ho ho ho.

Oct 18, 2007

i received the holiday catalogue from pottery barn today and as i was looking through it, i kept thinking to myself ... wedding. wedding. wedding.

... so i thought i'd share some of the pieces that i think would be fun and easy to incorporate in a winter wedding:

pb's take on the popular birch sleeves ($12-19) perfect for a reception anytime of the year.

jingle bell swag ($59)
(i'm wanting this for at home, too!)

lighting clips ($24) ... a twist on the tiny clothespin-on-fishing-line idea. could use these for hanging escort cards or family photos. i'm picturing them around a big oak tree but inside a tent (or anywhere really) would look just as magical.

malta lanterns ($29-39) i'm envisioning these lining the ceremony aisle.
gotta love pinecones!

magnolia garland swag ($59-109)
i'm definitely thinking about using some kind of natural swag at our wedding. love this one!

and then i spotted these cute cones (below) on the backs of the chairs!! it looks like they're made out of pages from vintage books or magazines?! anyone know for sure? reminds me of the ones that used the recycled music sheets! i'd love to use this idea!


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