A wintry Vermont wedding

Aug 31, 2009

It's around this time of the year that I start missing and craving the cool air that ushers in autumn in the northern states {hard to find in South Mississippi} ... and then I start thinking about the first snowfall of the season and miss living in the North even more. So when I came across this beautiful Vermont wedding, it reminded me of home and made me happy inside. Hope you enjoy:

Don't these photos make you wish you were a guest so you could take it all in first-hand? See more magical photos and a enjoy a great wrap-up of details from the bride here.
{All images by Leigh Miller}

A Sunday kind of love ...

Aug 30, 2009

Nothing's better than a bouquet of peonies to brighten a room and a mood!

{Laura Resen photo via Dress, Design, Decor}

Treehouse wedding

Aug 29, 2009

I've had this mild obsession with treehouses since I was little so I was beyond stoked to come across this amazing woodsy wedding mentioned on Snippet & Ink. Check out how this couple proves that treehouses can be far more than a childhood hideout ...

Don't you so totally want to have a treehouse wedding now????? See more photos from the wedding here.
{All images by Ben Blood}

Caribbean elegance

Aug 28, 2009

I loooove this inside peek Gia gives us to her former home {Barbados} and I love the idea of going against the idea of a 'casual' beach wedding with an oh-s0-elegant event like this!

In Gia's own words:

There’s definitely more to the Caribbean than beaches and palm trees. Rather than the typical island wedding, I figured I would share another side of island style. In this case, an elegant wedding in the lush gardens of an old plantation house.

So, so beautiful! For all the details and to see what else Gia has to say, head over to her blog, Flights of Fancy!

DIY Contest WINNER!!

First, I just want to say thank you to all who entered this contest! With so many great entries, the judges were definitely given a tough task to choose just ONE winner but the results are in and I won't keep you waiting. The winner is Emily Gifford! Congratulations!

Emily created five beautiful bridesmaid clutches for only $50 and you can follow her tutorial below. I think one of our lovely judges, Gia, summed it up perfectly:

I think a DIY project should not only be an affordable solution but it should also reflect the love, time, energy and thought you put into the project. I'm sure Emily's bridesmaids will treasure the purses she made for each of them. I also like the fact that the clutches can be personalized to each bridesmaid by using different fabrics, sewing on a monogram, etc.

So true! Read on for how to follow Emily's lead and craft your own clutches ...

Bridesmaid Clutches

- purse frame
- fabric (I like upholstery weight fabric for this project as it gives the clutches more stiffness)
- interfacing
- thread
- sewing machine
- cardboard

Step 1
Pick out your frame and use it as a guide to make a pattern. This may take some experimenting.
Step 2
Use your pattern to cut the fabric. Do this twice-once for the outside of the clutch and once for the inside.
Step 3
Also cut the pattern out of the interfacing.
Step 4
Iron the interfacing to the back of each piece of fabric.
Step 5
Put the fabric back-to-back
Step 6
Using the frame as a guide, fold over the fabric to hem. Iron to keep in place and then sew! Be careful to sew as close to the edge as possible so the stitches will stay under the frame.
Step 7
Do the same for the other sides.
Step 8
Attach tiny pieces of cardboard to the edges with strong glue. The cardboard helps to fill the frame and is useful for gluing. Allow to dry.
Step 9
Now add more glue to the other side of the cardboard and fit into the frame. I use a flathead screwdriver to make sure that all of the fabric is pushed into the frame.
Step 10
Rub the glue off the frame! Now you have beautiful clutches to match your beautiful bridesmaids!
Emily also has her own blog and if you have any questions about this project, you can e-mail her at sanebride@gmail.com.

big thank you to all who participated for making this contest such a great success! I am grateful to all of you!

City shoot

Aug 27, 2009

Loving this NY engagement shoot via Brooklyn Bride. See more here.

{Photos by Maggie Harkov}

My new obsession: Vintage seltzer bottles

Aug 26, 2009

I recently came across a French antique store on the beach {my favorite kind} loaded with colorful seltzer bottles. I love the faded designs and words and, of course, that they're French! The ones above would be so pretty to use as vases for a beachside wedding.

I also saw some darling aubergine-colored bottles that would be striking for a fall wedding. How would you use them?

{Image by Tom Bradford via Paris Parfait}

New site design!

Yay!!!!! I am sooooo thrilled to unveil the new look on Classic Bride and it's debuting just in time to celebrate CB's 2-year blog-i-versary this Friday! Stay tuned for more fun announcements and let me know what you think of the new design!

Fall bridesmaid dresses

Aug 25, 2009

There is something so energizing about the cool, crisp air of autumn and I find the momentum so fitting for a wedding.

And just because tangerine and taupe reign king in fall colors, that doesn't mean your bridesmaids have to follow suit. I love when brides include some unexpected surprises and a cheerful splash of pastels amongst the 'maids would be a welcome sight for my eyes at a fall wedding. Just keep the fabric seasonally appropriate - seersucker or linen might come off looking a bit out of place on a chilly day.

What are your favorite fall wedding colors for bridesmaid dresses?

ps. Make sure you check out this great chance to win up to 5 bridesmaid dresses or a bridal gown - your choice! Just click here and fill out the short form to be entered in the monthly drawing! Wouldn't that be such a lovely thing to surprise your girlfriends with?

{All images via J. Crew}

A slice of French country in the ATL

Aug 23, 2009

When I came across this mention on Hooked on Houses, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I love, love, love touring houses and the virtual tour of this French-styled beauty located in Atlanta was almost as good as being there in person. Wouldn't this estate make for such a dreamy wedding?

As much as I adore outdoor weddings, I'd love to see this living room transformed into a ceremony space by rearranging the furniture and opening the French doors.

The outdoor entertaining area would be so fabulous for a cocktail hour or a ceremony. I'd love to see the fire blazing.

Seriously, how could I not include the bathroom when it looks like this?!
To see more photos from the home {and its feature in Veranda magazine}, click here.

A Sunday kind of love ...

How amazing would it be to make a grand exit by flying away in a vintage plane? Amazing photos, too!

{Photo by Look Photography}

Maida Vale favor tag + table number giveaway

Aug 22, 2009

Aren't these favor tags adorable? Hop over to Maida Vale to enter to win 100 favor tags and a set of coordinating scalloped table numbers! Click here for all the details.

Parisian Countryside wedding

Aug 21, 2009

This lovely French countryside fête featured in Veranda has already made the rounds on most wedding blogs but when I came across it again last week as I was putting a custom inspiration board together, I decided I had to devote a post to it - better late than never, right?

From Veranda: Inspired by an 18th-century pastoral festival,the fête champêtre, New York interior designer and stylist Kelly d'Halluin brought the vision to life for her own elegant wedding reception.
Cloche still lifes named for sculptors, photographers, and artists marked sections of the dining table. Respect was paid to each detail, exemplified on the table cards with calligraphy by Bernard Maisner.

Fuzzy baby almonds, pepper berries, and porcelain doves accompany birch-bark vessels and white and green florals down the length of the reception dining table. Paris-based floral designer Stephane Chapelle helped bring to life the rustic and refined table stylings along with the bride. Prior to the grand event the two drove around in Stephane's flower truck out at Rungis — the endless flower, fruit, and vegetable market outside of Paris — to hand select each element.

{All photos and italicized text from Veranda magazine}

Carried away

Aug 20, 2009

Love the ruffles. Love the shoes. Love the shot.

Cake and champagne are calling ...

Aug 19, 2009

I'm totally in the mood for a glitzy + flirty fete, heavy on sparkle with lots of bubbly flowing. Care to join me?
{Images: 1: Alluring Interiors via Beautiful Things to Share; 2: Heels via Net-a-Porter}

Mad Men fashion translated to wedding wear

Aug 18, 2009

Love how Brides.com translated the vintage aesthetic of Mad Men to bridal fashions. Check out more here.

Wedding tree guestbook

Aug 17, 2009

Loving this take on the guestbook!!!!!!! So creative!

{Found via Diagnosis Deferred}

A Sunday kind of love ...

Aug 16, 2009

Here's to all the brides and grooms hosting Sunday brunches today! Enjoy!

{Image: Martha Stewart}

Landscape turned color palette

Aug 15, 2009

The pastel colors in this Italian landscape are more than enough to inspire a Marie-Antoinette-styled soiree. Wouldn't it be amazing to bring some French decadence to the south of Italy?

{Images: 1: Flickr via dresss design decor; 2: Bride to Be magazine}

Guest post at FoF: Bavarian Alps

Aug 14, 2009

Having spent many years in Germany, my European Wedding Week wouldn't be complete without a stop in Bavaria! The rolling hills, lush forests and sparkling lakes create a fairy-tale setting all on their own ... picture-perfect for an enchanted wedding weekend! Head over to Flights of Fancy to enjoy the full version of this last wedding board!

Hope you all enjoyed European Wedding Week!!