ride in style.

Nov 28, 2007

i can't believe i haven't posted about this before. i honestly can't! this used to be like my #1 priority for the wedding! i wanted our 'getaway' transportation to be a classic white vespa. i was reminded of this when i was saw this post on pretty little things today! around the time i started blogging, j&i had decided to try and have the ceremony and reception in the same location -- to save money and keep things more simple -- so the transportation wasn't needed anymore. but i still think leaving on a vespa would be so amazingly cool. so old-school-meets-modern-chic. i love it and totally recommend it!! :o)
the only problem we had when entertaining this possibility was finding a place to rent vespas. couldn't find anything, anywhere. i thought about hitting up local clubs and asking them if we could 'borrow' one for our wedding and give a donation to their club but never got around to it when we ditched the idea. has anyone done this or had a vespa wedding? i'm still curious! i may try and re-include it!!

white, white, white.

anne over at perfect bound sent her beautiful white inspiration board to me earlier today. i found it sooo inspiring, i wanted to share (hope that's okay)! love the feather details and the tree shot! so romantic! yay for white weddings!

annnd, brooklyn bride had this fun, frou-frou-y angel sanchez dress from the fall 08 line posted.
while i don't have the guts to go this non-traditional, i think this dress stays pretty classic in its silhouette and you just know it has to be fun to wear!
i think it would be fabulous for a wintry white wedding. it screams 'sugar plum fairy' to me ... i'm imagining couture nutcrackers for the favors ... hot cocoa with loads of marshmallows and white rock-candy swizzle sticks ... or white mocha coffees spiked with baileys ... a 5-tiered coconut-covered wedding cake ... a basket of satin ballet slippers for the female guests to wear on the dancefloor ... or a basket of white pashminas amidst a low-lighted loungy area ... definitely lots of drippy candles and shimmery chandeliers ... hmm, what else?
this brings me to a question i've been thinking about for awhile ...
is an all-white wedding a strange sight for the fall?
our date is october 25 which means a lot to us b/c it's the date we met each other but now i'm worried all-white might look weird!!!
honest opinions??

what to wear.

Nov 24, 2007

i L-O-V-E these dresses. so romantic and feminine. and timeless! always fabulous events posted them for brides a bit self-conscious about their arms but i think they're all fabulous, whether you're arm-shy or not! :o)


here's my white-wedding vision.
almost all the photos are recyled and previously cited.
ps. i'm in love with my new all-white color scheme. i don't know why this never crossed my mind before. it just comes together so seamlessly and looks so elegant and classic w/o a TON of effort. i'm all about that. yay for white-on-white!

maybe billy idol had the right idea.

Nov 19, 2007

i really like the idea of a white wedding ... with natural greens and browns as accents. this feels very classic to me and i can't see myself looking back on an all-white wedding with regret. the board above, from the lovely snippet + ink, only confirms this.

more fab shots.

Nov 18, 2007

i just can't stop posting about the talent of laura novak! ahh ...
these are exactly the type of wedding photos i want to keep and frame from our wedding.

... and now i can't wait to have children, so we can have a fun family shoot goofing around in bed. don't these photos just make you want to have kids of your own already!??! sooo cute.

{all laura novak images}
ahh! i almost forgot! i must mention christian oth photography found on style me pretty! if you haven't spent some time on the site, take a few minutes right now and go! drop-dead gorgeous shots. i promise your jaw will be on the floor. mine still is. :P

apple of my eye.

i keep thinking about candied apples for favors. they're just a treat i've always enjoyed (in fact, there's a pack in our kitchen right now!) and they're so seasonal & festive! when i saw the images above on black*eiffel, i started thinking that maybe i could make my own and add a special touch like dipping them in cinnamon sugar after the caramel. i wonder if plain-white cupcake cup holders would be big enough to hold them?

{image from real simple}
did a little looking around and found a great step-by-step recipe on real simple:

  • 1 14-ounce package of caramels
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 6 apples
in a medium saucepan, over medium heat, stir the caramels with the water until melted. slide a stick into an apple, dip the apple into the caramel, then place on wax or parchment paper.

(they're not kidding. that was reaaaal simple!)

& once they're all done, i could package them up and tie super cute hand-made tags just like mrs. pootiekins used above.

timeless shots.

{all photos by laura novak}

these are from the same wedding as the second photo in my last post. they just seem to embody the essence of a classic wedding ... completely timeless. & how fabulous is that car shot?! love the bushels of flowers in the back.


{from top: from mrshoya's knot bio, taken by jessica claire; laura novak photo; from mrs.juliagoolia's knot bio; stacey kane photo}

i've noticed lately i'm inclined to like wedding photos naturally framed by doors and windows. the houses/buildings are usually of a colonial style and brick tends to be prevalent.
or maybe this is a trend in wedding photography so i'm just seeing it more. either way, i'm a fan. i'll have to share this with our yet-to-be-found photographer.

have a seat.

i was browsing urban outfitters and spotted this antoinette fainting sofa in aubergine. my first thought wasn't 'oooh, this would be perfect in the foyer!!' like it would have been several months ago. it was 'omg, this would make for a perfect outdoor wedding shot!'

and it really would. this is the photo i had in my head:

{image from junebug weddings}

getting personal.

Nov 17, 2007

all of the sudden, i'm on a personalization kick ... i think i've been reading too many martha stewart weddings mags.

i never gave much thought to who would be officiating our wedding, but recently i started thinking how much i reaaaaaaally don't want a near-stranger to be marrying us. i started to think how cool it would be to have one of our parents get an officiant license and marry us. j became pretty excited about it, too. does anyone know how hard it is to receive an officiant license? for some reason, i was under the impression that it was pretty simple ... then again, i don't know where i got that idea.

here's my other personalization idea:

NUTS! i found these on coco + kelley. they're silver-coated walnuts. we would substitute buckeye nuts, to symbolize our shared ohio heritage and j's family's passion for OSU. i thought these would be a bit more tasteful than having a big brutus mascot hanging around, scaring the (non-sports fan) guests. i also think these will go well with the autumn theme. i was thinking about putting them in tall glass containers or wrapping a few in cellophane with a personalized note and using them as favors -- except that i don't know if they're edible and if they are, the silver paint would probably make them non-edible so maybe the favor idea is not such a good one. :-/

true bride confessions.

i have a new addiction.

hitting the right note.

Nov 13, 2007

i've been meaning to write a post about music for some time.
& now seemed like a perfectly good time.

it seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to wedding music. my opinion: play the classics and play your all-time favorites. in our case, it just so happens the classics are our favorites. so we're going heavy on frank sinatra, louis armstrong, dean martin, miles davis, nat king cole and bing crosby. {any other suggestions are very welcome, as always!}

and there are three songs that are must-haves for us:

  • ella fitzgerald's at last
  • andy williams' moon river
  • louis armstrong's what a wonderful world
  • and coldplay's green eyes.
i have a feeling there will be whispers about two of these. whispers about at last because after all, we're only in our mid-20s ... BUT, we've been engaged for almost four years and together for over six and i've been hearing "so, when's the date??" for much too long. so at last will be playing b/c i will finally, at last never have to hear the date questions again (instead, it will be "so, when's the baby coming?"). ... then there's green eyes. neither of us have green eyes. but j has been convinced since the day we met that i do, indeed, have green eyes ... which makes the song funny to me. it's also just an all-around beautiful song -- it's going to be our first dance. what do you think? would you be whispering? (am i over-thinking this?!)

we'll also include some more contemporary tunes, but they'll have to be hand-picked. there will be no chicken dancing, twisting and shouting or macarena moves at our wedding. i mean, seriously, is there anyone that really enjoys doing the chicken dance?!

holiday card swap.

just got an e-mail from brooklyn bride about a holiday card swap!
comes at a perfect time as i'm just starting to think about what i'll do this year. watch her blog for details. ;o)

sarah k. chen.

meet sarah k. chen, (aka mrs. pootiekins) the photographer.
i absolutely adore these shots -- the color composition, the lighting, the angles -- it just all seems to come together as perfection. totally magazine-worthy shots. mrs. pootiekins should think about moving to ... oh, i don't know, biloxi?

samantha alday.

ever since i learned that we'd be moving, i've been searching like mad for a new photographer. this was really hard b/c i was so happy about the one we had found up north here and that was one thing i had marked off the wedding-to-do list.

but i was stoked when i found samantha alday's site. love the photos. one of my faves is right below. but more than anything, she just comes across as so easy to get along with - and i feel like that's something that's really important when looking for a photog. if you're not comfortable with them, your photos are going to show it.

found this photo of a cute sparkler arrangement on the her site, too. i like the idea of using an urn-shaped container. but i think i'm too set on the cones-with-petals idea.

mrs. pootiekins.

Nov 12, 2007

i owe a big blog hug to an excited bride for pointing me to mrs. pootiekins knottie bio ... i don't even have words. simply amazing. to top things off, not only is the bride an amazing wedding planner -- she's also a supremely talented phototographer. i would hire her in a heartbeat -- her photos are the most crisp, unique and inspiring images i think i've ever seen -- go look!

ok, here's a few of my favorite images from her knot bio (ok, a little more than a few but i couldn't help it, i was in inspiration heaven!):

another reason i can't help but love this wedding -- they have the same names as us! ;o)

(i squealed when i saw these pomanders!)

now that's what i call parasols done right! this photo alone made me decide to re-include them in my wedding.

peonies, ranunculus and gardenias.

mini brut rose champagnes for the bridesmaids.

for some reason, these are screaming 'marie antoinette' to me!
and they shared mini sofias pre-ceremony -- so cute.

i need to get started on making these already!

this photo settled it. j will be wearing argyle socks. i don't care if he complains. he can take them off and change after we get THIS photo.

the favors: adorably-packaged candied apples! i'm thinking since we're having an october wedding, we could do this! i've been wanting to try and incorporate some autumn touches but have been hestitant to mix them with the coastal touches ... but i think packaged right, it would work perfectly.

i looooooooove her hair.

and here's one photo from her photography blog.
i think it's obvious why i chose to post this one. :o)

drama, drama, drama.

Nov 11, 2007

i just discovered the notebook and am totally smitten over this dress that was recently posted. if i was having my wedding at the met (or some other big and amazing museum), i would totally wear this dress. so dramatic.

kristine + matt.

remember kristine and matt's wedding at the viceroy?

when i saw this wedding featured in brides, i ripped out the pages and stuck them in my wedding binder ... and then i kind of forgot about them ... until now!

i loved the fun, kind of off-beat vibe the sofia minis brought to their reception ... but at $20/4 pack, i'm thinking this could get a little pricey, no? has anyone seen any other options? i know i haven't.

another detail from their wedding that i completely fell in love with were the bridesmaids' bouquets ... i have yet to see a more UNIQUE floral arrangement. (well, the feather one from awhile ago is a close runner-up) i just love it. it feels so fresh and modern. has anyone seen bouquets in this style using different flowers? i'd love to see different takes on it.