European Trend: Sparkly Geodes and Gems {for your wedding!}

Feb 16, 2011

I remember going on a field trip as a tiny third-grader in Germany to a gemstone mine. It was truly one of the first times I remember being awe-struck ... it was hard to believe that the jagged, sparkling colors hanging above us and draping the cozy cavern walls were naturally occurring wonders ... It seemed like something out of one of the fairy tales resting on my bookshelf at home. I remember not wanting to leave and I also remember blowing all of my spending money on a handsome hunk of amethyst ... I forgot that I was supposed to save some of the money for my lunch - oops!

Those feelings of wonder and awe are still with me and I adore using gems and geodes in home decor. Being back in Europe, I've also spotted vendor after vendor at flohmarkts and shops alike selling gorgeous sparkly rocks and it's spurred me to start the hunt for a pair of perfect amethyst bookends as well as a colorful geode ring ... and I happen to think a flashy geode ring would be the most brilliant accessory for a bride ... a pop of gritty, texturized color ... it could even be your something blue!

Here's a few I'm currently crushing on:

{Image Credits: 1: Via Etsy - don't you love the heart on the side?; 2: Black geode found here; 3: Gray/Blue geode found here; 4: Huge amethyst ring via Etsy; 5: Rocky round amethyst via Etsy; 6: Blue druzy via Etsy}

Love all the rough 'n gritty texture mixed with girly sparkle! I think a pair of earrings in the same style would be just as enchanting ...

How do you feel about geodes? Would you wear one as a bride?


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