Kickin' up my heels

Oct 31, 2008

{Sweet image by Look Photography}
One more of our favorites (and lots more to come once we're home and unpacked!)

And to those of you worried that I won't be blogging anymore now that I'm a ... wife (!!!): Trust me, I am still just as obsessed with the wedding world as I was when I was a bride. As long as I have readers, I'll be writing!

I'm married!

Oct 30, 2008

photo by the super-talented duo of Look Photography
We're still enjoying the sandy shores of Seaside, Florida but I had to take a quick time-out for a peek at some of our photos! One of my favorites is above ... it's right after the ceremony and we're a wee bit giddy. More to come soon!

Checking in

Oct 27, 2008

I just wanted to check in quickly ... The whole weekend flewwww by but every moment couldn't have been more wonderful. The weather cleared up on Friday and stayed beautiful for us all weekend long ... and everything fell into place perfectly ... Just a fabulous, magical day with everyone we love! We both feel so blessed to have been able to spend our day with the people we care the most about.

We're headed out now to spend some more time with those still in town and then we're packing up for the honeymoon tomorrow but I'll be back soon! xo.

Pumpkins and leaves

Oct 22, 2008

{Image found here via Martha Stewart}

Fall-themed wedding perfection! I think this would make a perfect 'altar' for a rustic, countryside ceremony.

p.s. Ahh, 3 days left!

Maids, bridesmaids 007

{Image from here}

When I first spotted this photo, my (wedding-mode) mind immediately envisioned these girls as bridesmaids due to the matching outfits. And then I kept going with it and started thinking it could be fun to get your girls matching trenches (especially if you're having a fall/early spring wedding and there's a nip in the air) as gifts to wear on the walk to the ceremony and/or from the ceremony to the reception. Who wouldn't appreciate a classic staple to add to their wardrobe?

There is such a strong Bond girl/Charlie's Angels vibe resonating from this photo and I think it would be such a fun addition to a lighthearted wedding. I imagine the girls to be wearing short black (or red to match the Louboutin soles) raw silk dresses with a few strands of pearls.

Contest: INSPIRE us!

Oct 21, 2008

I have been soooo excited about this contest from the minute Vicki (of Look Photography) first told me about it and I am thrilled to help unveil it and spread the word today! Without further ado ...


Alice Louise Press
Alison Events
Look Photography
Melangerie Inc.

These fabulous wedding vendors are offering an incredible package to the lucky bride and groom that wins the INSPIRE us: Wedding Contest.

{click to enlarge}

How it works:

Alice Louise Press, Alison Events, Look Photography, and Melangerie Inc. want to find the bride and groom who will inspire them with their location and design details. This doesn't mean your wedding needs to be in Hawaii or Prague - as long as the location is something that will fabulous and interesting. It can be beautiful, rustic, gritty, classic, charming.....but remember it is all in the details!

This is not a contest based on need. This is a contest based on design. So fill your entry with all the ideas that you have for your big day!

The winner of the contest can accept all of it or just the parts that they need or want.

Alice Louise Press is offering 50% off any of her beautiful wedding letterpress stationary.

Alison Events is offering full wedding planning valued at 20K for their day rate of 5K.

Look Photography is offering complete wedding coverage worth over $5,000.

Melangerie Inc. is offering one of their beautifully designed Wedding Genealogy Charts ($750 value). is offering a free listing for your dress.

{click to enlarge}

Here are the details:

Wedding to take place from September 2009 - May 2010 (as long as it is an available date for the vendors)
Location to Inspire

Alice-Louise Press provides: Beautiful, original letterpress stationary for your wedding day. From save the dates to the thank you cards and everything in between.

Alison Events provides: Event design; coming up with your look for the wedding from table settings to music to welcome bags to wedding web-site....creating a wedding day timeline for family and vendors, floorplans and a budget so you can track your expenses.
Bride & Groom provides:
Travel expenses to/from SF to your desired venue/location for two alison events staff
Hotel for site visit and wedding weekend
Airport transfers
Rental car (if needed)
Per diem as well as any other expenses incurred.

Look Photography provides:
Complete Wedding Day coverage with Vicki and Tom
Rehearsal and Day After coverage
DVD of digital images
Panaromic Film Coverage
100 event cards
Online viewing of photographs at Pictage
Online sneak peak slideshow on the blog
Bride & Groom provides:
Travel expenses to/from Ohio to your desired venue/location for both Vicki & Tom
Hotel for 3 nights
Airport transfers
Rental Car (if needed)
Per diem as well as other expenses incurred

Melangerie Inc. provides:
The design of your own Wedding Genealogy Chart that is customized to your event. Each chart details the relationships of the bride and groom to their various guests, calling out interesting connections and occasional little-known fact.Choose from three distinct design styles.
Bride & Groom is responsible for:
the printing of the chart. Many formats are available. provides:
A complimentary listing on their website for your fabulous dress.

To Enter:
Send a detailed description of your wedding location and design ideas. If you have any photos or a website/blog add that as well. The more you can provide the better. Also, send a photo or two of you and your fiance! If you are still narrowing down your location choices - send in your finalists with more details on your plans. Don't forget your names, date of wedding, and your contact information.

January 15, 2009

Send entries to:

Some added notes:
Weather: No such thing as bad weather...we love it all

International: You bet!

Classic Bride and all of the vendors together will choose the winner.

Restrictions: If you already have booked a photographer or an event planner - please do not enter. We do not want to undermine anyone's business.

{click to enlarge}

Shoe update

Oct 20, 2008

I was able to find the most perfect little pearl stickers (at Michael's like several of you suggested!) and just finished adding them to my shoes. I'm still not sure if I like the effect or not but for $2, whatever! Most won't even know about the little addition.

Are you doing/Did you do anything special with your shoes?

Last minute DIY

Months ago, I had thought about doing something to the bottom of my shoes but decided against it. Then I saw this cute photo yesterday and started entertaining the idea once again. I was thinking about trying to find some button pearl stickers/adhesives and spelling out:

left shoe: J+S =
right shoe:

Has anyone seen such little faux pearls?? I'll be on the lookout today while running a few other errands. Or has anyone seen any other examples of cutely-decorated shoe bottoms -- maybe your own wedding-day shoes?

The good, the bad and the ugly

Oct 18, 2008

{Image by Jodi Renee, found here}

The good news: No cold feet so happy moments like the one above will most definitely prevail despite the possible bad news.

The bad news: Umm, the weather forecast! Scattered thunderstorms all weekend long. Whaaat?! It hasn't rained here in like two months! I went out with J tonight to look for big white and black umbrellas in case we end up needing them this weekend. Happy jaunt it was not. :o(

{Image found here}

I was saving this print to post closer to the wedding but I was in need of it today.


Oct 17, 2008

Three cheers for a green and white palette set in a courtyard!!!

Please note how the only added decorations are a simple white tablecloth and a single arrangement of flowers ... With such a stunning backdrop, there's no need for added decor.

I'm so glad this is the look we went with ... hoping we can pull it off next week! NEXT WEEK. o.m.g.

p.s. I found this wonderful photo on beach house bride, a blog by the intensely talented two of TULLE, the famed bridal boutique on Martha's Vineyard.

Corbin Gurkin

Sweet wedding moments. See more from Corbin here.

Vintage tub + Bride =

{Image Credit}

Besides the charm of this clawfoot tub, I love the originality of this photo. I'm usually not into posed or directed shots but this one is so fun and flirty and unique!

Are you planning any fun locations or shots for your bridal/couple portraits?
Or did you already? If you'd like to share with readers, e-mail them to me!

Calling all wine &/or champagne connoisseurs

Oct 16, 2008

We're onto the task of choosing wines and champagnes for the reception and are in desperate need of some advice. So if you know your stuff, please let us know what you'd go with (or what you'd totally stay away from!) Merci! ;o)

44 Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr. Loosen, Eroica
24 Hogue, Late Harvest, Columbia Valley

63 Silverado, Napa Valley
56 Chateau St. Jean, Sonoma County
38 Kendall Jackson, Vintner's Reserve
24 Beringer, Founder's Estate

Champagne & Sparkling Wines
290 Dom Perignon
82 Moet Chandon, White Star
39 Chandon, Brut Classic
31 Domaine Ste. Michelle, Brut
16 Cook's Extra Dry

Thanks for the suggestions so far! The reason I only listed these select varieties is b/c we have to use what's provided at the venue ... Unfortunately, we can't bring our own. ;o(
Some of you suggested a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc in place of the Riesling so I decided to give those a thought, too. I listed a few more options below so if you have any suggestions, please keep 'em coming! I also listed the price per bottle, too. From what many of you have said, it looks like we're definitely going to be paying double the standard price. Grr.

Sauvignon Blanc
58 Cakebread, Napa Valley
31 St. Supery, Napa Valley
26 Kendall Jackson, Vintner's Reserve

White Zinfandel
21 Beringer

Italian White
46 Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio
24 Ecco Domani, Pinot Grigio

Australian Chardonnay
31 Greg Norman, Yarra Valley
29 Wolf Blass, South Australia


Congratulations to Anne on her new marriage! How gorgeous is she?! Can't wait to see more from the big day! {Most amazing photography by Belathee}

Sweet + simple programs

Oct 15, 2008

{Image found here via Martha Stewart}

These are the sweetest programs I've ever seen. The moire pattern and scalloped edges are such brilliant touches. The DIY time may be a bit more intense than if you just used paper but so well worth it!

The right note, follow up

Oct 14, 2008

Thank you to everyone who suggested songs for us to add to the playlists! We've decided to make one last CD with the following songs (several of which were recommended by my fab readers xox):

- The Very Thought of You, Ella Fitzgerald
- You Make Me Feel So Young, Frank Sinatra
- In My Life, Beatles
- You Are So Beautiful, Joe Cocker
- Playground Love, Air
- Beyond The Sea, Bobby Darin
- All You Need Is Love, Beatles
- You Look Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
- More, Bobby Darin
- Something, George Harrison
+ a few instrumentals by Chet Baker

We've been making the CDs using iTunes and hadn't run into any snafus until we got to the few Beatles songs which aren't available on iTunes. ;o( Has anyone else run into a similar problem and found some sort of solution (short of running out and buying the CDs)?

A little Scrabble (at the wedding)

{Image Credit}

As I was quickly skimming my Google Reader this morning, I came across this incredibly easy and sweet detail. About two seconds later, I was pulling out our old and loved Scrabble board and arranging our names on the wooden holders. Voila! I think we'll put them on our welcoming table that will hold the programs and the wedding wands!

Anyone else gonna whip out the Scrabble now? ;o)

Minus the frame

{Image found here via Martha Stewart}

With less than two weeks until the big day, I should probably be finishing up last-minute projects instead of thinking about how we'll display our wedding photos.

But I can't help it! When I came across the idea of having your favorite prints put on canvas, I was already trying to imagine a fun panaramic shot of J + me + all our guests together on our special day.

The idea is quite a bit more contemporary than my usual style but I love how clean and simple it is.

Vanilla Bake Shop

Oct 13, 2008

Almost everyone knows about the Vanilla Bake Shop but it's worth sharing for those who haven't. I had come across it awhile ago and was reminded when I saw Amy Berman sharing one of her cupcake recipes on the Martha Stewart Show a few weeks ago. How I wish I lived on the West coast so I could stop by and pick up some of their sweets!

Here's a snippet of the philosophy Amy and Jeremy Berman apply to their business (which I love!):
We always bake with love, from scratch, with a focus on contemporary design and taste. The memories from our moms' kitchens have been recreated through Vanilla in a way that is new yet familiar.

Such a wonderful philosophy to have, especially for baking wedding cakes!

Exit strategy

Oct 7, 2008

One last thing before I leave. I just read this sweet idea over at Snippet & Ink and think I'm in love:

When our friends got married last September, the priest announced that everyone should exit the church and then follow the bride and groom to a picturesque spot because they wanted a photo with all their guests. It was great! As a guest it was really special to be included like that.

We've always wanted a group photo and this would be the perfect way to ensure one and we've actually been having discussions on how to exit ... We'll be getting married in front of a fountain in a small courtyard and there's only two small paths that lead up to it. We were planning on having guests gather on one side but we couldn't figure out how to properly exit so guests could wave their wands at us. Something like this might work.

But how would you do it? Would you have the officiant announce something like that near the beginning or end of the ceremony? After the kiss or before? And would you have guests walk out before the bride and groom? Advice?

Ahhh, as you can see, we have a bit of figuring out to do ...

Forcing Fall

{Image Credit}

Even though there are still no visual cues here on the Coast that Fall has officially begun, we are going to try and find a local pumpkin patch this weekend and make some spiced cider and cookies (after turning the AC up).

Love the idea of spray-painting pumpkins silvers and golds. If you're going for a strong fall-themed wedding, these would add a bit of glam. Same goes for the wreath.

p.s. I'm heading out for a few days to my parents to catch up on a few more last-minute wedding details! Be back soon!

Mad Men

{Image Credits}

Do any of you watch Mad Men? I still have yet to catch an episode (and I don't see any time clearing in my calendar in the next few weeks!) but *wow*! The set design and wardrobe are totally jaw-dropping. I love that it's set in the 60s ... from photos alone, it reminds me of a vintage Desperate Housewives.

{And this isn't a non-wedding-related post. I think the girl above looks perfectly outfitted for a swanky rehearsal dinner! And the outfits on top? Hello, farewell brunch!} ;o)

The sweetest thing

The wording couldn't be any sweeter.

{From here}

Kate Headley/Heavenly

Oct 5, 2008

I felt like I had discovered a well-kept secret when I clicked a link on Frolic! that led me to the glorious portfolio of Kate Headley's photography.

There is a such a uniquely fun, romantic and edgy energy found in Kate's work ... it's just infectious! And I love her fresh take on some traditional shots, like the ever-ubiquitous bouquet and shoe shots:

Just lovely! And Kate has a great 'what to wear' guide for engagement portrait sessions on her blog! She features loads of well-put-together ensembles from our favorite. So, if you're still deciding on your attire (or your honey's), read her advice!
And, in other news:

... I've been on the hunt for the new Martha Stewart Weddings after seeing this tease and am happy to report that I scored a copy today. Go get yours! It's fab as always.

Where do I sit?

I've never liked the idea of escort and place cards but they do serve a purpose and I eventually gave in and decided, we, too, will be dictating (to the seat) where everyone will be sitting. The set above is for our rehearsal dinner and I just finished another set (all in white) for our reception.

What are your thoughts on using place cards?

{Calligraphy by yours, truly}

Welcome basket update

Oct 4, 2008

Here's the final version of our welcome baskets. Pretty much the same as last time, just loaded with a few extra goodies: The fish, the pennies, some sunscreen and body butter (w/cute scents like Pina Colada, Margarita and Pink Lady), and a few extra brochures, maps and local magazines. We used simple shipping labels for the nametags.

Oh, and our welcome booklet! Inside are directions to the wedding site and brunch site as well as a list of some of our favorite local eateries:

These baskets were so much fun to create (though extremely time-consuming!). I hope guests find them fun and helpful!

The right note

{click to enlarge playlists}

I was inspired by Melissa to share our song choices for during our reception. While we've hired musicians for the ceremony and cocktail hour, we decided to compile and create our own CDs for the reception. As of now, we have about 3 hours worth but are still looking for a few more songs.

Tonight, {on our way to see Nights in Rodanthe - who else has seen it so far?? What did you think???? We were a bit disappointed ... }, The Way You Look Tonight came on the radio and we both looked at each other and agreed it's a must-add to the list.

Thought I'd ask my dear readers for suggestions as well, since we're down to the wire now:

What's your favorite sweet love song?

Serenity now

Oct 3, 2008

Image Credit

I love the calm yet playful vibe emanating from this photo.

Can't help but think what fabulous bridal portraits could come from such a relaxed state!

And with only about THREE weeks left until our big day, (I still don't believe it even as I'm typing it!!!) I'm hoping I can maintain this same sort of calmness! ;o)

How did I not know this was Scarlett Johansson?!

Intimate glamour

Oct 2, 2008

Here's hoping our reception decor at least echoes a tiny bit of the elegance and sophistication so clearly evident in these photos from House Beautiful {found on Ritzy Bee}.

We'll be using one long table to avoid breaking guests up and the centerpieces will be comprised of tight bunches of white hydrangeas in milk glass vases. Unfortunately, we won't have the marvelous white peacock ... don't get me started, you know how envious I was awhile back. ;o)

Dress shopping

Oct 1, 2008

Alvina Valenta dress listed for $1400

Many of you have probably heard of PreOwned Wedding Dresses but in case you haven't ... please acquaint yourself! There is a fully-loaded treasure trove awaiting you!

This Vera Wang already sold and at $2K I can understand why!

There are currently over 1300 gowns for sale and you can search by (any or all) designer, keyword, location, size, price, dress height, neckline, or silhouette. I love how simple it is to search and I honestly just spent over an hour looking through all the beautiful gowns (even though I'm in love with the one I have!). The site has such an enormous variety that there's something available at every price point and every style imaginable.

I've included some of my favorites that I came across:

Priscilla of Boston gown with Alencon lace for $4500

Pronovias Raggio style for $760!!!

There are super-stylish, non-designer dresses available for just a couple hundred and there's also the crème de la crème available for fantastic prices. If you're still hunting around for your gown, head over right now for some fun shopping!

Nothin' but net

{For more photos and even more}

How gorgeous is that birdcage veil? I had such a struggle deciding against wearing a lovely net veil but one just wouldn't work with my dress. ;o(

Though I absolutely endorse sporting one for *your* wedding!

Texture love

Anne just recently posted some artsitic wedding portraits of this darling couple and I can't get over how great the texture comes across ... love it. {For more photos}