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Aug 31, 2007

pottery barn-ish vision


another pottery barn frame

i bought an oversized black and white frame, similar to the top one on this post about two years ago. mine's a little taller. i bought it with the intention of using it as a guest book at our wedding. and then, it seemed to become a craze of sorts. i was seeing them everywhere and started re-thinking having it as my guest book. the craze has seemed to die down a bit and i think i'll go with it. i like the idea of having it over dining buffet, surrounded by wine and good spirits. ;o)

peonies? scratch that, dahlias.

i love these simple centerpieces ... but what are those flowers??


if j&i get a pug pup by the time we say 'i do,' i think we'll definitely have to include him/her. dogs seem to bring such a playful, fun vibe to things. i like the idea of having the flowergirl or ringbearer walk the dog down the aisle. maybe use a wreath of flowers as the collar or a really luxe grosgrain ribbon leash. one or the other. not both.

[how cute is that little puppy???]


i love this cake. i can't tell if that's sketched fondant icing or what(?) but i love it.
def. taking this photo with me to the bakery when it's time. i think i'd do w/o the flowers on top. poss. add a vintage bride & groom set on top. not sure about that, though.

really like the simplicity here.

reaaaaally like the texture in the frosting! i want this texture added to the cake above, add some fresh peonies for garnish and there's my wedding cake. this one looks like it would actually taste good, too.

i like this too. mostly, i like how the edging resembles seersucker! :o)

most of these are from the cake girls.
lots and lots of amazing talent.

black for bridesmaids?

i know this isn't a new idea. but everytime i've heard of bridesmaids wearing black, it makes me feel weird ... for a long time, i was like "no way would i have my bridesmaids wear black."

but. i've been changing my mind lately. black is classic. it can be striking and elegant. and you know it will be worn again. and while i was looking through the fall j.crew that arrived at my door yesterday, i realized black was one of the new fall colors offered for their bridesmaids' collection. this dress and this dress (shown above) are the particular ones i've been eyeing since spring. they're shown in my old boards in different colors. and i feel like if you paired a simple, black dress with a really vibrant bouquet that just pops, no one would even second guess the black ... i'm still not completely convinced but it's a possibility now.
the very top photo [which, btw, was taken at the reese-peters house - which we're touring this wkend as a poss. venue ... *can't* wait!] also shows the use of black. i think it works perfectly here. thoughts?
top photo by look photography.


Aug 28, 2007

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style me pretty contest.

ok - since i just started 'classic bride,' i doubt i'll have many visitors by this friday ... but! if i do, please visit and check out the contest going on! vote for your favorite inspiration board -- it's a lot of fun and very inspiring.

i entered the first one i ever made ... Day One: #13 Sarah's Chic, Whimsical Wedding.
vote for it if you like or keep your eye out for upcoming contests and enter your own!

DIY sequel: pomanders.

i like the clean, simple, spherical look of pomanders. the work that goes into creating them is probably a lot more involved than i care to think, but i still wonder if it's something that would be an easy DIY project.

i added another photo of initials hanging on church doors. i love the stone and the arch that frames those doors.

the initial idea.

i've seen this idea in magazines and on several blogs. the idea of hanging moss-covered initials on the chapel doors. i like it. but i'm not sure how to go about doing it. i think i might try it out this weekend. it seems like a fun DIY project, no?


i saw this dress while flipping through an InStyle while getting my hair highlighted. It was at the Academy Awards in 2002 ... i think this would make an amazing wedding gown. it has detail but the whole presentation seems simple.

dance floor.

was thinking about dance floors the other day.
i've never been fond of the kind that resemble plywood taped to the floor.
can't decide on this one. i'm a huge black/white fan, as well as checkerboard tile fan.
but somehow, this seems a little overwhelming to me.
maybe just go with a safe, natural dance floor -- like grass.


always loved shoes.
love photos of shoes.
love these photos of wedding day shoes.


i l-o-v-e this dress. i love the lace. the neckline. the silhouette. love it.


despite what i said about yellow, i absolutely adore the black/white/yellow color scheme used in this exquisite wedding. and i am so hoping to copy the 'indoor chair outdoors' photo idea. love love love that.

more boards.

here's two more boards i did. the second one is a much clearer vision of what i want.

it has the home where we're thinking of having our reception ... which i love.
i also narrowed the colors to a deep blue and crisp white. i liked the cheerfulness that yellow contributed but somehow, it just wasn't fitting with what i was envisioning.

simple. classic. timeless.

for the past few months, i've been using my gmail inbox as my way to collect, keep and catalogue all of the inspirational images i've found along the way that i want to incorporate in my wedding. except, now, because i have over 100 different e-mails entries, it's getting a little trickier. that's why i've started this blog.

i'll start off with some classic inspiration. because that's what i want the essence of my wedding to be. timeless. classic. elegant. but simple at the same time.
and what's more classic than grace kelly?
the top board i made a few weeks ago ... i wasn't trying to make it cohesive in colors or style. i basically had some images and wanted to bring them together to create a vision. it tends to focus a lot on transportation, gowns, cakes and ways to decorate chapel doors ...