playing catch-up.

Feb 28, 2008

things have been so busy lately but i have made so much progress in terms of the wedding! i decided to start collecting various milk-glass pieces for the flower arrangements for the reception. my mom and i have been antiquing like mad and i've collected about a dozen pieces so far. i promise i'll post pics soon. i can't wait to see them on the tables with white hydrangeas or peonies or gardenias or magnolias -- i know! i need to talk to a florist and start making some decisions! anyway, is anyone else collecting milk glass? i think it's a beautiful way to incorporate history as well as a wonderful way to recycle beautiful things from the past. and it's been so much fun!

i also found some beautiful antique sheet music that i'll be using to make cones for the petal-tossing ... has anyone seen a step-by-step to make the cones? i thought it would be really simple but maybe the paper just isn't the right size? any ideas?

oh, i also found the most gorgeous antique pin that i'll have to find someway to incorporate -- either on the dress or in my hair or something -- i'll have to post a pic later.

i also think i've found THE dress.



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