Make-up trial

Jul 16, 2008

Just got back from my MAC make-up trial! What fun! I had brought in tons of photos for inspiration -- all with eyeliner only on the eyes (which I posted earlier) ... turns out, I may be a fan of the look on others but definitely *not* on me! We ended doing the eyes over with a smokier look which I liked a lot more ... it's a lot closer to my everyday look and didn't make me feel weird! I also really loved the false eyelashes but looking at photos now, I'm starting to think they're a little tooooo long?

Honest opinions, anyone???

ahhh, P.S. Also note the change in hair color ... some of you had asked to see my new brunette shade a few months ago. Better late than never, right? I do miss being blonde but I certainly don't miss the maintenance and money it took! ;o)

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad I wasn't the only one with hesitation about the faux lashes ... I'm going to schedule another session and try my natural lashes vs. another (more natural-looking) set of falsies. :o)


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