daydream: reception venue.

May 31, 2008

even though j&i have found the perfect venue for our own wedding, it's still fun to imagine the endless possibilities out there and that's just what i started thinking about when i discovered the inspired room.

i've included a few of my favorites from her series so far ... wouldn't they all be a perfect setting for a gatsby-styled garden party?! so meticulously charming.

melissa michaels, an interior design consultant, is the author of this creative blog and she has an enormously fun series titled 'drive-bys' where she posts photos of clever little details of homes surrounding her portland, oregon neighborhood and beyond and recently introduced 'drive-bys: around the world' ... can't wait to see those!

if you go to her blog (which i strongly urge you to!), make sure to check out the link to her house and beach house -- serious design lust!!

{all photos found on the inspired room}


May 30, 2008

oh yes, she did.

the supremely talented, envy-inducing photographer liz banfield has launched her own blog.

go drool here.

vintage cake toppers.

just won these cake toppers on ebay -- thanks to laura jean for pointing them out to me! i love how authentically vintage they feel!
ps. did you miss laura jean's Q+A? click here if you did -- it's a fun one!

venue: check.

it's official. our ceremony and reception will be hosted at mary mahoney's! i love everything about it -- the history, the courtyard, the colors, the amazing live oak, the plentiful parking, the proximity to the beach, oh! the food!!
i love it, love it, love it.

off to cake tastings tomorrow with j and his mom! yummy!

the perfect breakfast.

May 29, 2008

{martha stewart image}

would this not be the most perfect breakfast to wake up to on your wedding day?!

a perfect start to a perfect day.

milk + cookies.

May 25, 2008

{image from the bride's cafe}

how fun would it be to offer a late-night snack at your reception?!
i always equate milk and cookies with christmas eve so i think it would be especially sweet at a winter holiday wedding to serve around midnight (but i'm sure it would be a hit anytime of the year!)

shooting for these shots.

my favorite selection of wedding photos i'm taking with me to prospective photographers to show the range of shots i'm hoping to get from the big day!

{photos from top: first six taken by sarah k chen; anne ruthmann; mrs juliagoolia knottie; jessica claire; next five taken by laura novak; leigh miller; next three taken by jose villa; next three taken by j garner; spring chic knottie; stacey kane}

frilly & fun.

May 24, 2008

{found on emily's muse}
i triple heart these adorable cake stands!

up, up and away.

May 22, 2008

as i've been catching up on my favorite blogs, i came across this lovely sight on black eiffel. it got me thinking how cool it would be to have an afternoon wedding in a rustic barn and have *this* as your getaway transportation.

the cheerful colors also remind me a bit of jenna bush's color scheme (did you not think i'd mention her wedding at some point?!) ... from the Lela Rose sketches of her 'house attendants' dresses to the festive decorations found in the tent.
{sketch found on ocean state bride; above two images from martha stewart blog}
coming up: a fun Q+A with a newly discovered (for me!) knottie! get excited! ;o)

Q+A: knottie laura jean.

meet my new favorite knottie, laura jean:

even though her wedding is less than *three* weeks away, she was gracious enough to fit in a Q+A with me and reveal some fun details from her wedding planning! when lj first e-mailed me, i was taken away first by how sweet she was and second by her knot bio -- from the a-maaaa-zing venue (see below) to the couple's darling pug to her affinity for fabulous vintage stamps ... ahh, the list goes on! this girl has got mad style -- she strikes a stunning balance right between timeless and current.


Q: How has your personal style helped to guide you in making wedding-related decisions?
A: My personal style has guided me in many a decision (Carrie Bradshaw and I have that in common!). I think the most obvious reflection of my personal style in the wedding would be the dresses for my Bridesmaids by BCBG Max Azria. I wanted to forgo traditional Bridesmaid dresses specifically to bring that twist of "personal style". Plus, they're primarily ivory (which is a rare choice for Bridesmaids) with a pattern - something you don't usually see at weddings.

{lj's inspiration board}

Q: Your venue is so amazingly unique -- The Metropolitan Building in Long Island City -- Can you share with CB readers a little about it and how you and your fiancé found out about it?
A: We are SO EXCITED to have found the Metropolitan Building!! Originally we were going to do an outdoor wedding at my parents’ house in Bucks County, PA. but that was before we had a meeting with caterers, etc. and found out about all the hidden costs involved (tents in case of rain, etc.). So when we got back to NYC, our friend Angelica Glass (also our wedding photographer) mentioned the building to us… we went and were instantly in love. The building’s owner, Eleanor Amos, purchased it back in the 1980s and has been using it to house her antique business, renovating the space throughout the years. It is truly a fitting venue for us… and we get to pick which antique pieces (furniture, etc.) we can use for the wedding as well!

{lj's venue, the inspiring Metropolitan Building}

Q: Favorite DIY project(s)?
A: I am a paper junkie! I have thoroughly enjoyed designing our invites, menu cards, etc. with the help of Heather Toupin, an screen-printing-artist who has screened all of our paper products. I chose to go with screen-printing for a more worn/antique feel. I also loved searching all last summer for vintage stamps on eBay and various other internet sites – I was especially elated to see the CB post on vintage postage stamps because it showed me that I wasn’t the only crazy detail-person out there!

Q: You mention not being sure which type of veil you want to go with -- birdcage vs. drop veil vs. no veil -- have you decided, and if so, how did you make the choice?
A: I HAVE decided – it was a super-tough decision because you really only get the chance to wear a veil once (and I love accessories, hahaha) – BUT, I have decided to go without a veil. I am going to attempt to recreate Kat McPhee’s long, lovely hair on my wedding day so I’m hoping that my hair will be enough “flair” for my head!

Q: The vintage stamps you used on your wedding stationary are such a small detail but so fitting and fabulous and seem to make such a difference -- what made you decide to go the extra mile to find them and use them?
A: Because I am detail-nuts, LOL. It’s true. I have always loved the little things that make something special – whether or not they’re always noticed isn’t the goal – it’s more about you knowing they're there and it makes a special project feel “complete”. I didn’t expect too many people to notice or comment on the stamps but I have been so pleased to hear from guests telling me otherwise. Especially hearing from my Aunts, “That Audrey Hepburn stamp… that is sooo you…”. ☺

Q: I know you already shared the story of your cake toppers with me but will you please share it with everyone -- it's such a great idea and such a wonderful story!
A: I have a not-so-secret desire to be “Brunette Barbie”. ☺ Ever since I was young I have loved all things Barbie – so back in 1995, when Hallmark was just starting to come out with their Barbie ornaments, they released a Limited Addition Wedding Day ornament set of vintage Barbie and Ken in dress and tux – and the BARBIE was BRUNETTE. My Aunt purchased it, unbeknownst to me, to save for me until my wedding day… and now they will stand atop our wedding cake. ☺

Q: I love how you are so traditional on some aspects and so modern on others -- like using Coldplay's 'Sparks' as your processional ... what's your favorite traditional detail vs. your favorite modern detail?
A: I would honestly have to say ALL details have been so fun to tweak! I feel that everything is fair game when you get to plan this special day. One thing that is very traditional that we’re sticking to is not seeing each other until the ceremony – our photographer and coordinator wanted us to reconsider this since more recently many brides and grooms have chosen to see each other before the bride walks down the aisle to make more time for more pictures. My fiancĂ© was unwavering on this detail – he can’t wait to see me for the first time walking toward him down the aisle!

Q: Your pug, Sir Charles is too adorable -- will he have any part in the festivities?
A: Sadly, our “son” Charles ☺ will not be present at the wedding. However, it is because of Charles that we do a lot of charity work at an animal shelter in SoHo called Animal Haven. It is because of this that we are making a donation to the shelter in lieu of favors for our guests. So Charles is, in spirit, still a part of our day. ☺

Q: Final advice to all vintage-loving brides-to-be out there:
A: THERE ARE NO RULES!! Let go, enjoy and watch your vision come to life. And GOOGLE, GOOGLE, GOOGLE! ☺

{two more shots i couldn't resist posting from lj's knot bio: cake inspiration and a shot inside her bridal salon}

sweet suits.

May 21, 2008

it's not officially summer yet but it definitely feels like it here on the coast! whew!

okay, so maybe i just wanted an excuse to post these awesome vintage shots that totally evoke the peak months of summer, found on peonies and polaroids via millie motts photos. wouldn't they be perfect for the honeymoon?

or for an updated version, either of these suits from j. crew would be fantastic.