mrs. pootiekins.

Nov 12, 2007

i owe a big blog hug to an excited bride for pointing me to mrs. pootiekins knottie bio ... i don't even have words. simply amazing. to top things off, not only is the bride an amazing wedding planner -- she's also a supremely talented phototographer. i would hire her in a heartbeat -- her photos are the most crisp, unique and inspiring images i think i've ever seen -- go look!

ok, here's a few of my favorite images from her knot bio (ok, a little more than a few but i couldn't help it, i was in inspiration heaven!):

another reason i can't help but love this wedding -- they have the same names as us! ;o)

(i squealed when i saw these pomanders!)

now that's what i call parasols done right! this photo alone made me decide to re-include them in my wedding.

peonies, ranunculus and gardenias.

mini brut rose champagnes for the bridesmaids.

for some reason, these are screaming 'marie antoinette' to me!
and they shared mini sofias pre-ceremony -- so cute.

i need to get started on making these already!

this photo settled it. j will be wearing argyle socks. i don't care if he complains. he can take them off and change after we get THIS photo.

the favors: adorably-packaged candied apples! i'm thinking since we're having an october wedding, we could do this! i've been wanting to try and incorporate some autumn touches but have been hestitant to mix them with the coastal touches ... but i think packaged right, it would work perfectly.

i looooooooove her hair.

and here's one photo from her photography blog.
i think it's obvious why i chose to post this one. :o)


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