Quick Q+A session for you!

Sep 30, 2008

What are you doing with your hair for your rehearsal/welcome party or your day-after brunch???

I'm starting to get tempted to just go and have it done but I feel like it's a little silly (and I don't see how I'd have the time!!)! I'd love to hear what you all are doing! :o)

(I love) DIYs

Sep 27, 2008

Thought I'd share two fairly simple DIY projects I finished up today:

The top letters I had blogged about before but thought I'd share a photo of the final version. Here's the doors they'll be gracing.

But, the magnolia wreath I started and finished today. If you remember, we collected loads of magnolia leaves awhile ago and while I wasn't thrilled with how much color they lost in the preserving process, I decided to make a wreath anyway - And I love the outcome. I actually like it even more than the Williams-Sonoma wreath I was thinking about buying! The rusty burnt orange and soft sage greens make it seem more fall-like ... even more holiday-like! I'm going to make one more and we're going to hang them at our wedding site (to cover up some signs we don't like) :o)

How did I do it? Simple. With a hot glue gun. Just stick the small branches of leaves into the wreath and glue down to secure. End of story.

Who else is getting crafty and making their own wreaths and visual decor?

Scent of a bride

I think I've found my signature scent for our wedding day! It's light and fresh and my Mom thought it was just 'heavenly.' Perfect.

And I love Sephora's description:
'Style: Classic. Pure. Hypnotic.'


Will you be wearing a special scent?

Making me hungry

Sep 26, 2008

If you've read my blog at all, you know I go crazy for white color palettes so I'm sure you can imagine just how ga-ga I was going when I saw these wonderfully-styled photos over at sweet paul. Wouldn't these be just splendid at a simple, outdoor wedding?

For more fantastically-styled photos that make you want to hop in the kitchen and whip up some yummy sweets, jet over to Colin Cooke's portfolio. I just spent about half an hour pouring over his delectable work. Great inspiration for original wedding h'or douvres, favors, sweets, etc.

p.s. Wouldn't the pears be sweet for a 'Perfect Pair'-themed wedding?

Decisions, decisions ...

Since migrating South, there's been one thing I've missed like mad about the North: Fall weather! The trees here are all still green and while the weather has taken a bit of a dip, there is no crisp coolness that always ushered in the new season up North. I miss watching the colorful leaves dance to the ground and hearing their crunch beneath my feet. I miss that energy that permeated the air.
All of this got me thinking ... maybe instead of taking our honeymoon to another warm and beachy locale, we should re-visit some chilly Fall days and enjoy what we used to take for granted. We started thinking about the possibility of Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard/Kennebunkport/Bar Harbor.
We have to make a decision pretty soon and are trying to weigh this option against a more tropical locale. What do you think?

{ Laura Novak photo of Martha's Vineyard, and, yes, obviously not in the Fall but it was so pretty I couldn't resist!}

Okay, so ...

{Pumpkin lattes, scarves, chilly hikes and cuddling}

... or ...

{Margaritas, swimsuits, hammocks and snorkeling}?

Which would you choose?

Get hitched, give hope

Sep 25, 2008

I'd like to take a second and shine some light on an upcoming event that really warms my heart. I was immediately on board when Eliza e-mailed me today and asked me to share the news with all of you. Please take a second to read what six lovely Seattle vendors have come up with in an effort to give back and help out:

"On October 23rd, six Seattle wedding vendors are hosting Get Hitched, Give Hope at the Dome Room in the Arctic Club Hotel of Seattle. We're hoping to raise $50,000 for Brides Against Breast Cancer/Making Memories, a not-for-profit that grants wishes to women with metastatic breast cancer. This charity grants women wishes at a time in their lives when they are overwhelmed by bills and doctors appointments. It's a way to give them something to look forward to, like a once-in-a-lifetime trip-- at an incredibly difficult time in their lives. We're hoping to raise enough money to grant 12 wishes.

The way we're going to do this is by throwing a fun swanky cocktail party for brides (and their friends and moms!) which will include a silent auction of items generously donated by 30 of Seattle's best wedding vendors. Brides and grooms will have the opportunity to bid on things they need for their wedding, and know that the money they're spending is going to a great cause. Auction items include things like: Bridal flowers for 14…6 sessions with a personal trainer…a 3-tiered Italian buttercream cake…6 hours of wedding day photography…DJ services and more.

Brides interested in attending can purchase tickets at
http://www.gethitchedgivehope.com/tickets.html, or you can use that same link to donate to our cause.

We hope you can join us for a fresh, new event that celebrates our industry, women, and the fabulous spirit of giving!"


I was so thrilled when Melissa, of Missy Photography sent me some of her most recent work. I think these photos speak for themselves:

Her work has such a romantic essence to it -- I've been enthralled since first finding Melissa's site. And even better, she just started her own blog, which is (as you can imagine) chock full of fabulous inspiration and drool-worthy photography. Enjoy!

Sweetest wedding

Sep 24, 2008

Whoa. I was just mesmerized by photos of this wedding.


Hair + Make-up Success

Good news! Had my second hair trial today and it was a smashing success! I used knottie SpringChic's photos as inspiration and we did a few tweaks and variations but I'm quite happy with the end result:

... And *nine* hours post-hair appointment, everything's still in tact! Well, two stray bobby pins fell out but the 'do is still holding strong:

I also had to try a new make-up artist at M.A.C as my previous one is now 'unavailable' (whaaat?!). Luckily, there's a lovely girl who is very gifted with a make-up brush and mascara wand who will be available on our wedding day! And please note, I did try a new set of faux lashes (they aren't very evident in this photo) and I felt a lot more like me. Much more natural!

Yay for having hair and make-up booked!

Coffee + Donuts = Brunch; Part Two

Sep 23, 2008

Update on the brunch dilemma: I just booked the pavillion shown above for our Sunday brunch! As much I liked the old-school feel of having our brunch at an old-fashioned Krispy Kreme, it just wouldn't offer the intimacy that the rest of the weekend will have.

A close-up of our pavillion ... It comes with about 5 picnic tables ... which leaves me the task of gathering food and decorating.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Keep it simple and classic with red-and-white checkered table clothes for a picnic-y vibe. Use Mason jars filled with sand and tea-lights on the tables. Have several big galvanized buckets filled with ice and bottles of various drinks (iced coffees and juices). And finally, pick up some fresh doughnuts and fruit salad Sunday morning. While I was at the grocery this afternoon, I noticed candy apples ... definitely appropriate and fun for the season but a brunch food? What do you think?

Our pavillion is the last on the pier so it's a bit of a walk (but a beautiful one!) so I was thinking about having some signs to lead guests along the pier. If I have the time, I'll try to create some with calligraphy and use satin ribbon to hang along the walkway. Has anyone seen any examples of fun signage?

Suggestions on decor and/or food + drink?

The long and short of it

Sep 22, 2008

{above photos found on Brides}

Did I mention my dress is tea-length? It seems everyone has a different idea of what tea-length means (all of these dresses shown were described as such) but mine is closest to the Elie Saab sweet frock Marcia Cross had on last night at the Emmys:

{found on In Style}

The style is extremely similar to mine (just add some Alencon lace and beading and a delicate little lace bolero jacket) which makes me excited because I thought Marcia was the belle of the ball last night! So timeless.

I'm not sure why but the general reaction upon hearing that my wedding dress doesn't reach the floor (and thus lacks any sort of train) is a mix of surprise and shock ... followed by speechlessness.

Which brings me to my question for you:
Is it really that rare to wear a tea-length dress to your wedding?

Darcy Miller's wedding

Sep 17, 2008

I hadn't been on the Martha Stewart site in a little bit and was excited to see a small slideshow from Darcy Miller's wedding this morning! This could be rather old but I thought I'd share anyway. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Coffee + Donuts = Brunch?


I just read this:

'In anticipation of some very late risers, the newlyweds nixed the idea of a fancy farewell brunch and instead prepared half-dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts to give to their guests as they left the reception. After a night of pure celebration, some serious sleep was the perfect party favor.'

Read more about the couple's wedding here.

Maybe it's because I'm not a morning person but I'm loving this idea. Too bad I didn't read about it before sending out our invitations asking everyone to RSVP to all of our wedding weekend activities, including a farewell brunch! We're still trying to decide on the location for this ... we have two great options in mind right now but when I read the Krispy Kreme mention, I couldn't get the idea out of my head ... Would it be too beyond tacky to have everyone meet up for donuts and coffee the day after? It's not at all what I had been envisioning but we're only expecting around 20 or so people for the brunch and they're all very laidback.

I've always had a fondness for Krispy Kreme - My Dad and I used to visit one of the original ones in Charleston when I was little and we'd always get the same thing. I loved the swivel stools and the chrome and the 'regulars' who would sit and do their crossword puzzles. I think it would be a fun, quirky locale loaded with nostalgia but I just don't know if it would be appropriate.

What do you think?

Wedded bliss

Sep 16, 2008

Jonathan Canlas Photography

So simple + beautiful. Found here.

DIY: Chalkboard signage

Allow me to introduce our home-made chalkboard to you! (Please ignore the flash and hasty writing!) I spent several weeks searching for a chalkboard set in an ornate and frilly frame with no luck ... So we decided to make our own.

What we did:

  • First, my Mom turned up an old frame in the garage ... I originally thought I'd paint it white but ended up liking the naturally rustic feel.
  • Off to Home Depot we went, found a friendly employee who helped us cut a piece of (shoot, I forgot what it was called! I'll update later once I find out!) ... any type of plywood should do, though!
  • Picked up some chalkboard spraypaint at Michael's and the rest is pretty simple. Spray 2 coats on board ... adhere to frame and you're good to go!

Since our rehearsal dinner is on the rooftop of a restaurant, we'll be using the sign to help direct guests when they get off the elevator. I think we'll probably re-use it at the wedding and the brunch, too! Oh, and at home after all the wedding festivities! ;o)

Study Hall, Session 7

Sep 15, 2008

Image Credit

This week in Study Hall:

Image Credit

I *so* have a new designer crush, thanks to Anne, of Perfect Bound! I just can't get enough of newcomer designer and former Ford model Abigail Lorick's styles. Her designs remind me of a fun combo of clean Kate Spade fashions mixed with a little Marie Antoinette decadence. And I love how a Lorick lady is described ... so delicious and fun! Now if only Abigail started a bridal line!

I've decided I officially need to order a Gocco, like yesterday. I keep seeing the most amazing products come from these little machines and I just don't think I can go much longer without! I mean, look at the two examples above, shared by Pretty Bride ... Anyone have a good site/place to recommend for finding one?

Yum. I am so looking forward to a big, scrumptious piece of our wedding cake! We chose buttercream frosting because it's just so yummy, complete with a vanilla-almond tier, a chocolate tier (for J) and a tiny little red-velvet top tier (my favorite!). Yum yum yum!

Just because you can never have enough Audrey in your life.

When I saw this sweet little room, I thought how lovely it would be to have you and your groom sit in those cushy, oh-so-comfortable-looking chairs prior to the ceremony and share a secret love note or poem with each other. I know it would help to calm my jittery nerves!

Image Credit

And lastly, a note to the (lacking) rental centers around here: Please invest in some pretty chairs, like these wonders or at least order some sweet Chiavaris. Merci, S.

Have something you think should be featured in the next installment of Study Hall? Drop me a line!

My Something Blue

While not an actual photo of my Something Blue, it may as well be! (I don't know why but I had the hardest time trying to photograph it) I'll be wearing a diamond and sapphire ring on my right hand. It's a family ring I inherited so it has a special meaning and could even double as my Something Old ... but I'll be using a family handkerchief (which we just had embroidered with our married monogram) for that.

Random piece of info: Apparently this ring is similar to Princess Diana's engagement ring. Fun to know, as she was one of my childhood loves. I even dressed up like her for a biography report in elementary, complete with tiara. ;o)

Still have to figure out my Something Borrowed (from Mom). What's everyone else 'borrowing'?

I. Love. Shoes.

When I saw this shoe shot, I couldn't help but get excited. J will be wearing the exact same patent leather shoes and mine are fairly similar to this bride's, as well.

If you knew me and knew my closet, you'd know our wedding wouldn't be complete without a shoe shot. And I don't think I'm alone on that! :o)


Sep 14, 2008

Image Credit

Oh, how I love white-on-white ... Perfect any time of the year and always so fresh. Yet, for some reason, these yummy sweets just seem to be screaming 'winter wedding' to me. It may be the icy blue undertones but regardless, I love the idea of taking your color palette all the way to your food + drink! May be a bit hard for the main entrees :o/ but for candy bars and the like, what a fab presentation!

A black-and-white issue

Quite liking Kristina's invitations! So crisp and clean. And, ohhhhhhh my gawd, just look at the vintage stamps (not to mention the amazing callig!) ... I **so so so** wish I would have taken the time to collect loads of old and beautiful stamps to adorn our envelopes! If this task is still ahead of you, make sure to check out eBay or a local hobby shop to add this sweet, vintage touch. It makes all the difference, as you can clearly see:

Ugggh ... Back to Hair

Sep 13, 2008

My whole hair disaster has prompted me to return to the drawing desk and re-think my options. I've decided to try out something completely new, a modern half-up, half-down with curls:

{from Brides.com}

... Not at all what I was originally envisioning but might work.
And ...

{Photos from knotty SpringChic's bio}

The style I was originally coveting ... I *love* the volume and drama but I'm considering this for the back:

What style are you trying?

{I've lost most of the photo credits to these so if they belong to you, let me know and I'll credit}