Mar 31, 2008

i admittedly gave out a huge shriek when i saw this post on brooklyn bride pointing to InStyle's blogroll. i'm so honored to be included among blogs that i have admired for so long and by a magazine that is so endlessly inspiring!

thanks InStyle! ;o)

reader question.

a reader recently asked if i knew where to find the vintage stamps i posted about below. to be honest, i was thinking about looking through my dad's collection until i realized he had gotten rid of them years ago! boo!

i did a search on ebay and found tons of options but i'm a person who likes to see things before i buy ... so i'm opening the floor on this question ... does anyone know of actual shops to check out when looking for vintage stamps?

i was thinking about local stamp collector conventions but then again, i haven't seen any advertised ... if you know of anything, please share! :o)

stamp of approval.

Mar 14, 2008

{image from haselbride}

not a new concept but still a great one! there's something about vintage stamps that just makes envelopes so much more special!!

i've seen one with a drawing of a magnolia that i'm currently looking for to use on our invites.

{image from haselbride via ms}

{image from usps}
and i'm also loving these new stamps featuring vintage mahogany speedboats. especially love the chris craft! we might end up using these for our save the dates.

{ps. thank you so much to those of you who have voted for j&i (and your wonderful words of encouragement!) we truly appreciate it!! :o) there are still TWO more days left in anne's contest! so if you haven't had a chance to vote yet, please click here and check it out!}

more milk glass.

Mar 12, 2008

{ms image}

picked up some more milk glass today! visiting an old high school friend in south carolina and we went antiquing and picked up some great pieces! i'll post some pics when i get back home.

i included the martha photo above b/c i think i'll be using the bottom cakestand on the left. my grandmother has an identical one although it has a hairline crack that runs the width of it ... so i'm a little concerned about that. anyone know of any ways to reinforce things like that?


the three finalists for anne ruthmann's wedding photography giveaway were announced yesterday!!!!

click here to see if you recognize any (wink, wink)!

honestly, both j&i are so excited and honored to be included in this contest. the whole idea and premise behind it really speaks to me and i'm so happy to just be a part of it.

the winner will actually be decided by anne's readers (which adds to the fun ... and the nail-biting!) anne currently has a poll on her blog for readers to vote for their favorite couple and the winner will be announced on st. patrick's day (which also happens to be j's bday!!!)

i know i have some wonderful readers who adore anne's work just as much as j&i do, so if you have a moment, please hop over to anne's blog and acquaint yourself with the finalists and vote for your favorite!

click here and scroll down to cast your vote!! :o)
(& a huge, enormous blog hug for any votes thrown in our direction!)

rodney smith

Mar 11, 2008

there's been a lot of buzz about rodney smith's amazing photos -- and for good reason. i saw the three shots below on Black*Eiffel and perfect bound and i love the vintage look and genuine feel they possess. so lovely.

and check out this fabulous detail from his biography: 'he still watches nothing but movies made before 1947.' ... love it!