the edible, regional favor.

Dec 29, 2007

ohio buckeyes!

vermont maple sugar candies

southern grits & peach preserves

i know i'm a little behind here but i just sat down with the new martha stewart weddings magazine this morning ... if you haven't already thumbed through it, go pick one up and turn directly to the spread on regional favors (or just click here!). i've been looking forward to this specific article after seeing it mentioned on a few of my favorite blogs and i certainly wasn't let down! while not *every* state is mentioned (boo! why wasn't mississippi?!?), there's a good mix of different regions and a few of my favorites are shown above. (note to vermont brides: i'm jealous!)

my absolute favorite, of course, are the buckeyes!! i've decided that candied buckeyes will be our favors - unfortunately, real buckeye nuts are poisonous. i'm thinking about making them myself - i did back in 7th grade home ec and they turned out fabulous so i'm thinking why not?? i can't wait to try it out with my mom when i'm home visiting! ;o)

i found these candy buckeyes at marie's candies, recommended by martha, if the DIY route proves too time-consuming.

is anyone else doing regional favors or OOT baskets for guests?

a fun holiday shindig.
a lavish birthday bash.
new year's eve in paris.
the golden globes.
your wedding.

these do's definitely fit the bill for any of them, at least for me!

{all images found on avery bleu via instyle}

click here to see more celebratory coifs over at avery bleu!
{on another hair note, i finally mustered up the courage to schedule my blonde-to-brunette appointment! january 10 will be my last (well, maybe) day as a blonde!}

back to the palette.

{image via nice spice}

{image via boatshedchic}
i haven't stopped thinking about my white wedding palette and when i saw these two dreamy images on two very inspiring design blogs, i couldn't help but think about what wonderful receptions could be held in either one.
i love how the first image mixes modern, contemporary pieces with overtly ornate antiques. it definitely looks fresh, french and oh-so-glam.

now and then.

i was excited to see this magazine cover on stacey kane's blog - featuring a bride wearing a dress from the j. crew bridal line! i loved the dress when i saw it on j. crew's site but love it even more on the stunning bride above - not to mention her hair - so relaxed but pulled together at the same time!
back to the dress - it reminds me of this one ingrid bergman is wearing below. love it. this photo gives me warm fuzzies.

bottoms up.

in homage to the nearing end of both the holidays and our beloved blueprint, i give you the inspiration to mix up a cocktail like this one (via bp mag) to remember the joys that both have brought!
happy new year!

merry christmas.

Dec 24, 2007

{from top, l to r: via small space style; via jupiter images; via cupcake bakeshop; via google; via the nibble; via sprinkes cupcakes }

maybelle calligraphy.

Dec 21, 2007

i am so excited about today's post ... i've had these images saved for a while and finally have a second to share them ... behold the talent of maybelle's calligraphy. i think her style strikes the perfect note between classic and modern. enjoy!

{all images via may belle}
and i almost fell off my seat when i saw the rubber stamp ... *great* idea!
maybelle's style reminds me of a lot of the calligraphy i've seen featured in tara guerard's southern weddings as well as on abby's style me pretty site. not sure if it is, but regardless, it's fabulous. :o)

nice package.

Dec 19, 2007

{images via bird and banner}

since i'll need to decide on save-the-dates fairly soon, i've been thinking about style, design, colors and packaging more and more. and then i saw this invitation on bird and banner for a bridal shower. i think the ribbon and packaging really help to set it apart from a regular card or postcard. i'm thinking i could use this set-up for our SATDs and possibly even print out the cards on our printer.

i'm having trouble with colors - whether to stick with all white or have a little fun with the SATDs and punch it up with color since i won't be able to from here on out. maybe i'll stick with a creamy white for the stationary and add a bit of color with the ribbon. hmmm. any suggestions?
and maybe i could use this SATD stamp from paper-source ($8.25) for the front (where 'think pink!' is printed) ... or maybe just go with a plain front. decisions, decisions.

dress talk + more.

Dec 17, 2007

{i don't remember where i found this but it's from vera wang's lavender label}

{image via the bride's cafe}

{image via marianne todd photography}
lately, i've noticed a trend in the wedding dresses i'm drawn to - i'm really loving the detail that kinda resembles an envelope, i think i've seen it called a 'fan bust?' i think it all stems back to the ongoing love affair i'm in with the alvina valenta-inspired dress from springchic's knottie bio:

then again, i'm also really, really loving this maggie sottero 'tabrett' gown (above, thanks to the commenter who clued me in on the designer!!)

for a long time, i vowed i wouldn't wear a strapless gown b/c i was so tired of seeing them everywhere but i think the ones featured above have enough detail to distinguish them from the average strapless gown.

what's everyone's thoughts on the bow on the maggie sottero gown? at first i loved it, then i wasn't sure and now i'm back to liking it ... ahhhh .......


{image via blueprint magazine}

while this isn't specifically wedding related, i loved this idea featured in the last blueprint edition (sniff, sniff ... why must you leave us?) ... and i think it would be an easy and fun way to dress up a pair of wedding day flats or heels - just tie a satin ribbon around your foot and tie in a bow ... you could even wrap it around your ankle a few times for the ballerina look. i'm going to have to experiment with this!

{bill blass dress}

and i'll leave you with a holiday dress i'm completely smitten with. how perfectly fabulous would this be for new year's? i love sparkle.

back to the initials.

Dec 14, 2007

{photos found on knottie bridestarr's bio}

okay, i know i've posted about this idea a few times but here i go again. i recently found knottie bridestarr, who explained how she made her own initials:
"DIY Initial Wreath $2 for letters from Moskatels 733 San Julian Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 689-4830 aka Michaels-Moskatels. Be sure to ask for the letters in the WEDDING department, and not the ones in the wholesale department. also insist that they are larger than 6 inches. Mine measure to be about 10 inches or more."
Has anyone found pre-cut initials like the ones above at a national retailer? I've looked at so many craft stores and only turned up tiny little letters that are in a sans serif font. kinda disappointing ... i've been thinking about just buying a sheet of thick foam or styrofoam and freehanding the letters but would much rather find the pre-cut ones. any advice?

kirstie tweed.

Dec 13, 2007

there are soooo many things i love about this photo. most of all, the framed photo just grabs my attention. i love how they used to add color to photographs like that -- there's one of my great-grandmother that is very similar and i plan on having it in the collection of family photos next to our guestbook. i also love how the ribbons are tied ... so cute.

i also love, love, love this dress. does anyone know the designer?
update: thanks to a commenter, it's maggie sottero's 'tabrett' gown.
and a bonus: here's another photo of the wedding (and dress) that i meant to post earlier. i love the mixture of the water with the trees and the boat -- especially the adorable 'i do' message. i may have to make my own version of that and use it for photos somehow. or maybe string out the letters for 'thank you' as a twist on the usual 'thank you' sign for cards later on.

book me.

{all images above from wedding bee}
this may not be news to some of you, especially if you keep up with wedding bee, but to me, this was huge. the above book was created by mrs. bellpepper via blurb. she took photos from their honeymoon to paris and created a beautiful photo book. i think she did a wonderful job with the cover and the photo on the back just screeeeams 'paris.'
i've basically fallen in love with blurb - there's so much you can do with it. wedding albums, personalized engagement albums, honeymoon albums ... the site has loads more ideas. you could take family recipes and make a professional cookbook to give out to relatives for the holidays ... if i had the time this year, i would definitely make a few books to give to my parents and to j's! oh, and the prices are very fair, too! go check it out!
here's one example the site had of a wedding album/book:
... so, has anyone used blurb or another similar site? i've heard a little about but haven't checked it out, yet. it would be great to hear about the process or see more examples so feel free to share!! :o)

blonde bride. brunette bride.

Dec 12, 2007

{all googled images of katie holmes, jackie kennedy and posh}
so i've been shelling out beaucoups of money to my stylist for the past four years to take my naturally brunette locks and transform them into a jennifer aniston brownde (but more blonde) every month ... and i've loved the results ... i honestly think there was a mistake when i was born and i was given the wrong hair color.
now that we're moving, i was thinking this would be the perfect opportunity if i ever wanted to take the plunge and go back to my natural roots. i wouldn't have to walk into work and shock everyone with a drastically different look -or- if i really did hate it, i could gradually go back to my highlights. the main issue i'm having is what do i want my hair to look like in my wedding photos? i've been going back and forth on this for awhile now. any thoughts???
oh, yes, i made the board above as my brunette inspiration. as you can clearly see, leaving blonde behind is not an easy task for me. ;o(

shoes ... but not for your wedding.

i l.o.v.e. driving mocs and recently saw a post about this pair from land's end on tres poshe preppy - which, btw, is an adorable blog that i highly recommend you check out. very entertaining with loads of charm.

anyway, i already have a pair very similar to the camel-colored pair above (but i still might order them. i mean, they're only $29!) and have been searching for awhile for a pair with a bit more of a slipper aesthetic to them - with a furry interior but still with rubber soles for outdoor use - but, to no avail. has anyone seen such a thing?!?

update: thanks kathryn and kelly! the uggs dakota slipper (below) is exactly what i was searching for!!! found a pair at nordstrom and am adding them to my christmas list! :o)

today's finds.

Dec 11, 2007

i hadn't been on the knot in a while and decided to stop by and see what was new. i ended doing a search for 'white' details - surprise, surprise. below are the favorites of what i saw:

is that a magnolia? whatever it is, i love it.

gorgeous peonies.

i'd love to incorporate pinecones somehow ... and while i wasn't planning on having a seating chart, this looks easy enough ...

and another lovely coconut cake. i do love those.

drink up.

if you're considering having a signature drink at your reception but still haven't made a decision, go visit williams-sonoma ... they have a great selection of beverages, complete with detailed recipes and photos. they also have menus and tips for bridal celebrations, which i found quite helpful.

here's a few of my favorite featured drinks:

apple cider cocktail

clementine mint sparkler

bellini - all images from williams-sonoma

i'm still torn between mimosas, bellinis and a spiked cider cocktail for our signature drink. we may end up offering all three. what's everyone else doing?