Vintage Finds: Retro cameras {+ for sale!)

Dec 7, 2009

I had so much fun writing up the Classic Finds posts this season at Flights of Fancy that I've decided to put a spin on things and make "Vintage Finds" a Monday series on CB! I'll be spotlighting fun vintage {and sometimes modern} finds to incorporate in weddings but make sure you don't miss the last installment of Classic Finds this Friday - I'll be chatting about vintage globes! But for now, here's to the first installment of Vintage Finds.

I love, love, looooove incorporating vintage items in a wedding and one of my all-time favorites has to be vintage cameras. They embody such a nostalgic charm and are so much fun to use in wedding and engagement photos ... whether the groom is pretending to photograph his lovely bride or if someone is simply holding the sweet technology of yesteryear. Or they even look darling just sitting about as decor, both at a wedding and at home!

If you love this idea and are looking for a vintage camera of your own, keep reading. I have several for sale! Details below. 

One couple collected different styles of vintage cameras and created a do-it-yourself photobooth for guests. Adorable!

Hooked on the idea? Check out the selection of vintage cameras I have for sale in my wedding boutique! 

{Images, from top: 1+2: Tec Pateja; 3: Elizabeth Messina; 4: via The Bride's Cafe; 5-8: via Flights of Fancy; 9-12 taken by me}


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