Monday Vintage Find: Confetti via Old Romance Novels

Feb 21, 2011

Sue, the ever-witty and uber-talented antiquing scout over at Vintage Rescue Squad, shared this fun Etsy listing with me last week and while I meant to share with you in time for Valentine's Day, I think it's just as great to share now!

Wouldn't this confetti be a great substitute for rice or wedding wands, post-ceremony? Love that each little heart-shaped piece comes from a romance novel of the past - could be your 'something old'! ;o) Shop the idea here!

From the listing:
This heart shaped paper confetti is hand-stamped from an old copies of cheesy romance novels. The paper is very thin and light, and they flutter wonderfully in the air!

Each piece is unique, and there's fun to be had plucking them from each other's shoulders to read what they say

The confetti is packaged in its own stitched paper envelope made from the title page of each book!


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