q+a: knottie springchic

Jan 30, 2008

yay! i'm so excited to debut my q+a with amber, the wonderful knottie we all know and love as springchic. thanks so much, amber! enjoy!

Q: Was the Viceroy always your choice wedding venue? Did you consider any others in the pre-planning process?
A: We looked at several other sites before falling head-over-heels with Viceroy. Originally, we had hoped for a completely raw space with a visual focal point, like a rooftop overlooking downtown Los Angeles. We really liked Viceroy Santa Monica, but the color schemes were a little too strong for our wedding aesthetic. Other sites like 7degrees in Orange County were gorgeous, but it was more than we could afford. We started searching outside of Los Angeles and we chose Palm Springs because of our unified love of sunshine and mid-century modern architecture.

Q: The Viceroy's bold color scheme seemed to play a big role in your day, as it seemed to help decide your color palette. Let's play pretend for a moment. If you were having your wedding in a big-city loft (with a virtually blank canvas), what color palette would you have chosen?
A: What a tough question for an Interior Design student! We decided early on that we wanted a timeless look, but definitely not boring. I love the look of all-white weddings when different textures and shades are used. Black and white schemes are also very appealing because of the balance they create. If we were able to do it over again and get the raw rooftop space I craved, a deep gray, plum and ivory scheme would create a really dramatic effect.

Q: What's your favorite memory from your big day?
A: There were many, but my absolute favorite memory was after the reception. We went back to our room and my feet were killing me! My husband drew a bubble bath for me to soak in and sat down next to the bathtub and took the Gardenia out of my hair. He smelled it and handed it to me to smell. He looked at me and said, "This smell will always remind me of this very moment." It was such a sweet moment.

Q: Looking back, is there anything you would consider doing differently?
A: I would have hired a different DJ and photographer, but that's it. By no means did it ruin our day, but those are the two areas that could have been better.

Q: The invitations and programs (which looked AMAZING!) were all designed by you. Were there any other projects we don't know about that you did? And would you recommend DIY projects to other brides?
A: Thank you! While I wish I could say that I sewed the bridesmaids' dresses, built the chairs, composed all of the music, and cooked all of the food, we stuck with all things paper. If you're good at something and you have enough lead time, give DIY a shot. You will do it with more love than anyone you could hire to do the same thing!

Q: Was there any specific aspect of the wedding that you guys decided to completely slurge on?
A: We splurged on the food and location. Wedding guests usually expect good food, especially at a destination wedding. A smaller splurge was on my shoes. I really wanted to walk down the aisle in red soles!

Q: Who was your photographer?
A: I did not have a good experience with my photographer and would have hired someone else had I known the outcome. Her name is Beth Beljon.

Q: Which wedding photo is your absolute favorite?
A: It's hard to choose just one favorite from our big day! I really love the shot of the two of us outside where I'm sitting in the yellow chair. Another one we love is a shot of us walking away with the sun on our faces. It has such a dreamy, ethereal quality to it. That feeling really sums up the day.

Q: Where did you find most of your inspiration? Were there certain magazines or books that helped you? Or anything else?
A: I loved Martha Stewart weddings! Lots of great real weddings to draw inspiration from. I wish that I had known more blogs when I was planning. I definitely would have been visiting Classic Bride on a regular basis. Viceroy as my ultimate inspiration and I always made sure any design choices would be cohesive with the site. The designer, Kelly Wearstler is a genius. She has a book which was also very inspiring called Modern Glamour.

Q: Any final advice or tips to give to all the brides out there planning away?
A: Find something that is truly inspiring to you and build upon that and put your own spin on it. Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your fiance. I would also advise against anything overly trendy so that you can always think of your wedding as timeless instead of eventually looking dated. And above all, HAVE FUN!

simple elegance.

Jan 23, 2008

{from the knot}

a super simple (and easy to assemble) ribbon and initials makes a for a very sharp statement. i really think there's power behind keeping your decorative touches simple, whether it's at your wedding or in your home.

because i'm now back to my natural brunette color (and slowly beginning to love it!!), i've been scouring my favorite bridal blogs for inspirational wedding coifs close to my new color. this one seems to have an understated elegance to it that i love.

{victoria pearson photo via snippet & ink}
meringue. ahhhh. so simple, whimsical and dreamy to the eye.

{from the knot}
can't get enough of the pomanders. i think these are definitely the cutest choice out there for flowergirls, and of course, they are so versatile -- they can be incorporated in a myriad of ways to add a clean, polished look to your ceremony or reception.

creating quite the buzz.

Jan 22, 2008

i have a new favorite bee in the hive, miss shortcake! her vision is to have a vintage-inspired wedding and she has posted some fabulously classic images and ideas -- like this post or this one! she also posted a list that gives wonderful examples of popular 1950s styles including necklines, fabrics, silhouettes, accessories and also lists some fabulous resources. you can bet i will be following this bride-to-be's updates! so exciting to find someone with a similar wedding vision!

{both images via weddingbee}

at each and every table.

i know. i thought i wouldn't be posting for awhile, either. but i have some down time and thought i'd put it toward a more productive purpose rather than watching another re-run of 'the real housewives' ;o)

so lately, i've been entertaining the idea of using magnolias and/or gardenias in our wedding (since i really have no clue what flowers will be in bloom in southern mississippi in the fall but have scratched peonies as they are a spring -- not fall -- bloom for certain) and happened upon these tried but true farm vases at ikea:

at $1.99 a piece, i don't see how one can go wrong. the thing i like most about them is (well, other than the fact that they're .... white!) that they're opaque. i'm tired of clear-colored vases and i like that with these, your eyes would seemingly focus on the flower.

however, when i saw them in person last saturday at the store, i noticed they seemed smaller and a bit dingier than they look in the photo online. regardless, my immediate vision was to cluster three on a table and fill each with a stem or two of magnolia (like the one below).

{victoria pearson photography via snippet & ink}

i could also see a cluster of these sweet daffodils in the same arrangement, dotting the intimate-sized tables at our reception.

{image via snippet & ink, board no. 82}

has anyone seen any other vases that would work/look better?

registry bliss.

Jan 21, 2008

taking a quick break from my wonderful (and warm!) stay in orlando with j's parents to make a little plug about my guest appearance on anne's lovely blog, perfect bound, this week! anne e-mailed me and asked if i would like to contribute to a series on dream registries called 'registry bliss' -- of course, i was all over it! what girl doesn't like to dream?!

the series is a super fun compilation from different blogging brides-to-be, listing their most decadent dream registry items. it's such an amazingly fun premise, i can hardly wait to see the other responses!

head on over to perfect bound this week to check it all out! or click here if you're curious to see what made my top five! ;o)

and finally, an enormous cheers to anne for coming up with such a fresh, unique and fun series! i'm truly honored to be included! thank you!

a little hiatus.

Jan 18, 2008

hi all!

while i'm in a bit of a transition, posts will most likely be sparse for the next 2-3 months. i'll be splitting the next three months into visiting my parents, j's parents and several friends in the southeast. internet access will be random so i just wanted to give you a heads up!

i will post as often as i can and come april, when j&i are settled down on the gulf coast, i'll be back to posting regularly! :o)

take care and i'll be back soon!

q+a: real wedding.

Jan 5, 2008

{image from springchic knottie bio}
i have a very exciting announcement to share!

i'll be doing a small, informal q+a session via e-mail with amber, the fabulous bride known to all of us as springchic knottie! i've come up with a few questions i can't wait to ask her but i wanted to open the floor up to all of you, as i know many of you love her style as much as i do! so, if you have any questions you'd like me to include, just leave them in the comment section before tuesday and i'll make sure to include them!

a camelot legacy.

i've had the idea for this post for awhile and as it came up again today in an e-mail from a bride-to-be, i decided to stop procrastinating and come up with a post on one of my favorite couples of all time - jfk jr. and carolyn bessette.

from vanity fair:
'From the moment they stepped out of a small chapel on Cumberland Island, Georgia, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy were destined to inherit the spotlight that shone on J.F.K. and Jackie. As these pictures attest, the young Kennedy couple proved to be every bit as striking as their forebears.'

The bride and groom emerge from the chapel on Cumberland Island, Georgia, September 1996.

On the briny with Uncle Ted in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, November 1997.

John and Carolyn at the wedding of Christiane Amanpour and James Rubin, at Lake Bracciano, near Rome, August 1998.

Taking the dog for a walk in New York City, 1999.

Another romantic moment, this one during the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, in Washington, D.C., May 1999.
{all above photos via vanity fair}

... what i like most about this couple's wedding is where and how they chose to have their ceremony -- in a small, simple church -- first established in 1893 as the first african baptist church and later rebuilt in the 1930s. they kept their guest list small and simple, too -- inviting only 40 people and they kept the ceremony very intimate by only using candlelight. the absolute epitome of romance.

{above two photos via national park service}

there is so much i love and admire about this couple -- their amazing sense of style, their obvious affection for one another and most of all, their down-to-earth ways -- despite their social status. i also love that their simple wedding seemed to be a true reflection of their combined character. i think in planning your wedding, this idea should always be at the forefront -- don't plan a wedding based on current trends or what you think others expect from you. plan from the heart and let personal touches reflect who you are together.

click here to read another blogger's take on the much-talked-about ceremony.

bits and pieces.

Jan 4, 2008

lately i've been finding so many new sources of inspiration. i'd like to share just a few with you, my readers:

ariella chezar, found on snippet & ink. great floral arrangements and more. i love this photo with the draping swags of garland. very fresh. very natural. and oh-so-classic.

rob garland photography, found on the bride's cafe. love the vintage feel of this photo. and the umbrella channels a fun, mary poppins/nanny diaries vibe for me.

and here's a list of new blogs, sites, etc. that i've recently added to my google reader that i hope you'll enjoy, too:

that's all for now! next week j and i are making the big move south so i've tried to load you all up with some juicy posts before then!
xoxo, cb

the burn, revisited.

you may remember a post i made on a southern b&b, the burn, located in natchez, mississippi. well, it just so happens that the talented leigh miller remembered and alerted me to a wedding that was recently shot at this beautiful location. she pointed me over to ben chrisman's blog and boy, is there a ton of eye candy.

i would go ahead and tell you about the drop-dead gorgeous ceremony they had but ben does it pretty well himself:
'... they had the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. It was held in a pre-Civil War church built on a plantation which was used by the plantation owners and their slaves. It's in the middle of nowhere, and not many people ever go to it, which made everything that much cooler. And then Vicki and Jacob filled the church with candles, which gave the entire room a beautiful orange glow. After that, the reception was held at Vicki's family home, which is called The Burn. It's now a bed and breakfast, but it was used as a hospital for Union soldiers during the Civil War. And it's haunted to the point where some guest rooms are never slept in. At least not by living people. :-)'

honestly, how amazing is that candle-lit ceremony? the full slideshow of their wedding can be viewed here. enjoy!
{side note: all images shown on this post are by ben chrisman}

daydream: the church.

i'm so excited to announce a few new features i'll be introducing on classic bride!

  • first, a series called daydream. this will be a new outlet of mine to share with all of you the many different wedding details, fashions, venues, etc., that i'm completely smitten with but probably won't be able to include in my wedding for whatever reason. while these posts will most likely be random and sporadic, i hope they will be able to give someone out there a little bit of inspiration for their own big day!

  • i'm also hoping to start a series to gain information and inspiration for starting my own paper line. for a long time, i've had the dream of owning my own social stationary line and after we're settled down south after the big move, i'm hoping to launch it online! i'd like to offer calligraphy services for custom maps and invites as well as a few other paper goods. i thought it would be a good idea to ask those already in the business (that i completely admire) a few questions before i take the plunge! so be on the lookout for these fun Q&A's! :o)
... without further ado, may you enjoy the first installment of daydream! because j and i are planning on having our ceremony and reception in the same place, we won't be exchanging vows in a church. while i'm excited about our venue prospects, i'm still having a little envy over the fabulous weddings that could be had in these charming new england churches:

first congregational church in litchfield, connecticut

newton meeting house in connecticut

stafford church in vermont

south ferry church in narragansett, rhode island

church at sugar hill, new hampshire

blanford church in new england

free photography contest.

just checked my e-mail and found out about an exciting photography contest! check out the details below and good luck to all that enter!

Karenscape Photographers is giving away a FREE complete wedding photography package every four months in 2008. Karen will personally shoot all three contest winner's weddings, a value of $9700 per wedding, for FREE.
But this is not a random raffle.We are searching for the most romantic, serendipitous, poignant, funny, and inspiring stories of how you found the one. Tell us the amazing tale of how you crossed paths with your fiancé in this big crazy world, and you'll have a chance to win a free wedding. Make us cry. Make us laugh. Make us hope.
To win you must create a 3-minute-or-less video relaying your story. Upload your video to YouTube.com and send us an email. Be as creative as you'd like! For full contest entry details, please visit http://www.karenscape.com/ and click on the "Win a Free Wedding" link.

on the silver screen.

Jan 3, 2008

{image via istockphoto}

i've thought about videography off and on. it's just not a must-have for me. i think j and i would watch the video once or twice, catch a few special things we missed (which would be cool) and then put the dvd away, to gather dust with the rest. i mean, are there really couples who watch their video more than a few times a year? maybe i just don't get it.

if we do decide on it, i'd love to rent a handheld 8mm video camera and have a good family friend tape the ceremony and some of the reception. i've always loved that grainy, old-school aesthetic.

has anyone done this? how did it turn out??? and where the heck do you look to rent these little guys? i haven't been having much luck looking around ...

bah humbug!

i recently stumbled upon this pair of j. crew big-bow slingback heels from a previous season. (!!!!!!!) whhhhhhhy did i have to see these? i would buy these before even going dress shopping. they're everything i have on my mental checklist for a wedding shoe.

closed-toe. check.
slingback. check.
pointy heels. check.
satin. check.

and that fabulous bow is like icing on the cake for me.

i was able to find the espresso pair still on their site, albeit sold out. boooooo!
bring them back, j. crew! ... puh-lease??? ;o(
has anyone seen anything similar elsewhere?

marisa holmes.

not only am i in love with this photographer's style, i'm also going head over heels for the details of practically all her clients' weddings! check 'em out:
just when i was getting tired of the shoe shot, this creative placement made me love it all over again!

LOVE the lanterns. perfect for a beachside ceremony, too.

... & i even found a little inspiration for my groom-to-be:

attn: richmond brides to-be.

Jan 2, 2008

wow. do i wish we were planning our '08 wedding in richmond now!

for all of you that are, don't miss this great opportunity the preppy wedding is offering, in her own words:

I’m looking for two Richmond 2008 brides who are looking for help in planning the perfectly preppy wedding. I’m going to lend my creative services pro bono (FREE) for two lucky ladies. I’m willing to assist in everything from initial planning, vendor selection, crafting a theme, to day of coordination. SO. If you’re interested, e-mail me a two paragraph note with your initial vision. I’m going to pick the two ladies by mid-February, so all you readers please spread the word!

good luck!

fresh floral design.

even though i'm ga-ga over peonies, fresh floral design studio was able to win me over with their ingenious designs enough that i might now be open to other flowers for our wedding. might.

they're really spectacular at what they do and you owe yourself a trip over to their site to be inspired. here's a few of my favorites:

hydrangeas, cushion mums and spider gerbera daisies.

... and the arrangements on the tables.
i love this bouquet of hydrangeas, sweet peas and freesia.

sweet pea posies for the bridesmaids.

a beautiful arrangement of akita roses with lamb's ear.

love the moss monograms ... my mom and i will soon be working on these!!

what about him?

{image spotted on snippet & ink, via the knot}

my all-white wedding color palette hasn't caused any snafus ... until now. before, i had always imagined j in a khaki-colored suit with a classic, striped tie from brooks brothers. he has the navy and pink one shown above, and i would have been quite happy with him wearing it at our wedding. except not now. it would look strange and out of place. so what should he wear? i started looking around and found a few ideas but i'm still not sold.

(ps. i've ruled out tuxes -- too formal for us since we're planning an afternoon/early evening wedding.)

{jessica claire photo}
i immediately liked this but i'd make j tuck in his shirt and put a tie on. hmm, so back to square one.

{nicole hill photo}
then i saw this on snippet & ink. oooh. simple. and timeless! help me out here and tell me that this is not some variety of a tux!!! just a black tie, right? i can't decide if this is too formal or not but for now, i'm really, really liking it.

update: enjoy: (the blog} pointed me to a wonderful tie on j. crew that i missed. i think this would be great with either a khaki, navy or black suit!


{nicole hill photos}
and a non-related bonus. spotted these two while perusing nicole hill's photos. look at that hair!