you get the picture.

Feb 29, 2008

not the best photos but good enough to get the general idea. here's the lovely milk glass i have so far and we're going out to look for more tomorrow:

i love these pieces so much and i'm planning on keeping most of them after the wedding. maybe arranging them on the mantle or something.

the vintage sheet music for the cones:

and little j in my grandmother's locket to attach to my bouquet. (awwww .... ):

playing catch-up.

Feb 28, 2008

things have been so busy lately but i have made so much progress in terms of the wedding! i decided to start collecting various milk-glass pieces for the flower arrangements for the reception. my mom and i have been antiquing like mad and i've collected about a dozen pieces so far. i promise i'll post pics soon. i can't wait to see them on the tables with white hydrangeas or peonies or gardenias or magnolias -- i know! i need to talk to a florist and start making some decisions! anyway, is anyone else collecting milk glass? i think it's a beautiful way to incorporate history as well as a wonderful way to recycle beautiful things from the past. and it's been so much fun!

i also found some beautiful antique sheet music that i'll be using to make cones for the petal-tossing ... has anyone seen a step-by-step to make the cones? i thought it would be really simple but maybe the paper just isn't the right size? any ideas?

oh, i also found the most gorgeous antique pin that i'll have to find someway to incorporate -- either on the dress or in my hair or something -- i'll have to post a pic later.

i also think i've found THE dress.


calling all creative brides and grooms.

Feb 11, 2008

because i've been away from the blogging world for a few weeks, i just recently found out about this amazing contest and seriously almost fell off my chair! the super talented anne ruthmann, who i've been obsessed with ever since i found her delicious blog, is offering free wedding photography to one 'indie, offbeat, green, and DIY couple!'

i find it so refreshing and wonderful that a photographer as talented as anne is willing to be so generous and do it in such a fun way, all while highlighting the benefits of going green and being unique! this contest just gives me warm fuzzies and i can't wait to follow along and see what happens!
even though i have a TON of stuff going on this week, i made it a priority to get my act together and i just submitted an entry for j&i. the deadline isn't until friday so get creative and send in your own entry! click here for more info on how to enter & good luck! :o)