letter seals.

Sep 29, 2007

{from knot bios}
i just saw this letter seal idea on one of the knot bios. i was pretty excited about the whole thing until i realized how time consuming this process could be. i'm already planning on addressing the invitations in the best type of calligraphy i can produce so that will have to suffice.
i do like the idea of using an address embosser on the back of the envelopes. plus, you'll be able to use it in the future. cheers to that.


i keep going back to the idea of having a candy bar instead of having individually wrapped favors. but some of the above photos intimidate me - um, like the one with the yellow and white canopy with the plethora of different types of sweets and displays. gorgeous but definitely not on my DIY level. i'm thinking about gradually collecting a variety of glass containers - some new, some vintage - and fill them with simple treats.
here's the wedding that really inspired me on the candy bar idea.

miss lhuillier.

the more i look at gowns, the more i'm drawn to monique lhuillier.
i decided to look through her current and past collections and catalogue my favorites to get a better idea of the style i'm after. here they are:

while i'm a not a fan of the strapless style, i love the skirt on this gown.

i think this may be my favorite.
the skirt is so fabulous.
oooh, a short one! i'm still considering going short. this one says 'whimsical' to me.
this was in the 'ready to wear' collection so i'm guessing the price would be substantially lower. i would really like it if it was in white. can't really tell from the photo.

these mary janes from j. crew would be cute. i would wear colored heels with a long dress but probably stick with white for a short dress.

budding idea.

everyone knows a trip to the florist is typically pricey. yet, the more i look at wedding flowers and the price tags that are attached, the more i want to find an alternative ... that's cheaper. it seems that whenever the word 'wedding' is attached to something, vendors maintain the right to inflate the price as they see fit.
i'm looking for very homogenous bouquets (white peonies, white tulips, yellow mums and a few others) and i started wondering if i could pick up a few bouquets at a local market ... they typically have nice, fresh bunches of flowers that are in season. and i think if you cut the stems fairly short and tied them together with some ribbon, they'd look fine.
i don't know - does anyone do this?

stacey kane.

wow, i have so many ideas and images saved up i need to write about. it's hard to pick what i should tackle first. i've heard wonderful mentions of the talented stacey kane lately and decided to check out her blog. wow. her photos just seem to define the events she covers - the emotions shown in the photos seem to pop, as if they have exclamation marks following them. she even makes collage-type boards! here's a few i couldn't resist posting:

top: the collection of shots here look so fun and relaxed. i love the intensity of the black and whites and the sharp, geometric lines in the pier shot.

middle: these details are color-coordinated so amazingly well. love the metal pails and the blueberry cupcakes, which i know i've seen before! i also gained a soft spot in my heart for this wedding ever since i saw the dmb cd. :o)

bottom: i LOVE these details. the red and white look so crisp and festive. i love that the bride wore red shoes and not white! and the 'wedding wands' in the red pail are so cute. i also love how they put little bouquets in mason jars with a red and white striped ribbon (see another shot below). and you can't see it in the board but the groom and his party wore khaki-colored shorts. LOVE that.

charming southern venue.

Sep 28, 2007

i spent most of my childhood in charleston, south carolina, so naturally, good memories are always triggered whenever i see something decidedly southern. like the french huguenot church i found while thumbing through southern weddings:

this church encompasses everything i would dream of or want for a wedding. gorgeous.

the dressing room in French Huguenot Hall. wouldn't this backdrop make for beautiful 'getting ready' photos?!

garden wedding details.

i think all of the details below would perfectly compliment a garden wedding like the one pictured above.

something about the use of chalkboards greatly appeals to me. it seems part-rustic, part-fun. plus, you can use them for all sorts of things: menus, table numbers or just as an explainer to guests ('sit wherever you like,' 'don't forget to sign the guestbook').

these citronella torches are bright and festive and serve a purpose. perfect for a beach wedding or a casual outdoor affair.
{all photos from brides}
oh! if we were having a seaside ceremony, i would definitely use these cute saltwater taffy favors. the glass bucket adds a hint of charm, too.
and lastly, and completely non-related, i've had this shot saved to my computer for a long time. something about the waves of tulle and stappy sandals just looks so glamorous and dreamy to me. :o)

yellow hues. vintage touches.

i think lemons give a vibrant punch for spring/summer weddings.

loving the idea of using cakestands for things other than cakes!

a pretty milk glass cakestand with mother-of-pearl serving ware.

:cute vintage pitchers:

{top image from style me pretty, rest from brides}

{sigh} ... if only we lived in l.a.

Sep 25, 2007

i know everyone's probably already seen photos from amber & brian's spectacular wedding at the viceroy in palm springs but i just recently saw the actual planning involved in the wedding with lots of little details and explanations. this wedding has, by far, been the most significant inspiration i've found. it feels lavish and simple at the same time. it's exactly what i want my wedding to capture. modern elements mixed with traditional details. here's some photos that i found very inspiring:

the hair inspiration. i absolutely adore it. it even reminds me a smidgen of a tame marie antoinette do. these photos are so coming with me to my stylist.

louboutins. exquisite.

and below, i love these rings. love the eternity band. and the guy's ring seems to hit just the right note between simple and blingy with the alternating white and black diamonds. modern with a little embellishment. totally stunning.

the most lovely gifts for the moms i've ever seen.
the one on the left says: 'thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams' (doesn't that make you tear up??) and the one on the right: 'to dry your tears (as?) you have always dried mine'
how beautiful are these????

and i couldn't resist a few shots of the viceroy. this venue blows me away everytime i see it:

aaaand ... (i could go on and on!) .... here's a few details from the wedding that i'm head over heels in love with:
the 'something old' -- a childhood photo of the groom
i want to do this but also add a childhood photo of my dad in a two-sided locket.
peonies. i think this was the bouquet i used in some of my old inspiration boards.
i hope my bouquet looks this stunning.

so classic. so timeless -- the brooch is from haute bride in san fran.
oh, definitely visit the site if you're prepared to swoon over the delicious collections they offer. here's two that made me gasp:
the only bummer is that you can't order online and prices aren't listed. but it's still great inspiration. :o)