physical items related to their specific honeymoon ... think DSLR camera, travel guidebook, videocamera, luxe luggage or snorkeling gear. And the registry system allows you to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift pieces so a camera that may cost $500 is actually split up into 5 gifts of $100. Perfect!

+ You can also check out real honeymoon stories from couples who have used Traveler's Joy ... it's not only addictive but inspiring if you're not sure where to vacay!

Happy travels!!!

*Sponsored Post

Gorgeous vintage-inspired rhinestone + feather haircomb GIVEAWAY!

Feb 7, 2011

To get in the spirit of Valentine's, I thought we would kick off the week by sharing some love ... yep, it's giveaway time! I'm thrilled that Mari, of Bel Canto Designs, decided to hop on board and offer this lovely vintage-inspired haircomb to one lucky CB reader!

To enter to win the haircomb featured above, just leave a comment with a valid e-mail address {so we have a way of contacting you in case you win} telling us your favorite item Bel Canto Designs offers - you can browse their selection here.

The contest will be open until midnight on Valentine's Day, Monday, February 14 {German time}. The winner will be announced on Tuesday. Bonne chance! {I'm brushing up on my French for our Paris escape this weekend!}

Wedding {and everyday} Hair: The Top Knot

Feb 4, 2011

I'm kind of falling back in love with the loose top knot! It was my go-to style years ago in college because it was super easy and never failed to look fairly decent on any given day. Not sure why I ever stopped wearing that fun style but I'm re-embracing the look in a whole-heartedly kind of way right now!

Since the look has been making waves over the past year or so with celebs & civils alike, I thought it would be fun to revel in some of the best-executed top knots ... Wouldn't these be oh-so-lovely for a wedding of any sort?

I love how all the styles featued above conjur up a gritty ballerina vibe ... an easy, carefree sort of elegance. And I'm sure you all saw Nicole Richie rocking the look at her recent wedding - I love her style and I think she looks utterly fabulous - thoughts? BTW, isn't it fabulous how she wore a 'convertible' dress?!? Though I'm not sure I ever would have wanted to take off that heavenly tulle skirt ...

Check out more great top knots here <--- loving this blog, too! I'm a little bit addicted to her style!

{Images: 1: via here; 2-5: via here; 6: via here; 7: Coco Perez}

Designer Crush: Morrison

Feb 3, 2011

With the weather a bit dreary and drab here, I'm in the mood for some crisp winter whites to usher in brighter colors and warmer moods ... and that's just what I found when I clicked over to Morrison's fabulous Summer collection. Below are a few of my favorite looks from the collection that I also happen to think would make for perfect bridal shower/bachelorette party ensembles:

Bachelorette party 'pampering & shopping day' in the city | ... And for when the day party turns to night ...

 Beachy bridal shower brunch in Montauk | Beachy bridal shower cocktails and clubbing in Santorini

{Images: Morrison via Eat Drink Chic}

Antiquing in Tongeren, Belgium For Your Wedding

Feb 2, 2011

I've always loved antiquing and it's definitely one of my faaaaaavorite things to do whilst living abroad! And I think it would be an amazingly fun and wonderful idea for a bride-and-groom-to-be to do together! Not only could you procure lovely decor touches for your wedding but you could simultaneously be building a unique collection for your newlywed nest ... Read on for some of my ideas ... ;o)

So, a few weekends ago, my love and I crossed the Belgian border as we headed to one of Europe's largest and most celebrated flea markets located in a little town called Tongeren ... and, omg, I can't wait to go back! The market is held in the town center every Sunday of the year {awesome!} and while the winter months bring less vendors, I still felt like I was in heaven at every cobblestone turn ...

There were numerous dress forms for sale {remember my idea for incorporating dress forms in your wedding?} and I was so tempted to pick one up for my little walk-in alcove of a closet to drape my scarves and statement necklaces! There were also a few gorgeously weathered and caned French chairs and if we had a car other than our beloved little coupe, those beauties would be home with me right now! {remember my idea of incorporating fabulous antique chairs in your wedding? No? Click here or here}

The day we went was slightly overcast and the cloudy light shed this magnificent grey hue over the town ... it seriously looked and felt like a fairytale ... And see that lovely French mirror on the right? It's proudly sitting atop a bookshelf in our dining room now! I think it would have also been a sound investment for a bride ... imagine the stunning bridal portraits ... or you could use a white marker and write your menu on the mirror like I did last spring for CB's inspiration shoot!

I think my favorite find was the whimsical bust {right} that was a dead-ringer for the one featured in Lizzie Carney's adorable house {seriously, click that link - her house is beyond amazing and inspiring!} - I love that Lizzie decided to place the bust in her wine cellar as it seems like such a great fit with the wreath of grapes! I'm thinking about painting mine a chalky white as I'm not too keen on the forest green - any ideas or tips? Wouldn't she be a fun touch if you had a wine bar set up at your wedding?

Glorious antiques and fabulous finds aside, this adorable little pup in cap takes the cake for cute!!! He looked oh-so-dashing and proper and I loved that his owner had a matching cap to boot! I so need a little puppy in my life!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into one of my brocanting weekends ... let me know if you did and maybe I'll make it a permanent feature! ;o)

{Images: by me!}