Introducing the new favor

Aug 12, 2008

So remember when I was adamant on having chocolate & peanut butter Buckeyes as our favors? No? [Please reference this post or this post or this one]

Well, I suddenly began to think about the weather and how chocolate & peanut butter tend to react to 75 degree temperatures (which is apparently what the temp. will be in the Fall here, according to Weather Tracker). Do I really want my cute little boxed-up favors to be a melted mess for our guests? Nope.

Enter our new and improved favor (a.k.a. our former Welcome Basket ingredient): Salt-Water Taffy.

The front ...

... and the back.

And now my questions for you! How should I arrange them?! I don't want to just have row upon row of Mason jars sitting on a table ... I love the tiered cake stands below but I really don't think they'd be appropriate for the jars. Any ideas? My Mom does have tons of beautiful Silver trays and pedestals that I could possibly use ... Thoughts?

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Next question: Now that I've eliminated my cutest addition to our Welcome Baskets, what should I replace it with???? All I'm left with is local magazines and brochures, a few munchies, water bottles and the standard aspirin and sunscreen all bundled into the galvanized buckets. I need something fun and beachy and adorable. Help! :o)

msteacherlady: I heart your ideas!!! I love the sweet tea mix idea -- I'm thinking I could put a Lipton mix with a heaping bag of sugar and a note about 'Sweet Southern Tea' ... and I adore the cookie-cutter as well as the Magnolia soap!!! I'm still brainstorming but these are fabulous ideas I would have never thought of myself! Thank you!


Look what I just ordered online! Yay! I'm going to try and make some sugar cookies with the above cookie-cutter and package them with ribbon and a little note welcoming everyone to Mississippi! Thanks to all who made suggestions -- I was really blown away with all of the wonderful ideas. The Jones Soda bottles are a GREAT idea! I may still have to add them!

Also, I really, really, really like the arrangement Heather from the bar recommended below. It's ridiculously charming! I'm going to try out my Mom's silver trays, etc. and if those don't work, I'm definitely going to try and replicate this (from the one and only):


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