A holiday wedding at home

Dec 8, 2008

Here's my visual and written ideas for the perfect holiday wedding {imho}. Hope you enjoy!
Location: While I was originally envisioning The Hamptons - specifically the house featured in Something's Gotta Give, I couldn't find any online photos of the exterior - so I'm going to go with a sweet colonial imagined on Long Island. {Stay tuned for a Runners-Up post including some more beautiful locations, including several reader suggestions}
Guest list: Extremely small, including only very close family and friends.
Time frame: A week-long affair, with Christmas Day being the big finale.
Color palette: Natural whites and greens with a teensy splash of festive red.
Favors: Hand-crafted German nutcrackers with small linen bags of chestnuts attached with a hand-written note.
The visual:
The details:
Row 1: Snowy scene; Milk and cookies; Linen stockings from Martha Stewart; sweet wreath from MS.
Row 2: April Reed cake; Colonial-style home {from my old hometown} found on Homes.com; holiday spread from Blueprint.
Row 3: lanterns; dining room scene from Better Homes and Garden.
& the Itinerary:
Day No. 1: An evening trip into NYC to enjoy a performance of The Nutcracker. Afterwards, a visit to Serendipity for some hot cocoa to warm up.
Day No. 2: Finding the perfect Christmas tree! You take off with your honey and a just a few close friends in your classic Chris Craft boat to the nearest tree lot, load the tree and then come home to set it up and adorn it with ornaments with family and friends. A fire blazes and chatter ensues about all the childhood and hand-made ornaments. Egg nog and candy canes are aplenty:
{found here}
Day No. 3: A few more guests trickle in and everyone bundles up and heads back into the city for a stroll through Central Park and a ride to the top of the Empire State building.
Day No. 4: Checking in with vendors and caterers during the day and spending the night caroling and breaking out some favorite board games. Milk and cookies make the rounds. The standard attire:

{found here}
Day No. 5: An unusual heat wave comes through making the weather just warm enough for the perfect beach bonfire. Everyone sits around the fire in adirondack chairs with warm tartan afghans thrown over their laps.
Day No. 6: The wedding!
Day No. 7: Christmas Day. You share an intimate brunch in the kitchen with guests and then enjoy opening presents. Later on, everyone takes the little ones out for sledding.
{Intimate brunch setting: Set of Something's Gotta Give}
Anyone planning a holiday wedding at home?


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