Wedding wands

Aug 7, 2008

The wedding wands are (finally!) done! I've been working on these for much too long but I'm happy with how they turned out. For a long while, I was planning on constructing cones out of vintage sheet music and filling them with rose petals ... but after seeing photos of the wands in action, I was sold. They look positively magical when they're waving in the air. I originally saw them featured in Southern Weddings.

I found two simple milk-glass containers for the wands (one is my Grandmother's!) and I made the signs in calligraphy to match the other signs I've made for the wedding. I'm going to have the wedding party distribute the wands before the ceremony.

Here's how I made them:

I bought several packs of dowels from Michael's and stuck them in a styrofoam board. I tried spray-painting them white to no avail -- the color didn't apply evenly at all. So I ended up laying them flat on the styrofoam and hand-painted them which was a very time-consuming project. Next, I wrapped double-faced white satin ribbon around the top and hot glue-gunned it in place. Then I did that a second time to add another ribbon streamer. Then I cut the ends of the ribbon to create the forked end (is that what it's called?!). Voila! All done!


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