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Oct 30, 2007

i haven't used this blog to discuss much in my personal life but this post will be an exception. j recently graduated from law school and last week, we received the wonderful news that he passed the bar. and just yesterday, he received two job offers - one in trenton, nj, and one in biloxi, ms. we know NOTHING about either of these two locations and are feeling really nervous and anxious about the whole thing. even more so because we are being asked to make a decision by tomorrow at 5 pm!

if any of you have any suggestions, advice or opinions on either of these locales, i would be so hugely appreciative!! we've been trying to research like mad and asking everyone what they know and still can't decide!

and does anyone know if it would be possible to commute from a suburb of trenton to nyc? i was thinking about the possibility of finding a job in nyc but i have no idea about the commute -- if it would be brutal or if they have trains and everyone does this??

and, of course, this changes our wedding plans big time. i can't decide if we should move and plan a long-distance wedding or change our venue and have it in one of these two places.


we received an extension until friday to make a decision. right now, we're leaning toward biloxi/gulfport. as much as i'd looooooooooooooooooooooove to be an hour from manhattan, there's a lot of things weighing in our favor to move south.

& many thanks to those that offered advice and suggestions! i value them all.
i think you can find positives and negatives anywhere you live ... but i can honestly say i'd be excited to live in either of these new places.

leigh miller.

Oct 28, 2007

i recently found a link to leigh miller's photography blog and was amazed at how many gorgeous photos there were. and if you're anything like me, you may have to do a double-take at the two photos below. doesn't this couple look like charlotte and harry from satc?! :o) so cute.

and i spotted this flawless cake which reminded me of one i saw in tara guerard's southern weddings!

{all photos from leigh miller}

c is for calligraphy.

i made such an exciting discovery today (at least for me!!)

i've been aware of couture maps for some time now and i just assumed that the site contained everything custom-made by stephannie barba ... well, i was wrong! i don't remember how i found this but i stumbled upon miss barba's main site today!! take a look! she creates sooo many different things - social stationary, invitations, programs, satd's, monogram designs, table number signs, coaster designs ... the list goes on and on ... i practically devoured the site, wanting to take it all in at once. :o) and then it got me thinking, since i'm already making my own map in this style, maybe i could take it a step further and create my own SATD's, invitations and possibly even programs? here's some of the things i found that made my inspirational wheels start turning:

a fun, simple SATD.

my favorite of the invitations on the site!

a beautifully-addressed envelope!

the rsvp-postcard style i've been thinking about using!

and this is the pocket-style envelope i'm thinking about putting the envelope, rsvp and map in. anyone know what type of ribbon/string this is called? i'm loving it!!!

a lovely program

and yet, another lovely program!

when i saw this, i started thinking a donation would be a nice gesture but i still really want to give my guests something tangible, even if it is just a cutely-wrapped candy of some sort.

notecards which could double as thank you's.

a cute card which could be a thank-you, also!
i feel so inspired to try out more DIY calligraphy for all of these things!! :o)

planning update.

i've been trying to compile a list of ideas i really really really want to incorporate in the wedding and it went something like this:

  • (DIY) programs with unique containers (birch ones a la that one michelle rago event?)
  • mason jars - incorporate in a few ways?
  • champagne with yummy floating scoops of sorbet
  • lots of lemonade with signature stirrers and a ring of sugar around the rims
  • fun, colorful wedding shoes
  • incorporate chalkboards somehow - seating instructions or menu?

    Possibly this (found on faye on greer):

    Where do i sit?
    Sit wherever you like! But, if you see an unfamiliar face, please, go introduce yourself!
    We're all friends and family here. So eat, drink, dance and sing.
    But most of all, have a wonderful time! We're so glad you're here!
    Love, S & J

  • (DIY) embroidered handkerchiefs for mothers' gifts
  • fathers' gifts? no idea as of right now ...
  • a two-sided locket on my peony bouquet with dad & j's photos or mom & dad's photos
  • (DIY) cones for petals made out of vintage music sheets or a vintage childrens' book (which i still need to find)
  • lots of string lights!
  • (DIY) monograms (J & S) made of mums for the doors
  • buckets of parasols OR trays of fans for guests (need to decide and find a fabulous bucket/container for them)
  • the cake: red velvet with simple, white frosting - 3 small tiers - atop an antique silver plateau cakestand
  • flowers: peonies, dahlias, tulips, ranunculus and maybe mums
  • (DIY) pomander for the flower girl and maybe use in some other way, too
  • (DIY) favors - undecided - a) donation b) cellophane wrapped treats c) coffee bar
  • (DIY) SATDs, maps, invites, rsvp postcard, programs - calligraphy done by hand as much as possible (my next post will explain this more)
  • a bell to ring during the ceremony for grandparents who have passed away but are looking down on us from heaven to let them know they're still very much included (which i need to find)

now, obviously this list doesn't encompass every aspect of the wedding but it's the fun little details that i want to make sure are a part of the event ... so, to visualize things a bit more i decided to go through my saved images, pick out the ones that comprise my list and make an inspiration board:

{click on image to enlarge}
and somehow, it came out with a fairly consistent pink & green (and white) theme! i don't know how that happened! i like the two colors together but i've never entertained the duo as a possible wedding palette! yet, the more i look at the board, the more i like it!

ahhhhhhhhh ... and i thought i was completely set on having a yellow/navy/white theme ... my indecisiveness really annoys me sometimes.

yes, more SATD's.

i know the accepted abbreviation for save the dates is STD but it really creeps me out to use that shortened form (i remember a $10,000 wedding posted about the hesitation to use this abbreviation as well as BM for bridesmaid and i have to say, i feel the same way!) so i'm using SATD from now on. it reminds me of SATC, which makes me happy and excited because it reminds of the upcoming movie!

ok, so i was looking around brides and came across a lovely stationary store called dear dahlia. they have a fun assortment of letterpressed notecards, save the dates, invitations and holiday cards. i believe they're located in connecticut but you can order online. here's two SATD's i'm currently admiring from their collection:

Oct 27, 2007

i was over at toast & tables today and kept finding photos i wanted to save for inspiration. since our wedding colors are still (tentatively) yellow, white & navy, i decided to create a collage or two from the images i found:

& a few random images:

i loved the clean lines of the silver containers above. they reminded me of this (galvanized? is that the word?) bucket for parasols. i loooooove this bucket!!! does anyone know where you can find these?!
{all images from toast & tables}

to top it off.

before i begin this post, you should know that my knowledge of comics is basically non-existent. the most interest i've ever shown in the subject was a fleeting obsession with roy lichtenstein prints, mostly b/c they tended to embody the essence of classic glamour -- coiffed hair-do's, fur stoles, flawless make-up and lots of clean-cut and stylish men, like this:

and then, a few days ago, i spotted photos in some tabloids of the filming to the sequel to fantastic four -- i still have no clue what fantastic four is about (nor do i care ... ) -- but i do know that i am in love with jessica alba's simple and modern gown and gorgeous net veil! these photos seem to evoke the same feelings i get when i look at a roy lichtenstein -- a step back in time to simple glamour, iced with a dramatic storyline:

i also recently came across photos by aaron almendral, via style me pretty, and fell in love with both his work and this net veil that reminded me of jessica alba's:

as well as this retro-inspired feather hairpiece i found on darcy miller's blog:
i just can't decide which direction to go with veils!!! i love the net veils. i love feathers. i love juliet caps. and i love traditional lace veils. {siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh} i suppose i should wait until i've decided upon the dress and let that choice dictate the direction i go with the veil, right?


{image from fab audrey}

i recently spotted a link on blushing apples to a lovely site that is completely dedicated to audrey hepburn - fab audrey. lots of fun things on the site - worth a look if you're an audrey fan like me!

here's my favorite audrey quote, which is also on the site:
"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person."

let's go on a safari!

Oct 25, 2007

i've had this site bookmarked for a while now (ever since i saw this post on {this is glamorous}) for my dream honeymoon locale. i've *always* wanted to go on a safari but i'm not the kind of girl that likes to get dirty and go hiking &/or camping. i'm squeamish and typically afraid of bugs, you know?

so here's the perfect solution: the makanyane safari lodge! the lodge is completely luxurious yet you'll still get up close and personal with the wildlife! i already want to book our trip!
take a look:

a work in progress.

Oct 24, 2007

{click to enlarge images}
here's a half-done roughroughrouuuuuuuuugggghh-draft for my map. i still need to work on figuring out what to draw first to avoid words and pictures running into each other but i'm enjoying working on it so far! :o)
anyone else making maps/direction cards?
UPDATE: a few of you asked how i've been working on the map -- it's all freehand so it's very basic -- just a quill pen and paper. i did have to try out several different types of quill pens. the first set i used was pretty tough to work with but once i found the right quill, things became much easier! it's almost as easy as using a ballpoint pen! it moves very easily ... unfortunately, i threw out the packaging so i can't tell you what brand it is but i've spent less than $20 so far for the supplies. and i've found practice definitely helps! happy mapping!

navy vs. black

i spotted this gorgeous yellow + white + black board over at snippet & ink.
i've been debating for awhile about switching out navy for black in my wedding color palette and this beautiful board is certainly making me want to sway.

which palette would you prefer?
yellow + white + ???

{ non-related: on a side note, i've been making a little progress with my faux 'couture map' for our direction cards ... i'll try to post a photo or two later on. :o) }

posh girl vintage.

Oct 22, 2007

a $10,000 wedding posted about posh girl vintage and i am loooooooving some of the dresses!!
the ones i took a close look at tended to range from $200-400 -- not bad at all! whether you just wanted a fun dress for a cocktail party or for a casual garden wedding, these are definitely dresses you wouldn't wear once and then stuff in your closet! go have a look! here's a few of my faves:

1950s yellow beaded chiffon dress

1950s marshall field
1950s cream daisy lace
(my favorite of those listed!)

pumpkin love.

{found on emily style}
for a festive party at home or an autumn wedding, this table looks fun and elegant. loving the idea of spray painting the pumpkins silver!

design, design.

Oct 19, 2007

i just saw this save the date at cheree berry and love the simplicity. also loving the stiped envelope liner!

also spotted this invitation set at cheree berry. love it. i would probably trade yellow for green and keep the b/w stripes.

if you click on the image above, you'll be able to see the detail a little better. it's an abby jean set and i love the tiny baroque-style details ... i know this is cheesy but does anyone know of clip art that's similar to these details?
i promise i won't use these pineapples anywhere in my invitations but i love that they symbolize hospitality in the south ... i always think of that when i see them and wish there was some way to incorporate them!

liner follow-up.

Thanks to all that posted on the envelope liners!

Vane: i would be soooo appreciative if you could send me a copy of the template you have! it's so amazingly sweet of you to offer! (big hug!) i would need the a6 and a9 versions, if you don't mind. and unfortunately, i don't live in ny (wish i did!!!!!) do you have an e-mail that i could send you my address? i didn't see one listed on your blog. and again, thank you so much! :o)

Darci: thanks for the martha stewart link on directions! i've never been very good at following craft directions but for those of you who are, enjoy the link!

here they are.

okay, i made some really quick mock-ups for possible save the dates. i'm really not liking the one with the photo! they need some more work and i think i'd change the color of the brocade icon to a black and print them on a thick white cardstock. any ideas? suggestions are definitely welcome! (and i half-erased some info so i apologize for the weird look!)




photo by look photography.