DIYs with Martha.

Jun 29, 2008

{images from MS}

I just picked up the new Martha Stewart Weddings yesterday and I was really excited to see some great DIYs ... even better, the templates are all on MS for free! I think I'm going to try the two above and see how they work out. The 'Just Married' banner would be cute for the getaway car, no?

ps. I'll be skipping town tomorrow for about a week or so as I'm headed to the Carolinas for a dress-shopping escapade with my MOH! So posting may become a bit less than usual but I'll be back soon to post about my upcoming MAC make-up trial, the decisions I recently made with my florist as well as our rehearsal dinner venue!

knottie laura jean's wedding!

Jun 26, 2008

Laura Jean (if you missed her Q+A, check it out here) just e-mailed me to let me know a preview of her professional pics (shot by the amazing Angelica Glass) just went up. I couldn't wait to post a few ... I just can't get over her venue! It's such an unexpected twist but so chic and elegant! And how gorgeous does LJ look?!? Phenomenal! Congrats, LJ!!!!

go check this out. like right now.

{images by Laura Novak}

Make sure to check out Laura's latest wedding she shot! Colin Cowie directed the design and decor so that alone should make you want to sprint over! Love the dress shot.

contest: classic vision.

Jun 25, 2008

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Classic Bride's first contest! It was so much fun seeing everyone's boards and I must say, they were all wonderfully done! It was so hard to choose just one or two favorites but Emily really outdid herself! She sent in several beautiful boards and here are my two favorites she submitted:

[Please click to enlarge all boards]

There is no denying the classic statements made in Emily's fabulous boards. If you take a good look at them, you'll see that each piece by itself is quite simple. Yet, when combined with all the other elements, a truly stunning event is created. I really do feel that is the essence of a classic wedding. Try not to overthink the details. Keep it simple and stick to tradition and you'll have a wedding that will still be timeless a hundred years from now.

... And I just have to share a few more boards!

This board, by Anne, is so uplifting I had to share it. In her own words: "It may not be many brides' version of 'classic'. It's not pale pinks and ivorys. It doesn't involve damask. It also doesn't involve hydrangeas (much to my future MIL's dismay!). But for anyone getting married in a lakeside resort town, it's definitely classic!"

Amy, of ABCD Design, submitted this board of her wedding and included some fun details:

"Our wedding venue was 'Classic Old New York.' The St. Regis Hotel has been home to the greats actors, actresses, artists, musicians (Ella Fitzgerald sang here most Saturday nights during her career!) of the 1920s-40s. The beauty of the space, gold accents, rich colors, and heavily decorated space in a Beaux Arts motif add to the traditional yet classic elegance of our wedding. For more on the history of the St. Regis, click here."

"The dress was by the 'designer of the moment' yet had a timeless look to it, traditional re-embroidered lace. It had a very traditional shape when you look at it from the front. I wore a chapel length veil. My make-up was inspired by Grace Kelly and other screen sirens of the 40s. The shoes and the back of the dress were the un-expected twist. They were unveiled as I reached the altar and stepped up on the stage. For more on Amy's wedding, make sure to check out this post on Brooklyn Bride.

And finally, here's Lindsay's board, which she calls "the right mix of classic, casual, and beautiful." Couldn't agree more.

I think all of these boards live up to my favorite definition of classic:
[class-ic], adjective: of enduring interest, quality, or style: a classic design.

Thanks again to all who took the time to participate! From comments alone, I always knew I had a creative and talented group of readers and this contest only reaffirmed that belief! I love how inspiring you all are and I love to be able to share your ideas and visions! It makes for such a great community. Cheers!

ooooh. aaaaah.

{image by anne ruthmann}

I love the scene created in this photo. The lovely green hedges framing the couple, the brick walkway, the clean architecture, the all-american flag ... it looks like part of a fashion pictorial! so well done. bravo!

Heads up: I'll be leaving town next week for the Carolinas so I plan on posting my favorite boards from the 'Classic Vision' contest tomorrow! If you haven't gotten yours in yet, you still have a little, tiny bit of time! Send them quickly over to!

Q+A: christine of .cevd.

Jun 24, 2008

I'm so excited to share with you today a Q+A with Christine regarding her recently launched custom invitation studio, .cevd.! Christine works with clients on an individual basis, creating custom-designed stationary and she works with a variety of printing techniques, including letterpress (which I know we all love!). Visit Christine's blog to see more! Enjoy the Q+A!

Q: When did you first know you loved designing and creating?
A: it was my second year of college actually. in an effort to take every kind of class imaginable before declaring a major, i signed up for an intro to art class and that was the end of the story. a year later i had transfered to the savannah college of art and design and declared myself a photo major.

Q: How did you first get started and what would be your advice to other aspiring designers?
A: after graduating from SCAD, i moved to chicago, found a job, and quickly discovered that my ideas about photography were a far cry from those of the consumer market. my favorite part of photography has always been printing. the pictures i took were pretty simple on film, and then meticulously printed. i would spend hours on every single photo. the dark room and i were practically inseparable. so when i ended up working in a digital lab airbrushing family photos, it was clear that i needed to find another creative outlet. enter the wedding industry. it was an absolute fluke, i was just following links on the internet when i came across Marina Birch and her company Birch Design Studio. her portfolio was ... and still is ... amazing. i sent her my resume on a whim, and about a month later i got a call requesting an interview. the interview went well, i took a position as an intern and shortly after that became part of her staff. one day my boss approached me and mentioned that her friend, the owner and sole employee at Fuss Custom Correspondence, was in need of some help. i took the opportunity and in about three months i had made the complete transition and was working as the studio manager. i just loved my job. i loved working with brides, and i really loved invitations. then a little over two years ago Fuss closed its doors and i set out on my own. at first i was a freelance graphic designer for some big corporations in chicago, but the satisfaction was not there. i missed the personal aspect of working one-on-one with my clients. i missed the final product "). feeling the indentation of letterpress on a heavy cotton paper isn't exactly the same as looking at glossy brochures and catalogs. then about a year ago, i gave up freelancing and started my custom invitation studio, because i just couldn't be away from it any longer.

advice - only do it if you love it. network like crazy, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself get a friend to help. stay on task and don't take your work home with you.

Q: Describe your style in five words or less.
A: personal.

Q: On your site, you mention working for a few years in the couture wedding industry in Chicago! Can you share the details?
A: absolutely! it was such a great experience, that has honestly spoiled me for life. i was working on weddings that were nothing short of spectacular. i saw food and beverage minimums that doubled the average wedding budget, and don't even ask me about the money spent on flowers. there were custom dance floors, custom bars, custom fabric ceilings, and custom tents which actually allowed for the trees to be inside the tent. and the invitations that went out for these events were so inspiring ... linen boxes, silk pillows, peacock feathers, oh my! the experience opened my eyes to the fact that you really can do anything, and then the reality of planning my own wedding led me to discover that yes you can do anything, and no you do not have to give an arm and a leg for it.

Q: Because you create custom designs, you obviously work one-on-one with individuals to make something unique. Aside from your clients' input, where do you draw inspiration?
A: everywhere really. i spend so much time on the internet just looking at other studios and their work but i also window shop a lot, and spend a fair amount of time combing through magazines and art books. i love textile design which is EVERYWHERE, and also gravitate towards interior design books. wedding blogs are another great source, the inspiration boards can keep me going for weeks. then there is design*sponge which i read not only to feed my need for all things creative, but to keep me on track business wise.

Q: What's your favorite piece(s) you've designed thus far?
A: my favorite piece is always what i am currently working on. i love the idea process, the first few drafts, the countless emails exchanged between me and my client. though i will say there is something very special about being able to design my own save the date and invitation ").

Q: What is the best part of your job?
A: being my own boss.

Q: Okay, so you're also currently planning your own fall wedding and working on the design for your wedding stationary! Can we see a sneak peek?
A: yes, but only a peek [scroll down to check out the glimpse] ... i don't want too many details getting out there before the actual event! for the invitation we are going super traditional. white paper, engraved with grey ink, and entirely text based. i am having an absolute blast with our envelopes though. they are going to be made of grey burlap which is actually the same fabric that will be used as the table runners for the reception. the string that acts as the closure is the same string that we used to bundle our save the dates, and i am still trying to decide on the postage - vintage stamps or custom?

Q: And finally, would you mind sharing a few tips with our readers to help them make their wedding stationary shine with personality?
A: don't follow trends, go with you gut, allow yourself to change your mind and don't be afraid to reach for the stars ... remember anything can be done.

{all images from .cevd.}

design inspiration.

Jun 23, 2008

I've always been so inspired by good interior design and these two images just reaffirm that fact. Ever since I fell in love with the idea of white-on-white for a wedding, I've been trying to apply the idea to other aspects in my life, including the redecoration of our guest room. I'll definitely be using some of the recycled milk glass from our wedding in the room and I love this cute foyer design above. The intricate details really warm up the otherwise stark palette.

Maybe someday not too far away I'll be able to decorate a nursery like the one below. Isn't white such a fresh and clean color for a baby's room? Love the chandelier, too.

{images found on Classic Style In City}

the ceremony.

Jun 22, 2008

{image from Snippet & Ink}

Several readers have requested I posted about ceremony details. Truth be told, we really haven't gotten that far which is why there's been a lack of posts on the subject.

We do know, for a fact, that a hand ceremony will be involved. I first heard of a hand ceremony on a knot bio and instantly fell in love. If you go to link, you can read more about it.

We're planning on sticking to traditional vows and including a few readings. Rather than read our own vows, we'd like to read a passage or poem to one another. We're both still searching for the perfect one. So if you have any favorite readings, do share!! :o)

And, to help out the other readers out there, if there's something special you're doing for your ceremony, please share your ideas!

sweet music.

This is my current wedding task and after I finished talking to the local symphony (I had to scrape my jaw off the ground after hearing their quotes for a string quartet) I was left pondering my other options. We may still go with the quartet but I just wanted to see what some of you guys were thinking/doing for your own day ...

I looked into the possibility of hiring a harpist, as well ... but to no avail. The two I could find were already booked. I've also thought about a string trio but they're the same price as a quartet, which I found perplexing. I've even given a thought to a soloist! Would that be strange for a courtyard wedding of around 50 guests? I don't know.

Then J&I were discussing actual music ... I'm fine with the traditional classics - Pachelbel's Canon, Handel's Hornpipe, Bach's Air ... but then I also adore the idea of walking down the aisle to a modern favorite ... Coldplay's Green Eyes would mean a lot to both of us but the idea of having that played on a stereo just doesn't cut it ...

Please weigh in with thoughts ... Neither J or I are very 'musical' and we're really stuck on this one!

look what i found.

I just found this inspiration board I made several months ago and thought I'd share! I made this before our move with the thought of a relaxed southern beach wedding ... not exactly how things turned out but I still love many of the details and thought some of you might enjoy it as well!

{I didn't save the image sources as I wasn't planning on posting this so if you'd like to claim any, let me know and I'll add proper credit!}

alltop feature.

I'm so thrilled, honored and elated to share the news that Classic Bride has been included in one of Alltop's newest categories: Weddings! Thanks, Alltop!

And for more wedding inspiration, be sure to check out Alltop's other fine recommendations!


Jun 20, 2008

{above images from Tara Guerard's Southern Weddings}

For a long time now, I've loved the above look with the handwritten signs. I decided to try and make my own version and I'm planning on sticking the signs in a milk glass compote or a milk glass bud vase. Instead of coffee beans, I'm going to use sea salt crystals (keeping the white-on-white theme a little bit!)

Thinking about using this next to the yummy favors.

And this next to the guestbook (obviously) with a few pens stuck in the salt as well.

Anyone else making handmade wedding signage???

arrive in style.

{top image source, bottom image source}
If I could choose any source of transportation for my wedding day, it would be a vintage Mercedes convertible in white. Either of these beauties would fit the bill perfectly.
(Yes, I've changed my mind since this post ... but don't get me wrong, I'd still totally be down with my previous choice)
I haven't looked into the local prospects yet for renting a classic car like this one but I've been thinking about contacting a local car club. Has anyone else done this? I would be most open to hearing about any experience or advice!


Jun 19, 2008

A few readers have requested I post about my favorite bridesmaids dresses so I'm aiming to please! Above are two of my absolute faves - both from Lula Kate, they are the Elle and Caroline styles, respectively. Made of Silk Dupioni (the best material for special occasions in my book!), these killer dresses could easily be worn after the wedding for a multitude of events. Lula Kate also offers their dresses in about 24 fetching colors ... I chose the almond color in both because that's the shade I would choose!

I also think it's a great idea to look at non-bridesmaid apparel. You can often find just as nice a dress at half the price in finer department and retail stores alike. Below is a Maggy London bubble dress I found at Dillards. I think the simple lines are perfect for a low-key garden wedding. And at $160, it's not a bad deal.

Where are you looking for your bridesmaids? Already found a fab dress? Do share!

my shoes.

Jun 17, 2008

!!!!! Just spotted my shoes on Tying the Knot, in a photo by Nicole Green. After seeing them in black and white, I am even more smitten with them.

tired of looking at these?

Okay, I know this is a teensy detail but it's been driving me nuts! I took the advice of a commenter and purchased a large circle craft punch to avoid the 'hand cut' edges. I also decided against the green and went back to using silver. I think this is what I'm going to stick with ... for now.

the hair.

As promised, here is my Wedding Day Hair post:

Take away the feathers and I love this timeless up-do. However, as I plan to wear a finger-tip length veil, I'm not sure I could pull off both.

If you were to pin up the rest of Jamie Lynn's hair, I'd love this look for a wedding.

And here's my absolute favorite look (found on Snippet & Ink) - so unfussy, straightforward, glamorous and simple. Perfection.

study hall, session two.

Image Credit

This week in Study Hall:

One Love Photo serves up sweet and fun photos all the time and this one was just so apropos for this series, I couldn't resist sharing.

With so many great wedding blogs at my fingertips, I often forget to check out leading magazine's Web sites. Don't overlook what the UK has to offer online, as well. This elegant yet simple photo came from the British Marie Claire.

My wedding shoes are waiting patiently for their big debut in my closet but that doesn't keep me from lusting after other styles. This pair of Manolos from Neiman Marcus are a little bit daring for the traditional bride with their gold brocade pattern but imagining the sparkle peeking out from under a long, formal gown is delightful. And if you're going to splurge on the shoes, why not pick a pair that you know you'll wear again and again?

Continuing the shoe talk, make sure to head over to Absolutely Audrey to check out their wonderful array of vintage-inspired shoe clips. I've also discovered that vintage clip-earrings can work just as well.

ties, revisited.

Jun 15, 2008

Been thinking more about the tie situation. I really like this white-on-white tie from Nordstrom. And I was thinking maybe J could wear a white one (like the one above) and the rest of the boys could wear a solid Hunter Green tie. This is actually my Dad's suggestion (and might I add he has an impeccable sense of style, IMHO. My Mom says it's one of the first things she noticed and loved about him which I think is very cute!)

One of my Dad's all-time favorite source for ties is Ben Silver. We're considering ordering solid-colored ties from them and using these as part of the wedding gifts for the Dads/groomsmen. What is everyone else doing for gifts for the boys? We were a little stumped when it came to that!

I do have to mention, east side bride mentioned the Paul Smith tie, shown below. I do love it but something about the solids is just really resonating with me right now.

reception wreath.

Thinking about ordering one or two of these Rosemary & Olive Wreaths from Williams-Sonoma for the reception.

ps. Kathryn just featured the most amazing Real Wedding. Held in my favorite city - Charleston - this event appears both elegant and simple. Exactly what I'm shooting for with our own nuptials.


Jun 13, 2008

For my makeup, I'm going for a modern, updated version of Audrey. A little bit screen siren, a little bit demure, all the while still looking natural and fresh - Basically like Scarlett. She has always looked like someone from the 1950s thrown into the modern world to me. And I love it ... and totally want the same look on my wedding day.
What's your makeup inspiration??
Coming up: The Hair!
{I've saved these photos over the past year so I'm sorry I cannot provide sources.}

daydream: reception venue no. 2.

{both found on the inspired room}

I love thinking about the possibility of at-home weddings. I think a casual, backyard bash at either of these charming homes would look both simple and amazing. The costs of renting tent(s), chairs, tables, linens, lights, etc. can add up to be a costly endeavor but if you have a phenomenal setting at your fingertips like these, it may be well worth it!

Has anyone had a fabulous wedding at home? If you have and would like to share, send me a brief description with photos to!

paper update.

Jun 12, 2008

Four hours later, I am finally *done* tracing, cutting out, stuffing and adhering our envelope liners for the invites and the rsvps ... whew! Looking at the photo, it looks like a silver zebra is living inside our envelopes. I can assure you, one is not. It is actually 'silver wood grain,' according to Martha.

And I decided to re-do our favor labels and add a little punch of color. Do they look too craftsy? I'm not sure about them.