Hair + Make-up Success

Sep 24, 2008

Good news! Had my second hair trial today and it was a smashing success! I used knottie SpringChic's photos as inspiration and we did a few tweaks and variations but I'm quite happy with the end result:

... And *nine* hours post-hair appointment, everything's still in tact! Well, two stray bobby pins fell out but the 'do is still holding strong:

I also had to try a new make-up artist at M.A.C as my previous one is now 'unavailable' (whaaat?!). Luckily, there's a lovely girl who is very gifted with a make-up brush and mascara wand who will be available on our wedding day! And please note, I did try a new set of faux lashes (they aren't very evident in this photo) and I felt a lot more like me. Much more natural!

Yay for having hair and make-up booked!


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