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Feb 9, 2011

Does registering for towels and teacups not exactly tickle your fancy? How about registering for the dream vacay you and your love have always wanted? Sound a bit more enticing? I know, I thought so, too!

Enter Traveler's Joy! If you sign up for a honeymoon registry {it's free and takes less than 2 minutes, seriously!} you'll be on your way to ... well, anywhere you want! ;o) You can choose from a list of pre-made themes (think beach, cruise, mountains) or location specific (think Italy, St. Lucia) registries. And you can instantly add items and experiences as well as edit or delete any item at any time.

What CB loves:

+ Traveler's Joy isn't a travel agency so you're not limited in any regard ... the world is your oyster ... as it should be, right? From airfares to brunches on the beach to ski passes ... it's all possible!

+ Traveler's Joy members can also register for physical items related to their specific honeymoon ... think DSLR camera, travel guidebook, videocamera, luxe luggage or snorkeling gear. And the registry system allows you to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift pieces so a camera that may cost $500 is actually split up into 5 gifts of $100. Perfect!

+ You can also check out real honeymoon stories from couples who have used Traveler's Joy ... it's not only addictive but inspiring if you're not sure where to vacay!

Happy travels!!!

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