Favorite find in Madrid!

Sep 21, 2011

I have an in-depth travel guide post in the works for my recent trip to Madrid but I just have to cut in and share this little tip first!

If you find yourself honeymooning in Madrid, steal a moment away from the magnificent sun and mojitos and find your way to Calle Toledo 30. It may not look like much but I promise you ... a shoe mecca awaits you inside:

This lovely red jewel of a shoe store was only a block from our hotel and we must have passed it three or four times ... each time, I slowed my pace and let my eyes dance across the lines of espadrilles to the rows of colorful ballet flats in the windows. Finally, a red patent-leather pair of ballet flats called out to me like a song of Sirens. I opened the door. Before I could take in the sky-high shelving filled with a rainbow of assorted espadrilles, I was already being helped into a pair of smoky grey metallic ballet flats. {They were out of the candy apple patent leathers, boo! If you look verrrrry closely in the photo above, you can spot the pair I took home - 5th row down from top on right-hand side, 2nd pair in} I snapped up my Cinderella slippers for a mere 22 Euro and on my way out, spotted a real-life ballerina being fitted for a new pair of gold ballet slippers. Love it.

I am beyond smitten with my pair of flats and I am slightly convinced that this darling shop may not only manufacture their supply but *may* also sell to high-end designers. My pair came in an unmarked box and has an area in the sole to be stamped with a brand but is blank. Hmmmmmmmm, interesting, no? .... here's a glimpse at a few other colors they offer .... so wish they would have had that delightful red in stock! Maybe next time!

After arriving home, my curiosity was piqued by this charming little shop and I decided to do a little research. While I didn't actually find that they sell to top brands or exquisite boutiques, I did find a fabulous little nugget ... Carolina Herrera likes to shop at LOBO, too! ;o) Read below, via Travel + Leisure.

Given las Herreras' prominence in the world of style, it's no surprise that shopping, whether for fashion or flowers, is a bit of an obsession for the designer and her daughters. Calzados Lobo, a store that has stood near Plaza Mayor for more than a century, is where the Herrera women stock up on the traditional handmade espadrilles (they start at around $8 a pair) that found favor with the Paris OpĂ©ra, which ordered dozens of Lobo shoes for a production of Carmen. The shop is about half the size of a one-car garage; its open shelves are crammed with boxes, and dozens of customers stand elbow-to-elbow clutching wait-your-turn numbers. "When I was a child in Caracas, we wore espadrilles all the time," Patricia says.

Fabulousness. So, again, if you find yourself in Madrid, do make your way to Calle Toledo 30 and let me know what you find. ;o) And if you know anything more about the shop, do share! I'd still love to find out more.
{Images: Top by moi; second via Calzados LOBO}


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