Coffee + Donuts = Brunch; Part Two

Sep 23, 2008

Update on the brunch dilemma: I just booked the pavillion shown above for our Sunday brunch! As much I liked the old-school feel of having our brunch at an old-fashioned Krispy Kreme, it just wouldn't offer the intimacy that the rest of the weekend will have.

A close-up of our pavillion ... It comes with about 5 picnic tables ... which leaves me the task of gathering food and decorating.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Keep it simple and classic with red-and-white checkered table clothes for a picnic-y vibe. Use Mason jars filled with sand and tea-lights on the tables. Have several big galvanized buckets filled with ice and bottles of various drinks (iced coffees and juices). And finally, pick up some fresh doughnuts and fruit salad Sunday morning. While I was at the grocery this afternoon, I noticed candy apples ... definitely appropriate and fun for the season but a brunch food? What do you think?

Our pavillion is the last on the pier so it's a bit of a walk (but a beautiful one!) so I was thinking about having some signs to lead guests along the pier. If I have the time, I'll try to create some with calligraphy and use satin ribbon to hang along the walkway. Has anyone seen any examples of fun signage?

Suggestions on decor and/or food + drink?


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