Study Hall, Session 7

Sep 15, 2008

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This week in Study Hall:

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I *so* have a new designer crush, thanks to Anne, of Perfect Bound! I just can't get enough of newcomer designer and former Ford model Abigail Lorick's styles. Her designs remind me of a fun combo of clean Kate Spade fashions mixed with a little Marie Antoinette decadence. And I love how a Lorick lady is described ... so delicious and fun! Now if only Abigail started a bridal line!

I've decided I officially need to order a Gocco, like yesterday. I keep seeing the most amazing products come from these little machines and I just don't think I can go much longer without! I mean, look at the two examples above, shared by Pretty Bride ... Anyone have a good site/place to recommend for finding one?

Yum. I am so looking forward to a big, scrumptious piece of our wedding cake! We chose buttercream frosting because it's just so yummy, complete with a vanilla-almond tier, a chocolate tier (for J) and a tiny little red-velvet top tier (my favorite!). Yum yum yum!

Just because you can never have enough Audrey in your life.

When I saw this sweet little room, I thought how lovely it would be to have you and your groom sit in those cushy, oh-so-comfortable-looking chairs prior to the ceremony and share a secret love note or poem with each other. I know it would help to calm my jittery nerves!

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And lastly, a note to the (lacking) rental centers around here: Please invest in some pretty chairs, like these wonders or at least order some sweet Chiavaris. Merci, S.

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