A few more pretty pictures before I take off

Aug 29, 2008

Image Credit

What's better than a hand-crafted sign and tin cans to let everyone know about your newly-wedded bliss? Love, love, love it. Simplicity is becoming my mantra more and more, every day. (Okay, the pristinely preserved vintage car doesn't hurt, either ...)

Swoooooooooon. Besides the great shot, is that necklace to die for or whaaat?! I found a bracelet in almost the exact same design at an antique store but the clasp had issues so I passed. Been wishing I hadn't for awhile and this photo reinforced that thought ten-fold. I'm going to have to go see if it's still in the shop! Fingers crossed. ;o)

BTW, found this photo on Big Sur Bride -- just discovered this blog and loving it! Great style and cheerful coloring throughout.

Darn Gustav

Aug 28, 2008

As the tropical storm/hurricane has neared the Gulf Coast, he's thrown our entire weekend plans for a big turn. Due to J's job, he has to stay in the area during times like this so we had to cancel our fun wedding weekend excursion and I'm now planning on heading north to my parents tomorrow with cat in tow ... been busy packing up for my evacuation tonight.

Soooo, to say the least, my presence in blogland may be a bit scattered until this storm blows over.

To anyone in the potential path of this meanie, stay safe! Let's all just hope and wish and pray that dear old Gustav calms himself down and stays far, far away from any inhabited bit of land.

p.s. In happier, more cheerful news, please make sure to check out Classic Bride's newest sponsor, Missy Photography! I was so thrilled when she contacted me because her work is fantastic and the passion she holds for it is so clearly evident -- See for yourself! Stay tuned for photos from a recent wedding she shot as well as more information.

Welcome baskets

Consider this photo a rough draft of our welcome baskets. I'm still on the hunt for little packets of sunscreen and/or aspirin. Also, a little closer to our wedding date, we'll have the task of making sugar cookies using the Mississippi-shaped cookie cutter and then packaging them with 'Welcome to Miss.' labels. Annnnd, I still have to make a Welcome Note packet for everyone including some directions and favorite restaurants around town -- I found the cutest white scalloped-edged notecards at Target to use. And, if that's not enough, I'd like to find little tags to hang on the handle with baker's twine with the couple or family's name. Whew.

Anyone else doing a specialized/regional welcome bag/tote/basket/bucket?

If you have any suggestions, ideas, tips ... I'm all ears!

(Here's the link to my original inspiration for the baskets.)

Retro revival

Aug 27, 2008

Images found here

I'm really horrible at bowling but when I saw the photos of this super, duper retro bowling alley, I was sold. I'd have to use the bumper lanes but I wouldn't mind because I'd be surrounded by blissfully squeaky-clean 1950s nostalgia. What could be better?

I read a little while ago on a wedding blog (If it was yours, let me know and I'll link to you I found it! Click here to see!) about a couple hosting their rehearsal/welcome dinner at a vintage-bowling-alley-turned-hip-and-trendy-restaurant and loved the idea. What a fun and interactive way to get guests mingling.

Image Credit

If I had this wonderful option, I'd make sure to follow it up with a group jaunt to Ruby's Diner (or any local soda/malt shop). Several years ago, my family visited the Ruby's at the end of the pier in Huntington Beach, California, and I was in heaven -- yummy food, beautiful view and my absolute favorite type of ambience. What made it more special was how my Mom told me about the walks she and my Dad used to take down that pier and beach when they were first dating and first married.

Image Credit

I think it would be a super sweet (... literally) way to end the eve of your wedding!

Here's the Ruby's in Huntington Beach. So pretty.


Image Credit

Thought No. 1: Wish I had this view when blogging ...

Thought No. 2: If I were lucky enough to ever return to this dreamy city, would blogging really be in the itinerary?

***Still hunting for camera batteries ... Hoping to show welcome baskets, programs and more later today!

Program inspiration

Aug 25, 2008

Images by Laura Novak

Image Credit

I was going to show you the progress I've made on our programs (Design and wording is complete. Paper found and purchased. Paper cut down to size. First copy printed.) ... But the batteries in my silly camera died and I can't find replacements around the house ... so until I can fix this situ, I thought I'd share with you my inspiration.

I loved the simplicity of both featured above and fell in love with the teensy one on top. Ours will be about the same size and each will only have 4 pages: Cover; Ceremony outline; Remembrance page; and a special Thank You page. I still have yet to decide how to bind them ... I'm thinking I'll go with a ribbon much like the second photo featured above -- love that big bow!! Oh! And we'll also be using one of my Mom's antique silver trays (almost identical to the one above) to display the programs. I can't wait to share them with you!

What was the inspiration for your programs?

First glimpse of the groom

There's J in his brand-new navy blue (even though it looks rather dark in the photo) suit for the wedding. Remember all the chit-chat about the ties? We went with white-on-white and a similar style in a light champagne for the boys ... try to imagine a gardenia boutonniere attached.

My wedding gift to J? Two pairs of antique silver cuff links I had monogrammed with his initials. (I tried taking photos but unfortunately, they were too blurry to make out ...) They even have a fun back story as they were used in a local movie! I'm going to give them to him the night before our wedding so he can wear them the day of the wedding and to the Farewell Brunch. What are you giving your love?


Image by Nicole Hill

The scene: Morning after the wedding. Your **husband** gently wakes you up and snaps a photo of you. This is how I imagine every bride's expression to be.

Contest reminder

Aug 24, 2008

!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to remind everyone to get their submissions in by August 28th (this Thursday) for the Classic Bride header contest!!! I was hoping for a lot more entries than I've received so far ... but that means if you submit your design between now and the deadline, you have a GREAT chance of winning!

Dazzle me!!! I'd really like to showcase someone's creative talent and reward them with one of my favorite wedding books, Simple Stunning Weddings. I blogged about this book almost a year ago and it's still a go-to guide for me! You can see more photos from the book in this post that Monica, of BEspoke, a White Box Blog, did especially for me back in January! Below are some of my favorite photos from the book featuring a beach wedding, scanned in by Monica:

Here are a few headers (all different: some simplistic, some not) that should help to inspire: have glue gun ... will travel; grosgrain; a room somewhere; and Paper + Cup blog. In addition to having unique and eye-catching headers, these are all great reads as well ... so if you head over to them for design inspiration, make sure to look around and have a read, too!

J just reminded me about our mini-getaway this coming weekend. We'll be leaving super early Friday morning for a wedding weekend in Minnesota and won't be home until late Monday. Because I'm not sure I'll have time to post this Thursday, the contest deadline will be extended until next Tuesday, September 2nd ... which means more time for YOU to come up with something fab!

Study Hall, Session 6

Vintage Kate Spade advertisement found here

This week in Study Hall:

Rodney Smith photo found here

How fantastic would it be to do an editorial (bridal) spread with Rodney Smith? His work is so dramatic and fun at the same time. Remember this post?

I have always loved the look of wheat grass for simple and modern weddings and I think the scalloped heart-shaped place cards above are a perfect fit with the textured grass. They'd be especially adorable for a Valentine's Day wedding! Check out more inspiration from this wedding here.

Linda Evangelista for Barney's campaign found here

The hair. The make-up. The lashes. The pearls. I think she looks so spectacularly vintage bridal.

Melissa (from The Inspired Room)'s daughter just got married at their gorgeous family beach house and she's sharing some of the details on her blog, like the super-cute candy bar shown above. Make sure you hop over for all the fun details!

Lost Image Credit - Do you know where I'm from?

While nothing new, the label on the bright-red envelope really struck me as a brilliant idea. I love the contrast in color it creates as well as the beautiful and quirky calligraphy that matches. Also, if you're addressing them yourself and mess up, at least it's just a label and not the entire envelope! I wish I would have seen this before finishing our invitations! Maybe I'll incorporate the idea for our Christmas cards!

The monogram above is a tiny sneak peek to our wedding programs I've been diligently working on. :o)

I'd also like to let you all know about a blog I've been reading for a bit now - we met in a bar. It's a fun and well-designed blog that always has lots of eye candy and great ideas. And I wanted to thank the author (sorry, I don't know your name!) for choosing Classic Bride for a kick-a$$ blogger award! So sweet. Thank you.

Any ideas for the next installment of Study Hall? Send them my way!

Have a seat and more

Aug 23, 2008

Just got in this evening ... thought I'd slip in a quick hello to all of you!

I saved this sweet photo awhile ago because of the chairs -- Aren't the warm wood tones a refreshing change from the standard white we always see? These actually remind me of the chairs from J's graduation from law school -- They used old, wooden county fair chairs very similar to the ones above. I know this because I examined the faint markings still visible on the backs. Got me to thinking maybe some of you could rent your chairs from the local fair ... Hah! I know it's not the first place you'd look, but you may be able to find them for a bargain and they'd definitely be more charming than the regular rentals!

Our chairs are already accounted for but I thought I'd throw the idea out there!

Coming up: Progress on our programs, a 100% DIY project that I'm fully enjoying at the moment! And an update on the welcome baskets! :o)

Study Hall, Session 5

Aug 14, 2008

Image Credit

This week in Study Hall:

Image Credit

I think it's mostly the fab lounge-y sofa I'm in love with here but I do think this bridal portrait is great! So relaxed and real (and such a beautiful bride!).

Image Credit - Thanks Anonymous!

Several of you suggested I use one of my antique brooches in my hair. This is the first photo I came upon with said hairstyle. I like it!

Found on {ritzy bee} via InStyle

What does everyone think of this girl's smoky eyes? I was thinking about taking this photo with me to my next make-up trial. I'll be asking to try out some more natural-looking faux lashes with a different blush and different lipgloss.

And, our awesome photographers offered to stay an additional day to do a 'We Did' photo shoot the day after the wedding ... so of course, I already started thinking about our outfits! And, my go-to guide is always J. Crew so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. I love the argyle above but I promise not to wear any distracting patterns or colors. I just wanted to throw it in there!

Here's my line-up of inspiring outfits from the Crew:

I'm going for something casual and a bit beachy ... J mentioned khaki shorts with a white top and boat shoes and I thought that was simple and lovely. I was thinking about a white cable knit sweater with a khaki skirt or shorts and some metallic sandals or just flip-flops.

What would you wear?

I'm taking off for a long weekend to my parents' house so I won't be around until next week. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! xox.

Help: Rehearsal dinner slideshow

I know it's pretty common to include a slideshow but I honestly hadn't even thought about creating one for our wedding until I saw this post on an Excited bride.

CUTE, no? So I started thinking about it and I'd really like to include one during our rehearsal dinner! I was thinking about scanning the pics and making a PowerPoint presentation or just a plain slideshow but I don't think I want to just set our laptop out and have it play ...

Can anyone share how they did a slideshow? I'd really like to play it old-school and have it projected on a wall. Any advice or suggestions?

Classic Bride Sponsors

Soon after starting this blog, I began discovering some of the most creative and inspiring people and businesses I had ever come across. From photography to floral design to invitations and beyond, the passion and enthusiasm among these artists was so deliciously infectious and energizing.

Some of you may have noticed the recently-debuted 'lovely sponsors' section on the right-hand side of Classic Bride -- I'm really excited about this new venture and the prospect of being able to spotlight some of those in the wedding industry that I've long admired and adored and who have helped me along the way through inspiration and more.

So please keep an eye on the Sponsor Section. I promise you nothing but a trove of wonderful resources! And if you'd like to submit your own product or business for consideration, I'd love to hear from you!

Eye candy alert

Aug 13, 2008

Awww! Laura Novak just posted a collection of photo faves she's shot over the years. Go check out all the eye candy here. I love the one above -- couldn't be any cuter!

Under the sea

Image Credit for above photos

A few months ago, I came across an 'Underwater Bride' shoot on Kevin Beasley's portfolio -- a wonderfully talented photographer based out of Louisiana. I had seen 'Trash the Dress' sessions before but nothing that encompassed this much drama. The movement of the fabric under the water comes across so gracefully, almost like a nod to the delicate moves of a ballerina.

Image Credit

Has anyone done one of these sessions? I don't think I'd be willing to put my dress through so much but it's fun to appreciate the gorgeous photos of the girls who have!

Invitations are [almost] out the door

Our invites are -FINALLY- almost done! Just have to go to the post office tomorrow and make sure of the postage before I put the (Louis Comfort Tiffany) stamps on!

Question time! For the reply card envelope, I addressed it to myself as I'll be keeping track of returned RSVPs ... But am I supposed to ALSO put a return address on the envelope flap ... which would be the same address as on the front? I feel silly for asking this but I saw it mentioned in some online instructions and couldn't stop thinking about it!

One more: I keep reading that Weekend Activity cards, etc., should be on top of the actual invitation. I hate how that looks! Is it really that big of a deal?

Maybe this answers that last question:

The bouquet

Aug 12, 2008

Image Credit

I already decided with my florist that I'll be carrying an all-white bouquet of hydrangeas (possibly with some miniature magnolia leaves around the bottom) but isn't the burst of yellow from the tulips so cheerful in the photo above? And the pansies are so sweet. They remind me of being little and picking them for my Mom.

I'm still trying to decide how I should wrap my bouquet. We bought the most divine white French Moire ribbon we could find outside of France and my Mom's planning on tying it (almost resembling knots) but we need to practice. Any suggestions on that? I'll also be attaching a locket of J when he was little and I'd like to attach one of my antique brooches but I think it might get a little too cluttered! I'll also be carrying a family hanky with our married monogram.

How are you wrapping your bouquet and what will you be carrying?

Introducing the new favor

So remember when I was adamant on having chocolate & peanut butter Buckeyes as our favors? No? [Please reference this post or this post or this one]

Well, I suddenly began to think about the weather and how chocolate & peanut butter tend to react to 75 degree temperatures (which is apparently what the temp. will be in the Fall here, according to Weather Tracker). Do I really want my cute little boxed-up favors to be a melted mess for our guests? Nope.

Enter our new and improved favor (a.k.a. our former Welcome Basket ingredient): Salt-Water Taffy.

The front ...

... and the back.

And now my questions for you! How should I arrange them?! I don't want to just have row upon row of Mason jars sitting on a table ... I love the tiered cake stands below but I really don't think they'd be appropriate for the jars. Any ideas? My Mom does have tons of beautiful Silver trays and pedestals that I could possibly use ... Thoughts?

Image Credit

Next question: Now that I've eliminated my cutest addition to our Welcome Baskets, what should I replace it with???? All I'm left with is local magazines and brochures, a few munchies, water bottles and the standard aspirin and sunscreen all bundled into the galvanized buckets. I need something fun and beachy and adorable. Help! :o)

msteacherlady: I heart your ideas!!! I love the sweet tea mix idea -- I'm thinking I could put a Lipton mix with a heaping bag of sugar and a note about 'Sweet Southern Tea' ... and I adore the cookie-cutter as well as the Magnolia soap!!! I'm still brainstorming but these are fabulous ideas I would have never thought of myself! Thank you!


Look what I just ordered online! Yay! I'm going to try and make some sugar cookies with the above cookie-cutter and package them with ribbon and a little note welcoming everyone to Mississippi! Thanks to all who made suggestions -- I was really blown away with all of the wonderful ideas. The Jones Soda bottles are a GREAT idea! I may still have to add them!

Also, I really, really, really like the arrangement Heather from the bar recommended below. It's ridiculously charming! I'm going to try out my Mom's silver trays, etc. and if those don't work, I'm definitely going to try and replicate this (from the one and only):

Pretty pictures

Aug 10, 2008

Images by One Love Photo

I'm usually not in love with carriage getaways but this one stole my heart. It really does look like it's straight out of a fairytale. And I think the Wedding Party photo is so well done. Fun and light-hearted yet everyone is still particularly arranged, framing the bride and groom just so. Darling.

Cake, Candles and Contests, Oh My ...

Aug 9, 2008

Image by Victoria Pearson

Classic Bride turns ONE on August 28th (I know I'm celebrating a bit early but it's for a good reason -- which I'll get to in a sec!) and I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by along the way and left words of encouragement and advice. I have found such endless inspiration from all of my favorite bloggers and readers alike.

With this in mind, I'd like to take a second and shine the spotlight on some of my sweetest commenters. There are several of you that always find a second in your day to say something nice and I want you to know that your kind comments never go unnoticed. They are so dearly appreciated.

Thank you Muffy, msteacherlady, Riley, Guilty Secret, Melissa's Greetings, The Invitation Lady, Etiquettely Correct and Kate. And a big blog hug to all of you who have taken the time to comment and visit!

Now onto why I'm posting a few weeks early! In honor of Classic Bride's one-year mark, I'd like to offer a fun contest centered around my header design. The lovely Kate Spade heel has graced the top of my blog for almost as long as my blog's been around. While I still love it, I'm always open to the idea of change and I'd like to see YOUR fresh ideas. So, if you're feeling creative, send in your header submissions to theclassicbride@gmail.com by my blog's birthday, August 28th. One winner will be chosen and the design (and credit to the designer) will be featured for one week (or much longer if I'm really smitten!). The winner will also receive one of my absolute favorite wedding-planning books, Simple Stunning Weddings, by Karen Bussen.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your classic designs!