Decisions, decisions ...

Sep 26, 2008

Since migrating South, there's been one thing I've missed like mad about the North: Fall weather! The trees here are all still green and while the weather has taken a bit of a dip, there is no crisp coolness that always ushered in the new season up North. I miss watching the colorful leaves dance to the ground and hearing their crunch beneath my feet. I miss that energy that permeated the air.
All of this got me thinking ... maybe instead of taking our honeymoon to another warm and beachy locale, we should re-visit some chilly Fall days and enjoy what we used to take for granted. We started thinking about the possibility of Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard/Kennebunkport/Bar Harbor.
We have to make a decision pretty soon and are trying to weigh this option against a more tropical locale. What do you think?

{ Laura Novak photo of Martha's Vineyard, and, yes, obviously not in the Fall but it was so pretty I couldn't resist!}

Okay, so ...

{Pumpkin lattes, scarves, chilly hikes and cuddling}

... or ...

{Margaritas, swimsuits, hammocks and snorkeling}?

Which would you choose?


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